Top 9 Visitor Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

A highly acclaimed digital solutions provider, SafetyCulture offers one of the best visitor management software solutions, as it helps large enterprises and organizations automate the tedious process of registering visitors even before they reach the premises. Using this software, front-of-house staff, facility management workers, and security personnel can effectively track visitors in specific locations, monitor their actions, and improve their experience while they are on-site. With this top-rated platform, businesses can strengthen their security measures and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering their restricted areas, which may result in theft, destruction, and costly data breaches.


  • Reduce wait times at the gate or front desk by streamlining the check-in process with the help of digital sign-in sheets, highly detailed with time stamps, location or personnel to visit, and so on, making these accessible via mobile devices.
  • Enable centralized monitoring within your establishment by utilizing access sensors and QR codes to associate specific locations of visitors with their pre-registered data.
  • Utilize robust communication tools to inform office or facility personnel about visitors ahead of time, notify the security team about incidents and emergencies, and remind guests about safety protocols while on-site.
  • Automate record-keeping to keep a digital trail of all logs and utilize analytics to improve decision-making for changes or improvements in the organization’s security measures.
  • Strengthen the company’s overall security by integrating with other security systems, specifically the hardware used.

Why use Envoy?

A platform suited for large companies and small businesses, Envoy enables organizations to welcome their guests and safeguard the workplace at the same time. With their full-featured platform, personnel do not have to stress about long lines at the front desk or worry about access to unauthorized areas.


  • Customizable sign-in flows
  • Registration with photo capture
  • Instant emergency notifications

Why use Sign In Enterprise?

Formerly Traction Guest, Sign In Enterprise is a comprehensive platform for visitor management that can handle complex registration processes. It also boosts workplace security and safety, improving customer experience. Finally, it tracks the compliance requirements of the business, ascertaining that its policies meet strict regulations.


  • Workplace sign-in
  • Zero touch access control
  • Critical outreach and alerting

Why use Proxyclick by Eptura?

A fully integrated solution for managing visitors, Proxyclick by Eptura ensures that guests feel welcomed on the company’s premises but enables the business to maintain their security, safety, and compliance goals. Considering their full-featured suite, this is one of the most affordable platforms today.


  • Autonomous check-in
  • Identity management
  • Health screening and watchlist monitoring

Why use SwipedOn?

Like many outstanding visitor management software, SwipedOn ensures that front desk and security officers can do their jobs well to enhance customer experience. This platform is quite different as it works for any device the guest uses with round-the-clock support.


  • Employee and visitor sign-in
  • Desk and resource booking
  • Security and compliance

Why use LobbyGuard?

Trusted by over a million people from some of the most well-known companies, this visitor management platform ensures security, compliance, and savings. Many of their users agree that LobbyGuard’s best offering is the all-in-one kiosk. It comes with a touchscreen device, barcode scanner, and camera, increasing the front desk’s efficiency even further.


  • Contactless Sign-In and Kiosk Station
  • Specialized Hardware Integration
  • Red and Green Flag Screening

Why use The Receptionist?

Used by thousands of companies worldwide, this digital platform for managing visitors elevates the entire check-in experience. Not only does it have a comprehensive list of functionalities, all these features are highly customizable, scalable, and easy to use. By utilizing this solution, security and front-of-house teams can accomplish repetitive tasks efficiently.


  • Contactless check-in with photo and ID capture
  • Pre-registration notifications with expedited check-ins for returning visitors
  • Automatic check-out

Why use ALICE Receptionist?

Possibly the most innovative visitory management systemtoday, ALICE Receptionist does not just have the usual features that other software solutions have. ALICE stands for A Live Interactive Customer Experience, and it boasts of a virtual receptionist kiosk, a motion-activated system that welcomes guests with customized greetings and interactive touch controls.


  • Motion-activated greeting with touch controls
  • Self check-in and check-out with surveys
  • Pre-screening and registration

Why use HID?

Millions of people throughout the globe trust HID’s services when it comes to ensuring security in the workplace. Its system connects physical hardware (e.g., cameras, sensors, and handheld mobile devices) with robust IT features that automate the workforce’s identity and access requirements.


  • Visitor identity management
  • Access control
  • RFID tracing, monitoring, and locating

What is a Visitor Management Software?

A visitor management software is a digital platform that streamlines the check-in process of visitors in a facility or organization. Aside from optimizing the registration process, it also has other features for assessing risks, reporting issues, and managing incidents. This system is also usually integrated with hardware like badge printers, barcode scanners, and CCTV cameras. By utilizing this software solution, companies can enhance efficiency, improve security, and provide top-notch customer experience.


Establishments that receive numerous people daily, especially public offices, educational institutions, and commercial spaces, should take advantage of this digital solution. Some benefits of having a visitor management software include the following:

  • Enhanced physical and data security – Having a dedicated visitor management software helps ensure your establishment is safe with effective controls in place, as neglecting physical security damages businesses in numerous ways. Aside from possible thefts and damage to equipment, unauthorized personnel can access network components (e.g., computers, routers, and servers) and gain sensitive information.
  • Improved operational efficiency – Registration queues can get long when visitors write their information (e.g., name, date, person or office to visit, etc.) on paper logs. With contactless visitor management software, guests can fill out digital forms before they arrive at the venue and use the generated QR codes to get in.
  • Increased emergency preparedness – On top of strengthening security, this platform also facilitates evacuation procedures in case of emergencies. Because front desk personnel have a detailed listing of guests (e.g., total number, identification, location, etc.), they can account for everyone when they vacate the premises.

Key Features

There are numerous business operations solutions and physical security software that include visitor management as a module. This is also available as a stand-alone application. Whichever you decide to choose, see to it that it has the essential visitor management software features:

Selecting the Right Visitor Management Software

All visitor management software solutions described above will be an asset to your organization. Take another look at your options in the summary chart below before making your top pick.

Visitor Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Envoy Yes $109/location/month* Yes
Sign In Enterprise None $115/month Yes
Proxyclick by Eptura None $100/month Yes
SwipedOn None $19/month* Yes
LobbyGuard None Contact vendor for pricing Yes
The Receptionist None $50/location/month* None
ALICE Receptionist None $3,588/year Yes
HID None Contact vendor for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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