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Improved human resources decisions with a digital daily attendance tracker app

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What is a Daily Attendance Sheet?

A daily attendance sheet is an official register that tracks the attendance of an organization’s people. As an attendance reporting tool, it effectively helps team managers to effectively monitor their members’ level of participation, compliance, and productivity.

The Value of Attendance Monitoring Systems in Different Industries

Without an attendance monitoring system, it can be difficult for managers to track their members’ time and ensure that they are fulfilling their obligations. With the help of daily attendance sheets, managers across various industries save time and reduce errors when evaluating attendance.


Corporate HR practitioners employ an attendance monitoring system to help them comply with various regulations, especially when it comes to identifying full time employees for federally-mandated company health insurance enrollments. They also use daily attendance sheets to monitor employee sign-ins during classroom training courses and verify information from end-of-shift reports.

Non-Profit Organizations

Daily attendance register is also important in non-profits so volunteers can log their hours even when in remote work and have a basis for social currency and incentives.

Student Athlete Management

Attendance monitoring programs for student-athletes are common in many colleges. School management often recruits other students to track student-athletes’ attendance in classes and make them sign daily attendance sheets as valid proof of participation.

3 Key Advantages of Upgrading to an Online Daily Attendance Register

With the traditional pen-and-paper method, keeping track of attendance can be tedious. By upgrading to a mobile attendance app and digital daily attendance sheets, companies can reap the following three key benefits:

  1. Increased productivity for both the manager and workers
    An online attendance tracker can help save time and eliminate manual processes, such as data re-entry and creating reports from scratch. With an app/software, managers can organize data and auto-generate reports within just a few clicks, helping them focus better in more important duties.
  2. Embrace working remotely
    A mobile attendance app can enable workers to log hours in their digital daily attendance sheets, even when they are in remote locations. With this, team managers can worry less about monitoring their productivity and show confidence in their team members.
  3. Can help develop a stronger company culture
    When workers are provided self-service tools such as an online daily attendance sheet, a culture of honesty and integrity can be develop as workers have shared control of their information with the employer.
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