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A condition survey is a comprehensive assessment of a commercial, industrial or residential building’s physical condition. It involves a visual inspection performed by property and construction professionals to assess a building's structural damage, failure, wear/tear, and provide recommendations for repairs and improvement.

The purpose of performing a condition survey is to:

  • provide insight on the general condition of the building;
  • give recommendations for repairs and improvement; and
  • inform buyers and owners of possible repair and maintenance costs

This article covers: 1) different uses of condition surveys; 2) condition survey examples; 3) software to help streamline condition surveys; 4) free featured condition survey templates you can download, use, and customize.

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A condition survey helps property and construction professionals make informed decisions. It can help chartered surveyors give specialized advice to prospective property buyers, sellers, investors, and mortgage lenders. It can also help architects determine if a building meets the structural requirements of a planned design or renovation and make necessary adjustments, it also helps engineers assess a building’s infrastructure and identify problem areas in need of repair or fortification.

  • Structural systems such as foundations, roofs and walls to ensure that the building or parts of it will not collapse
  • Mechanical systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning for functionality
  • Electrical systems such as electrical installations, telecommunications, and data transmission for operational use
  • Room level inspections including decorations, ceilings, and floors to ensure functional and aesthetic aspects

iAuditor is the world’s #1 digital inspection app. Property and construction professionals can digitize their condition surveys and perform paperless assessments using a smartphone or tablet. Surveyors using iAuditor have the ability to:

  • ✔ Take photo evidence of structural damage, failure, and wear and tear
  • ✔ Customize condition surveys templates to fit preference and needs
  • ✔ Generate electronic reports to instantly share with clients and colleagues
  • ✔ Take advantage of unlimited cloud-based storage for all photos and reports
  • ✔ Spend less time on paperwork and more time completing condition surveys

Featured Condition Survey Templates

1. Condition Survey Report Template (Residential)

This residential condition survey template can be used by chartered surveyors and property owners or managers to assess a property and provide a condition survey report to a client or tenant. Use this condition survey template to:

  1. Evaluate different areas of the residential premises such as the entrance, lounge room, dining room, and bed rooms
  2. Assess the condition of specific aspects such as the dining room walls, lounge room ceiling, and front door
  3. Give general comments, take photo evidence, and assign actions in real-time

2. Condition Survey Report Template (Commercial)

This commercial condition survey template can be used by chartered surveyors, architects, and engineers to assess a building and generate a condition survey report to aid construction, repair, and renovation plans. Use this condition survey template to:

  1. Assess a building’s infrastructure and identify areas of concern
  2. Note the physical condition of different aspects of the building
  3. Give general comments, take photo evidence, and assign actions in real-time

3. Building Condition Survey Report

This general building condition survey report can be used for all building types. Use it to assess the physical condition of a building including structural, mechanical, and electrical systems as well as room level inspections:

  1. Assess a building’s general status and identify possible improvements
  2. Evaluate the different areas within a building including room level inspections
  3. Give general comments, take photo evidence, and assign actions in real-time

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