The Best Equipment Tracking Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture offers a robust platform for efficient equipment management, allowing you to keep track of all the moving parts effortlessly. With powerful tracking capabilities accessible on demand, you’ll never lose sight of your valuable equipment again. From monitoring overall condition and maintenance schedules to tracking location and usage history, SafetyCulture provides a comprehensive view of all your equipment. This empowers you to make informed decisions and minimize the risk of costly equipment failures.


  • Access real-time data on equipment condition, usage, and location, enabling you to make informed decisions and identify potential issues before they escalate.
  • Optimize the equipment’s lifespan and reduce the risk of costly failures by automating the scheduling of inspections, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Increase accountability and transparency within your organization by assigning action items to specific individuals or teams.
  • Improve compliance with regulations and safety standards by creating workflows and checklists for equipment inspections and maintenance.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities from the platform’s robust dashboard.

Why use BigChange?

BigChange offers comprehensive assistance to businesses of all sizes regarding workforce management and job tracking. With BigChange, effortlessly plan, manage, schedule, and track your mobile workforce and transport operations. Gain access to real-time data on stock location, complete equipment history, and the ability to assign stock to jobs directly.


  • Resource management
  • Workflow management
  • Real-time notifications

Why use Workiz? 

Workiz is a web-based platform for small to medium-sized on-demand field service businesses. Organizations can manage jobs, teams, and clients effortlessly. The platform allows users to schedule and oversee jobs more efficiently, track inventory, locate the right tools, and tailor job fields to suit their unique workflow.


  • Custom documents and estimates
  • Client management
  • Job management

Why use AUTOsist?

With AUTOsist, you can efficiently manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment, and assets. This cloud-based solution offers maintenance tracking, inspection checklists, work orders, fuel tracking, parts inventory tracking, records management, and reporting.


  • Document management
  • Work orders management
  • Custom report

Why use AI Field Management?

AI Field Management empowers organizations of all sizes to effectively manage and collaborate with their field workforce. The platform can seamlessly handle workers, site managers, contractors, customers, jobs, equipment, and assets based on geography and time.


  • Inventory and asset management
  • Portal for customers
  • Third-party integration

Why use EZOfficeInventory? 

EZOfficeInventory is a cloud-based software for tracking, maintaining, and reporting equipment from anywhere, anytime. It offers features like equipment tracking, maintenance management, and inventory control. The software handles the entire equipment lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, and includes a work order management system for scheduling and tracking maintenance tasks.


  • RFID asset tracking
  • Label scanner and designer
  • Asset lifecycle management

Why use AssetCloud?

AssetCloud is a cloud-based asset management software that centralizes contract, service agreement, and software license management. It offers full life-cycle asset management, inventory management, and activity tracking. The platform automates check-in/out processes, auditing, and reporting. It’s also accessible from different locations, making it easy to use in the field.


  • Custom reports
  • Report scheduling
  • Triggered notifications

Why use GoCodes?

GoCodes provides an asset and inventory tracking solution for IT teams. It includes all the tools for securely managing devices on the go, such as cloud-based software, mobile scanner apps, and patented QR code labels. This software is designed for small and midsize companies in the accounting, education, construction, engineering, and healthcare industries.


  • Online and offline capability
  • Equipment utilization tracking
  • Inventory management

Why use ManageEngine AssetExplorer?

ManageEngine AssetExplorer helps businesses manage and track all assets across the organization. The platform offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations. It also helps monitor the user experience on websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. The monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to troubleshoot applications, servers, and network infrastructure, including private and public clouds.


  • Asset inventory management
  • Compliance review
  • Customizable reports

Why use FieldEZ?

FieldEZ is a field service management software for small to medium-sized field teams. It helps businesses manage mission-critical equipment using digital technologies like cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and data analytics.


  • Work order management
  • Ticket management
  • Third-party integrations

What is an Equipment Tracking Software?

Equipment tracking software is a tool that allows businesses to keep track of their equipment inventory, including the location, condition, and maintenance history of each item. It helps organizations streamline operations by providing a centralized system to monitor and manage their equipment assets.

By using equipment tracking software, businesses can efficiently track the usage and availability of their equipment, reducing the risk of loss, theft, or misplacement. It also enables them to schedule preventative maintenance and repairs, ensuring their equipment is always in optimal condition and minimizing downtime.


There are numerous benefits to using equipment tracking software for your business. Here are a few top advantages that make it the best choice for managing your equipment:

  • Improved asset management – Equipment tracking software lets you maintain a detailed record of your assets, including location, condition, and maintenance history.
  • Enhanced productivity – It offers real-time information on equipment availability and status, enabling efficient resource allocation and minimizing downtime.
  • Cost savings – The software helps identify underutilized assets, eliminate duplicates, and schedule maintenance to prolong equipment lifespan, resulting in cost savings.
  • Regulatory compliance – By utilizing equipment tracking software, you can ensure compliance with industry regulations through precise documentation and record-keeping.
  • Maintenance and repairs – Equipment tracking software helps schedule and track maintenance tasks, ensuring regular servicing and optimal equipment condition. It prevents breakdowns, extends equipment lifespan, and reduces repair costs.
  • Valuable data and insights – You can generate reports on equipment utilization, maintenance costs, and other key metrics, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your operations.
  • Scalability and integration – It can be integrated with other software systems, such as accounting or inventory management, providing a seamless workflow and eliminating manual data entry.

Key Features

When it comes to choosing the best equipment tracking software, there are several key features that you should consider. Here are some key features to look for:

  • Support for barcode/QR code scanning
  • Highly customizable
  • Maintenance and repair tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Integration with other systems
  • User-friendly interface

Choosing the Best Equipment Tracking Software

Below is a comprehensive overview of the best equipment tracking software. It provides detailed information on free versions, pricing, and mobile app availability, helping you discover the most suitable option for your requirements.

Equipment Tracking Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
BigChange None $19/vehicle/month Yes
Workiz Yes $225/month Yes
AUTOsist None $5/asset/month* Yes
AI Field Management None $9.99/user/month* Yes
EZOfficeInventory None $40/month* Yes
AssetCloud None $1,295* Yes
GoCodes None $500* Yes
ManageEngine AssetExplorer None Custom pricing Yes
FieldEZ None Custom pricing Yes

* billed annually

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