The 5 Best Sports Facility Management Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

When looking for top-tier sports facility management software, it’s best to look for options that major facilities trust. SafetyCulture is the go-to facility management platform for sporting venues, including the Brentford Football Club and the Australian Open. This mobile-first platform provides the features necessary to maintain these major facilities, from the pitch and tennis court all the way to the rafters.


  • Keep all your assets, from gym equipment, shower, and locker rooms, all the way to the grass on the field in check with a comprehensive asset management platform
  • Ensure the safety of your facilities for personnel, guests, and players through regular inspections
  • Resolve problems quickly by reporting issues and assigning corrective actions instantly
  • Get to the bottom of problems and find areas of improvement with comprehensive data and anlaytics
  • Speak to the entire team instantly through Heads Up announcements

Why use DaySmart Recreation?

DaySmart is specifically designed for managing large sports facilities with arduous maintenance requirements. This platform allows you to manage your facility’s bookings with smart scheduling features, community calendars, and customer management tools, helping you  engage with your members effectively. 


  • Online registration and payments
  • Schedule maintenance and other activities in a shared calendar
  • Communication tools for improving customer relations

Why use EZFacility?

If you’re looking for a simple but effective software to manage your sports facility, EZFacility is a great pick for you. While it has a simple user interface, this program allows you to manage invoices, billings, memberships, and schedules in your sports facility from any device.


  • Equipment use scheduling and booking management
  • Invoicing
  • Marketing and communication tools

Why use SportsBiz?

SportsBiz offers a wide range of features that can help with various areas of sports facility management, particularly managing sports students. This software can help with improving communication among your employees and students by providing you with one platform for emails, texts, timetabling, online registration, scheduling, and billing or invoicing.


  • Manage student and staff details in one place
  • Timetables for all events
  • Online registration and classes

Why use Mindbody?

Mindbody offers a wide range of features that can enables users and their staff to create personalized experiences that keep clients challenged and progressing. The progress tracker is easily editable and scalable depending on the size of the community, making it easy for users to manage each client’s attendance and milestones.


  • Customized branding for website and mobile apps
  • Client management and engagement tools
  • Payment processing on all devices

What is Sports Facility Management Software?

Sports facility management software is a digital platform designed to help companies with the unique tasks and requirements that come with operating all aspects of sports facilities. This could include managing assets like gym equipment, managing bookings, scheduling events and viewings, or even training employees. Since managing stadiums and similar venues is a complex task, it’s important to have specialized software designed to streamline your operations.


 To keep pace with the ever-changing demands of sporting events, sporting venues of all sizes need to adopt modern technologiesthat could simplify their day-to-day jobs. Sports facility management software can help take your operations to the next level, and here are the top  reasons why:

Efficient Operations

With this software, you can reserve and prepare facilities ahead of time for events and related activities. Since all procedures are done online, it reduces administrative workload from manually filing paperwork and minimizes scheduling and operational conflicts.

Improved Customer Experience

This software also allows you to send automated notifications, updates, and reminders to frontline workers, keeping them informed about safety protocols and other guidelines before, during, and after facility use Ultimately, bridging this communication gap will make it easier to coordinate jobs with your staff members, enabling them to provide the highest quality of service to your clients.

Enhanced Security

Manage access to facilities, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter, which is crucial for safety and security.

Key Features

It’s best to select sports facility management software that fits your needs. Each company and facility has unique needs that must be satisfied, so you should choose software with features that can meet these requirements. That said, there are also some key features of sports facility management software that you must have, which include:

  • Asset management
  • Communication
  • Inspections
  • Data gathering
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Membership management

Choosing the Right Software

Here’s a quick breakdown and comparison of the apps above to give you a better idea of which one is best for your needs.

Sports Facility Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
DaySmart No Contact vendor for pricing Yes
EZFacility No Contact vendor for pricing Yes
SportsBiz No Starts at $24.95 Yes
Mindbody No Contact vendor for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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