Streamline your inspection process

iAuditor is a mobile checklist app used for creating checklists, conducting audits and sending off reports on the spot. Easily build inspection checklists in mobile-friendly forms. Access all your checklist forms on any mobile device with SafetyCulture iAuditor mobile app. Quickly complete inspections-- add in photos, location, electronic signatures and more. Generate professional reports instantly and send to your team. Communicate faster between the field and back office. All inspection reports are backed up and stored securely. View performance and spot trends with collected information in analytics dashboards.

SafetyCulture Ecosystem

SafetyCulture iAuditor is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.


Setup checklist forms in minutes

Create smart checklist templates
Convert your paper checklists into digital forms quickly. Build forms with drag and drop simplicity. Use a variety of field options including multiple choice, GPS location, date and time stamps and more. Supercharge your checklist with logic triggered by responses.

SafetyCulture iAuditor Template Builder

Conduct inspections from anywhere

Perform inspections in the field, online or offline
Get reliable information by standardizing inspections with mobile forms. Capture information quickly and use your mobile device camera to take photos and attach into inspection reports. Sign off on inspections with electronic signatures.

SafetyCulture iAuditor in action

Take the next steps immediately

Quickly create corrective actions during an inspection
Create an action task and assign it to the appropriate person or people, set priority levels and add in any time specific due dates. The recipient will receive a notification in real-time allowing them to take immediate action to address the situation.

Take the next steps immediately

Never write up reports

Instant inspection reports from completed forms
After completing inspections an automatically generated report is ready to send to your team instantly. Complete with photos and signatures. Email it with the tap of a finger in a range of formats.

SafetyCulture iAuditor Report

View performance and trends

Interactive business intelligence to track metrics
Automatic syncing between mobile devices and desktop platform provide real-time analytics dashboards. Get visibility into your productivity, compliance, accuracy and more.

View performance and trends

SafetyCulture iAuditor Features

SafetyCulture iAuditor gives you the flexibility to power any inspection - onsite, underground, and across the globe.

  • Drag-and-drop digital form editor
  • Logic-driven checklists
  • Easy rollout from template creation to field inspections
  • Advanced data collection fields
  • Ability to create follow-up actions
  • Detailed inspection reports with images, notes and annotations
  • Customizable reports and sharing options
  • Analytics across all inspections with drill down functionality
  • Administrative control of template sharing
  • Access to a Public Library of templates created by industry leaders

Global companies conduct inspections with us

SafetyCulture iAuditor gives you the flexibility to power any inspection you require - onsite, underground, and across the globe. Inspect construction sites, restaurants inspections for food safety, conduct temperature checks, pre-flight checks, toolbox talks and more. It is the mobile forms inspection solution for all industries.

Emirates Volvo John Holland Emerson Qantas Hitlon Overground
"200 construction workers, 24/7 and our expectation is zero incidents. And with SafetyCulture iAuditor, that enables us to achieve that."
Conrad Banez
Certified Health and Safety Technologist
"iAuditor reduces cost, improves efficiency but most importantly, enhances safety, our number one priority here at London City Airport"
Kevin Wincell
Airfield Operations Manager

Solutions for every industry

Whether you are in construction, retail, hospitality and leisure, or aviation, SafetyCulture iAuditor inspection app allows you to create intelligent checklists, conduct inspections in minutes, share instant reports and analyze your inspection data.

Templates created by experts

With over 70,000+ free templates in SafetyCulture’s Public Library, you have the world’s largest repository of quality assurance and safety inspection checklists at your fingertips. Whether you need suggestions how to get started or just want to browse some of the leading inspection checklists from top companies, you’ll find what you need in the template Public Library. Access it on the desktop platform or in the iOS or Android apps.

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