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What is a Condition Survey?

A condition survey is a comprehensive assessment of a commercial, industrial, or residential building’s physical condition. Condition surveys involve a visual inspection performed by property and construction professionals to assess a building’s structural damage, failure, wear/tear, and provide recommendations for repairs and improvements. Condition survey reports should be maintained to keep track of the building’s physical, electrical, and mechanical condition assessment records.

The Uses of a Building Condition Survey

A building condition survey provides a current and precise condition of the structure and operating systems of the building. Its key purpose includes the following:

  • Provide insight into the general condition of the building.
  • Give recommendations for repairs and improvement.
  • Inform buyers and owners of possible repair and maintenance costs.

The Importance of Condition Survey Forms

A condition survey helps property and construction professionals make informed decisions. In some parts of the world, it is a legal requirement to conduct building condition surveys and visual inspections annually.  It can help chartered surveyors give specialized advice to prospective property buyers, sellers, investors, and mortgage lenders. It can also help architects determine if a building meets the structural requirements of a planned design or renovation and make necessary adjustments, it also helps engineers assess a building’s infrastructure and identify problem areas in need of repair or fortification.

Condition Survey: Key Checkpoints

Below are crucial building aspects that need to be included in condition surveys:

Check structural systems

Conduct a thorough check of the building’s physical conditions and structural systems such as foundations, roofs, and walls to ensure that the building or parts of it will not collapse. Doing this regularly not only helps prevent any unwanted incidents but also prolongs the life of the structure by detecting early signs of damage.

Assess mechanical systems

Perform an assessment of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems or HVAC systems for their functionality. This helps ensure that there’s a proper airflow within the building, while also inspecting physical aspects of the unit such as specifications, size, and condition.

Evaluate electrical systems

This inspection, meanwhile, examines aspects such as electrical installations, telecommunications, and data transmission for operational use. Since electrical issues are dangerous if not detected properly, it is ideal to let professional and authorized personnel do this.

Perform room-level inspections

Execute a careful inspection of the components inside the building or establishment. This can include decorations, ceilings, and floors to ensure functional and aesthetic aspects. Doing this also ensures that all components of the building contribute to its longevity throughout its usable life.

What is a Building Condition Survey Report?

A building condition survey report is a comprehensive documentation of the condition survey process which often contains detailed descriptions and annotated images for improved reference. Generally, a building condition survey report includes the following information:

  • Brief Description of the Property, including unusual hazards, roads, and boundaries
  • Exterior Construction and Condition (e.g. roof, gutters and downpipes, walls, woodwork and paintwork, and garage/s)
  • Interior Construction and Condition (e.g. roof void, ceilings, partition walls, woodwork (including timber defects), windows, decorations, sanitary ware, kitchenware, floors, and dampness)
  • Utility Services (e.g. electricity, gas, water, central heating and fireplaces, and foul drains)
  • Tenure and Occupation
  • Summary with the name and signature of the inspector and the date signed

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