7 Best Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a mobile-first leadership management, risk assessment, communication, and compliance software all in one platform. Use this GRC software to proactively improve your organization’s systems by creating and using checklists to track every aspect of your GRC implementation. With SafetyCulture’s smart checklists, you can track company-wide incidents and measure or determine risks across the board. Create response sets for specific questions based on your needs and prompt deeper analyses for them with logic fields. After, you can store your checklists in the cloud and turn them into templates for easier use.

You can also download premade GRC management templates from the Public Library and edit them as you see fit. Alternatively, you can convert existing GRC checklists in Word, PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel you may have with SafetyCulture’s template converter and save it in the cloud for SafetyCulture use. 

As you store all your checklists and reports in the cloud, you can align with your team members at any time and anywhere. Disseminate your checklists and reports with your team by customizing access controls to share data specifically with your team members or people outside your organization, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.


  • Create checklists with SafetyCulture’s drag-and-drop checklist creator and save changes in real-time 
  • Require media and notes on your checklist to show proof of proper GRC management
  • Schedule inspections to check GRC implementation and management to ensure inspections will be completed on time 
  • Track company-wide Issues in GRC management and assign Actions to the right people to solve them 
  • Stay aligned with your team members and company by raising and receiving Heads Up 
  • Provide Training for proper GRC practices
  • Share checklist templates and completed reports via web links for easier editing and viewing, or as Word, or PDF files for offline use
  • Integrate workflow management software to create a seamless work experience for all across the board
  • Generate analytical reports to have an overview of your company’s GRC management
  • Save and access your data in one safe place with SafetyCulture’s cloud-based recordkeeping

Why Use ProcessGene?

Work on your business processing and GRC with ProcessGene. Strengthen and centralize your business process management to ensure business continuity by improving and analyzing your company policies, managing risks, and noting compliance in one GRC software. Use ProcessGene’s Multi-Org technology to use frameworks that encourage teams to think globally with a global baseline working with local variants.  This GRC software can also be used to manage and optimize existing policies.


  • Connects with other enterprise and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Contains resources of compliance programs for the USA, EMEA, and Asia regions
  • Includes tools for risk analysis and monitoring, such as risk reports, risk heat maps, and more

Why Use VComply?

VComply is a unified GRC software with a focus on compliance. Institutions such as banks, government offices, nonprofits, and schools use VComply to digitize and improve their compliance documents, spreadsheets, and audits as a basis to improve compliance and monitor policy implementation. This GRC software can also be used to manage and change existing policies.  


  • Create, approve, and deny policy changes from one place
  • Customize Governance Dashboard to easily track compliance with internal regulations and international standards such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO
  • Manage risks and compute risk appetite from a centralized Risk Dashboard


Why Use Resolver?

For focusing on the risk aspect of GRC, consider using Resolver. This highly-configurable GRC software puts risk management at the forefront of its operations and, upon receiving data from its users, calculates their risks and their related business impact through its Risk Intelligence feature.


  • Built-in risk editable registers 
  • Multiple report formats and views for understanding compliance rate
  • Vendor assessment and comparison charts available

Why Use IBM OpenPages?

IBM OpenPages with Watson is one of the GRC software solutions that use AI to identify, manage, monitor, and report issues on risks, compliance, and governance. Automate your GRC processes easily and, with IBM’s other products, you can manage your whole enterprise from one device without the need for paper and while targeting specific business needs. You can also manage your data and privacy from this software as part of your audit and risk management.


  • In-app risk library for different situations
  • Compatible with other IBM programs 
  • Financial management features available

Why Use Fusion Risk Management?

View your data at a glance with Fusion Risk Management. This GRC software organizes your data on your GRC-related policies and tasks into one place, then creates visual reports on them for easier understanding. 


  • Interactive visualizations for different needs 
  • Integrations with different risk management and business platforms
  • Emergency notification systems

Why Use EdApp?

EdApp by SafetyCulture is a mobile-first learning management system that can also be used as GRC software. Use EdApp to create learning and development courses for the people in your team or organization on your GRC policies with existing courses, or create your own to suit your needs. 


  • Convert your PowerPoint presentations for course use
  • Use templates to streamline your course creation process
  • Create games to increase motivation to learn 
  • Translate content with AI
  • Set a schedule for spaced repetition of lessons

What is a GRC Software?

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software aim to help with managing a company’s leadership practices, risk management plans, and compliance with laws and regulations. A GRC software can also help in creating new policies for companies and organizations as needed, as well as analyzing existing ones to identify points for improvement.

Importance of a GRC Software

Having GRC software is slowly becoming a need because of the benefits it brings. Most notably, a GRC software program is used to create, manage, and implement different policies and to ensure compliance with them. While this task can be done manually, having it digitized from end-to-end saves on paper, time, and money.

Using a GRC software platform also helps with managing, mitigating, and avoiding risks. With data in the cloud and summarized for you already, it becomes easier to understand and make decisions. This then increases the speed and accuracy of data analysis, ensuring more time goes to risk management and assessment. 

Best GRC Software

Here is a comparison table to help you decide what can be the best GRC software for your needs:

GRC Software Best For Free Version? Pricing
SafetyCulture All industries and companies of different sizes Yes, for teams with ten members or less Starts at $19 a month with a free 30-day trial
ProcessGene Multi-subsidiary organizations  Yes, for 30 days Dependent on the organization’s needs
VComply Large-scale essential establishments  None Dependent on the organization’s needs
Resolver  Managing risks with automation and AI None Dependent on the organization’s needs
IBM OpenPages with Watson Enterprises  None Dependent on the organization’s needs
Fusion Risk Management Visualizing data  None Dependent on the organization’s needs
EdApp by SafetyCulture  Learning more about GRC and GRC-related tasks Yes, but with limitations  Starts at $1.95 per user per month


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