7 Best Event Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Recognized and awarded for its innovation, mobile-first SafetyCulture is the best option for people on the hunt for event management software. It offers in-house event managers and third-party coordinators the necessary tools to prepare, strategize, organize, and carry out workflows on the ground for a successful event. Aside from its versatility and scalability, most users love this platform for its robust mobile capabilities, providing 360-degree visibility, real-time updates, and communication, even with limited connectivity. The recently-held Australian Open was a grand slam, thanks to the dedicated people working behind the scenes and SafetyCulture, the software solution that allowed them to achieve their goals.


  • Create project portfolios of different events in a centralized repository to ensure everything required is available and in order, including staff, financial resources, equipment, tools, and decor, among others.
  • Ensure seamless coordination and execution by integrating all systems and applications (CRM, calendars, communication tools, etc.) into the platform.
  • Systematically manage tasks, including venue inspections, guest listing and registration, confirming vendor contracts, and on-the-day risk assessments using digital checklists.
  • Enable quick response to emergencies, reduce wait times on last-minute changes, and enhance overall physical security on-site by increasing collaboration among ground teams through Heads Up.
  • Evaluate event performance, measure return on investment, and gather feedback for future improvements with reporting and analytics tools.

Why use Accelevents?

Despite being relatively new in the software industry as it was founded only in 2014, Accelevents has proven its mettle by providing robust features perfect for virtual and hybrid functions. With its user-friendly interface, powerful engagement tools, and comprehensive analytics, organizers get to craft immersive events that encourage maximum audience engagement.


  • Virtual Event Platform with Live Streaming and On-Demand Content
  • Interactive Networking and Engagement Tools
  • Ticketing and Registration Management

Why use Swoogo?

Primarily designed as a marketing platform, Swoogo has expanded to offer event management thanks to its wide array of functionalities. On top of enabling organizers to create personalized experiences, many users praise this software solution for its positive impact on their marketing and, more importantly, return on investment.


  • Customizable Event Websites
  • Registration Forms
  • Sponsorship Management and Revenue Tracking

Why use Eventsquid?

With large and well-known enterprises and organizations under its client listing, Eventsquid offers customizable solutions that help coordinators and planners accomplish their tasks. Because of its intuitive interface, integrations, scalability, and versatility, the platform has garnered awards from top-rated review platforms like Capterra and Software Advice.


  • Flexible Registration Options
  • Attendee Check-In and Badge Printing
  • Session and Agenda Management

Why use EventsAIR?

Headquartered in Australia, EventsAIR is one of the leading software solutions for events management today. Thanks to this full-featured platform that utilizes advanced technology, organizing teams can handle every aspect of any kind of event, from planning and budgeting all the way to execution and post-event analysis.


  • Live Event and Virtual Services
  • Task Assignment
  • Inventory and Seating Plans

Why use Expo Pass?

The go-to software solution for top tech companies, Expo Pass helps event coordinators streamline various tasks, including registration, check-in, and engagement, to name a few. With this comprehensive platform, users won’t need to download any other applications. Almost everything they need is already available in their features listing.


  • Event Registration
  • Event Check-In
  • Dedicated Event App

Why use Whova?

This platform is dubbed by many as the Oscars of event technology thanks to its innovative solutions and easy-to-use features. With Whova, users can plan, promote, and execute in-person, virtual, and hybrid events across industries. Since its founding, the platform has established itself as a trusted partner for hundreds of event organizers worldwide and should be on any planner’s list.


  • Personalized Event Schedule and Reminders
  • Attendee Networking Tools (Business Card Scanning and Contact Exchange)
  • Interactive Sessions with Live Polling and Q&A

What is Event Management Software?

Event management software is a versatile digital solution that streamlines the planning, organization, and execution of various social functions, such as seminars, concerts, weddings, and fundraisers, to name a few. With this comprehensive platform, in-house and third-party events coordinators can effectively manage every aspect of the event, from marketing and scheduling to guest management and post-event analysis, and ensure its success.


Managing events is one of the most demanding feats. Tight deadlines, budget constraints, sudden last-minute changes, and dealing with multiple stakeholders are just a few of the challenges that planners and coordinators face at every phase of the process. Utilizing an event management platform is the best way to smooth the path to an extraordinary event that everyone will remember.

  • Enhanced Communication – Miscommunication negatively impacts the occasion, causing inconveniences, confusion, and disruptions. By establishing clear channels (e.g., built-in messaging and notification features), the organizing team can ensure extensive collaboration with participants, sponsors, and suppliers.
  • Improved Cost Management – A well-defined event framework serves as a roadmap for resource budgeting, utilization, and accounting. With the software’s financial tracking capabilities, event professionals can stay within the funds allocated and identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Increased Efficiency – Organization is crucial to the success of any event. While most event planners have that inherent trait, the platform ensures that every detail is covered, repetitive tasks are automated, and issues get resolved as soon as possible. With the help of analytics, event managers can improve marketing strategies and the execution of future projects.

More and more event organizers are seeing the benefits of leveraging technology to optimize their operations and guarantee the success of their endeavors. The world-famous Sydney Festival is a massive project that requires hours of hard work and hundreds of staff members to entertain thousands of audiences. Their efforts flourished with the help of a top-rated software solution.

The same is true with Cricket Australia. By eradicating stacks of paper checklists and replacing them with digital versions, the whole organizing team gets to uphold safety protocols and manage risks promptly during matches.

Key Features

Several project management platforms may serve the needs of event planners and coordinators. However, nothing beats a digital solution designed specifically for their particular requirements. Here are just a few of the features of the software for event management that facilitates scheduling, budgeting, and coordination, among others.

  • Project Portfolio
  • Event Checklists
  • Agenda Planning and Scheduling
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Registration and Ticketing
  • Venue Management
  • On-site Check-in and Management Tools
  • Incident Management
  • Communication Tools (with Engagement and Feedback Management)
  • Reporting and Analytics (e.g., Post-Event Evaluation)
  • Integrations
  • Security and Privacy
  • Mobile Accessibility with Offline Capabilities

Choosing the Right Event Management Software

Event planning teams, coordinators, and on-the-day organizers can effectively streamline various workflows, execute them properly, and come up with outstanding results by utilizing the best event management software. Take another look at your options in the summary below:

Event Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Accelevents No $5,000/event

(for up to 500 registrants)

Swoogo No $11,800/year Yes
Eventsquid No $4,425 for licensing

(for 400 annual registrants)

EventsAIR No Contact for pricing Yes
Expo Pass No Custom quote Yes
Whova No Custom quote Yes

* billed annually

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