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Patrol Inspection Checklists

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What is a Patrol Inspection?

A patrol inspection is a timely evaluation of a surveillance area performed across multiple industries, including security, manufacturing, real estate, and more. It helps identify malicious acts in the area, detect any errors that can be remediated immediately, and ensure everything is secure and under control.

What is a Patrol Inspection Checklist?

A patrol inspection checklist is used as a guide in the assessment of a specific surveillance area. It is used to prevent expensive repairs, unnecessary incidents, and unattended risks. This article features:

  1. the effectiveness of patrol inspection in different industries;
  2. how to perform a patrol inspection;
  3. powerful mobile inspection app for hassle-free reporting; and
  4. free patrol inspection checklists you can download, customize, and use.

Effectiveness of Patrol Inspection in Different Industries

A patrol inspection measures the degree of conformance to standard protocols, processes, and procedures in any industry. It is used to detect damages or defects before they cause serious problems. The following shows how effective patrol inspections are in different industries.


The primary objective of patrol inspections is to locate the cause of production delays, such as human errors, machine defects, improper material handling, and substandard output. It is performed to measure the precision of equipment and employee compliance to produce high-quality deliverables on time.

Local Government

Patrol inspections are performed by security teams to protect people under their jurisdiction. The goal is to respond with immediate action in case of emergencies within the area. Patrol inspections also help identify crime zones and provide a physical presence at that location.


Performing patrol inspections with surveillance aerial drones help business owners have wider visibility of a specific area. It is used in detecting illegal activities, monitoring malicious movements, and ensuring farmers’ safety to maintain a cost-effective operation.

Transport and Logistics

Keeping a business operational requires securing the product and supplies to be delivered to clients. Conducting patrol inspections helps ensure deliverables are safe, complete, and in good condition. It helps build new relationships with clients and maintain existing ones.

How to Perform a Patrol Inspection

Patrol inspection in the manufacturing industry is a crucial task that is performed by safety and quality officers. Following these simple steps will help in the efficient performance of patrol inspections.

  1. State the objective of the inspection and standardize the process.
  2. Conduct a walkthrough in the production area to visually inspect equipment and machinery.
  3. Observe employee performance and productivity.
  4. Ensure the production area is secure and free from obstructions.
  5. Communicate improvement measures.
  6. Use a digital patrol inspection checklist to record the inspection.

Mobile-ready Patrol Inspection App

iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can help identify visual defects, increase the overall quality of products, and ensure the security and safety of employees. With iAuditor, you can avoid the hassle of using pen and paper in conducting patrol inspections and avoid wasting time on filing and organizing reports. With iAuditor, you can:

  • Create mobile-ready patrol inspection checklists
  • Take photos, add annotations, and attach notes to further explain your inspection
  • Assign corrective actions on-site for immediate remediation
  • Generate and share patrol inspection reports to any member of the organization in real-time
  • Store unlimited reports for premium accounts and secure data in the cloud
  • Set the schedule of your next patrol inspection and be notified via email


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