Top 6 Fixed Asset Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

A robust system for inventory and asset organization sets a successful company apart from a failing one. To effectively track the company’s properties, from office spaces and warehouses to individual cogs and wheels in a machine, try using the best fixed asset management software from SafetyCulture. Used by giant conglomerates in tech and transport, independent divisions of corporations, and even start-up enterprises, this platform offers 24/7 visibility into asset acquisition, routine use, depreciation, maintenance, and disposal, helping businesses secure and utilize their resources better.

  • Effectively secure every physical and digital resource by preparing a comprehensive asset catalog with history logs, health records, and other salient observations, and use geo-tagging to locate them faster.
  • Schedule and conduct inspections with ease by using well-prepared checklists that cover must-have details and criteria for the task.
  • Generate thorough reports on issues resolved, audits completed, and proof of compliance, and add photo and video attachments for better understanding.
  • Make data-driven decisions by comparing historical and recently collected data on asset KPIs and observed trends.
  • Increase the asset’s lifespan and optimize performance by training relevant personnel about proactive maintenance, risk mitigation, and emergency procedures.

Why use EZOfficeInventory?

Utilized by well-known companies and lauded by reputable review sites, EZOfficeInventory is a robust fixed asset software that keeps tabs on all equipment, from requisition to retirement, and at multiple locations. With this all-inclusive platform accessible on any mobile device, companies can maximize their asset ROI and continuously drive business growth.


  • Specialized dashboard for admin and staff
  • Reservation and custody verification
  • Scan function

Why use Fiix?

Rockwell Automation’s Fiix is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that reduces downtimes and cuts back costs, allowing workers to manage work orders, reserve the right equipment for the job, and find that must-have part for repair or maintenance in just a few clicks.


  • Resource-based scheduling
  • User certification tracking
  • Pass/Fail inspection

Why use TrackAbout?

This all-in digital solution, made specifically for tracking returnable containers, helps businesses protect their assets and maximize their investment by powering their operations with web-based tools and giving users more visibility into various workflows anywhere and at any time.


  • Tracking with the customer portal
  • Maintenance and dynamic workflows
  • Delivery with integrated order sync

Why use Sage?

Considered one of the most comprehensive solutions for managing fixed assets, Sage offers four modules (Planning, Depreciation, Tracking, and Reporting) that allow companies to handle their equipment, real estate, and digital property throughout their lifecycle.


  • Inventory tracking
  • Barcoding and mobile scanner
  • Tax compliance

Why use AssetCloud?

A highly rated fixed asset management software for small businesses and large corporations, Wasp’s AssetCloud provides visibility into operations, facilitates traceability of every single piece of equipment used, and ensures accountability among employees. Aside from the software solution, they offer asset tags and the necessary hardware for related jobs.


  • Equipment and tool tracking
  • Funding management
  • Insight and accountability reports

What is Fixed Asset Management Software?

Fixed asset management software is a digital tool that efficiently tracks and manages physical assets like real estate, heavy machinery, motor vehicles, office gadgets, and even digital property owned and used by businesses across industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and finance. With this software solution, companies do not just gain complete visibility into their operations but also get to digitize all asset-related documents and streamline workflows like acquisition, maintenance scheduling, and compliance audits.


Lone workers like mechanics and carpenters already find it hard to keep track of their tools, often misplacing a piece or two now and then. Imagine the headache inventory and asset managers get, ascertaining that thousands of their company’s equipment are all accounted for at the end of the day.

Here are some reasons why investing in the best fixed asset management software is a great idea:

  • Tracks and secures assets effectively – Businesses, even small start-ups, manage at least a hundred assets. With this tracking solution, the company can account for the location and current status of every piece, which allows them to handle unexpected malfunctions, immediately recover it in case of loss, and prevent possible theft.
  • Improves asset utilization – Central data repository is a crucial platform feature. It contains information about every single item owned or rented. Usually, this also includes a detailed description of the asset, its complete maintenance history, and recent repair or calibration done. In just a few clicks, users can determine the availability of any equipment for immediate use or reservation.
  • Reduces operational and overhead costs – By simply organizing all equipment and gadgets used in the workplace, businesses can monitor their performance and anticipate the need for routine upkeep or repair. This prolongs the asset’s lifespan, saving the company money on expensive overhauls or new purchases. Also, when users can find required pieces in less than a minute, they can work on the task faster, saving the company time, which translates into money, in the process.

Key Features

Whether your organization opts for a stand-alone application for managing fixed assets or a more comprehensive platform like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems), make sure it has these indispensable functions:

Selecting the Right Fixed Asset Management Software

Any of the digital solutions listed above will help your company secure your assets and ensure they are all in good working condition. Before making your final choice, take another look at your top options below:

Fixed Asset Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
EZOfficeInventory No $35/month* Yes
Fiix Yes $45/user,/month * Yes
TrackAbout No $2,500/year Yes
Sage No Custom quote Yes
AssetCloud No $1,295/user* Yes

* billed annually

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