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Published September 15th, 2020

What is a Sign in Sheet?

A sign in sheet is a form used to record attendance. Its primary purpose is documentation and security. It is commonly used in events and reception areas by event organizers and receptionists. Before a visitor is allowed to enter a venue, they are usually required to register their information on a sign in sheet.

This article will briefly discuss: 1) the importance of using a sign in sheet; 2) tips for an effective sign in sheet 3) technology you can use to streamline your sign in process; 4) top 7 free sign in sheet templates you can download, use, and customize.

The Importance of Using a Sign in Sheet

A sign in sheet can be used to gather information and improve security by requiring visitors to provide identification. A typical sign in sheet for a corporate building asks visitors their name, the company/organization they’re visiting, the date of visit, time in and time out, and their signature.

It can also be used by HR personnel to track employee work hours by recording their arrival and departure time. For exclusive events, registration personnel can use sign-in sheets to ensure that only invited guests are allowed entry.

Tips for an Effective Sign in Sheet

It should only ask for the necessary information

A sign in sheet must require only the necessary information depending on its purpose. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to complete.

It must confirm authenticity

A sign in sheet should ask for the visitor’s signature in order to confirm the authenticity of the information. A digital sign in sheet can also require the visitor to take a photo upon sign in as an additional measure.

Technology to streamline sign in process

Keeping track of visitors and attendees using paper forms and spreadsheets can be a hassle. iAuditor is the world’s #1 digital form app to streamline your sign in process. Easily collect sign in data using a tablet or smartphone. Capture digital signatures along with photo evidence to authenticate your sign in records. Get rid of paperwork and take advantage of unlimited cloud storage for all of your sign in reports.

sign in sheet template        sign in sheet template        sign in sheet template

To help get you started, we have created 7 of the best sign in sheet templates you can download, use, and customize for a variety of purposes.


Juhlian Pimping

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