The 7 Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) is a free mobile-ready corporate social responsibility software that can help companies to track their volunteerism efforts and identify problems along the way. SafetyCulture aims to help users streamline their tasks and empower teams and companies to act more efficiently in every aspect of their work.

As a multipurpose and multifunctional platform, SafetyCulture can help manage audits of corporate social responsibility initiatives with its free downloadable and editable checklists from its Public Library, ensuring your company and team achieve its relevant goals, live company values, and improve the quality of life for all. Similarly, you can also SafetyCulture to comply with your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards in the process, as it also offers templates for it. After this, you can also integrate SafetyCulture with your existing workflow software for easier streamlining your daily business tasks. 


  • Use on any iOS and Android device as all data is stored in the cloud, making it easy to access anytime and anywhere
  • Conduct inspection and fill up forms offline and sync back to the cloud automatically once the internet is restored
  • Report issues in managing and executing corporate social responsibility plans 
  • Create and assign actions to correct issues or do supplementary tasks when out volunteering
  • Provide a Heads up to your team or company on different updates on volunteer work and donations that may come up 
  • Generate analytical reports to see your data, issues, and actions in one place 
  • Provide Training on proper Corporate Social Responsibility practices
  • Set custom permissions and access controls to specific people, ensuring private data stays private or unchanged 
  • Download your completed reports in CSV, SQL, Excel, PDF, Word, and JSON

Why use onHand?

Reward your team or company’s environmentalism with trees from onHand. This corporate social responsibility software is backed by the UK government and aims to help users be more environmentally friendly by allowing them to watch their carbon footprint lessen in real-time and planting trees for every active member using onHand monthly. 


  • View all active volunteers and the best departments in one dashboard 
  • Choose to assist with food banks and food deliveries to those in need, not just with tasks related to environmentalism 
  • Encourage employees to volunteer anywhere by giving them volunteer opportunities based on their locations

Why use Golden?

Choosing corporate social responsibility software like Golden simplifies the management of your volunteer program. It is a reliable volunteer management platform known for its innovation and ease of use. This platform allows organizations to effectively manage their volunteers, accomplish ESG goals, and publish white-label applications.

Organizations, including development offices, CSR consultants, international NGOs, local nonprofits, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and high schools, can benefit immensely from platforms like Golden. This platform is always one step ahead when it comes to providing cutting-edge solutions. Its programs, such as Donation AI or Day of Service, make managing your organization’s tedious duties a breeze. Aside from this, you can integrate with nearly any modern third-party service, including Salesforce, Blackbaud, and Microsoft, to automate and upgrade your volunteer tech.


  • Use any iOS or Android devices to manage your events and track your volunteers effectively
  • Conduct consumer-facing background checks with the live background-check feature
  • Track volunteer time in three different ways with 100% accuracy and visualize all chapter activities in one dashboard
  • Verify volunteer work and employee contributions in real-time using images from the mobile app
  • Operate from any corner of the world using the global localization feature
  • Integrate other AI tools to automate common workflows

Why use EdApp?

EdApp by SafetyCulture is a learning management system and corporate social responsibility software you can use to provide learning and development opportunities for your team and company about proper ESG compliance, volunteerism, and sustainability. EdApp has partnered with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to create mobile lessons on social responsibility and development for all to create a more sustainable and socially-aware world. 


  • Download any of EdApp’s free templates and customize them as you see fit
  • Translate your content into over 100+ languages to reach a wider audience
  • Complete courses on the go and download them for offline use
  • Store documents and additional resources for your courses in the cloud for easy access 
  • Conduct and play games to better understand your lessons and celebrate achievements

Why use Benevity?

Retain your top talents and create more impactful social and business incomes with Benevity. Working as an employee engagement and corporate social responsibility software, Benevity aims to improve engagement among workers by helping them work and volunteer together in creating a more sustainable society. Benevity has more than 2 million nonprofit organizations in its system, ensuring everyone can have a social cause they can contribute to. 


  • Donate to your chosen recipient directly in-app and from your payroll
  • Enable your staff to create and manage their own local volunteer opportunities
  • Gain more knowledge on social responsibility through a pre-loaded library with resources on sustainability, wellness, inclusion, and diversity

Why use Bright Funds?

Connect your team or company with causes that matter to them with a corporate social responsibility software called Bright Funds. Search through millions of volunteer opportunities for yourself and your organization as needed, and track your progress and successes in the software. Bright Funds also supports financial philanthropic endeavors, providing tools to manage grants, scholarships, disaster relief efforts, and more. 


  • Volunteer for causes in-person and online
  • Automate your finance and grant management workflows
  • Increase donations towards nonprofits and give them financial donations or grants based on the number of hours your employees volunteered for 

Why use Millie?

Millie is a corporate social responsibility software designed to gamify the act of charitable giving and volunteering. A flexible software program that works depending on your budget, Millie promises to match your employees to groups and causes that matter to your company remotely or in person. Millie also hopes to make the act of volunteering fun by encouraging employees in a company to vote for their favorite nonprofit organizations with donations much like a game show, with proceeds being donated proportionally. 


  • Customize your donation options and how you want to do your voting game 
  • Create digital campaigns and hubs to reflect your company goals, values, and branding
  • Integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more for easy communication

What is Corporate Social Responsibility Software?

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) software is a digital tool that companies use to track, manage, and improve their volunteer and social responsibility efforts with their immediate communities. On the business side, this software can also help with increasing brand awareness in the process.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility Software Used For?

By definition, corporate social responsibility refers to the efforts done by a company to be socially accountable to itself, its clients, the public, and its environment. Sometimes called “corporate citizenship,” corporate social responsibility helps companies stay conscious of its impact on society in all ways possible, including but not limited to its effect on society, the environment, and the people around them. In the process, making a beneficial impact on society also improves brand image and recall. 

The main goal of having corporate social responsibility software is to ensure that a company is not contributing negatively to its society and is instead trying to better it. The most common forms of corporate social responsibility include philanthropy, volunteerism, and more. For this reason, the most well-known use of corporate social responsibility software is tracking and managing company efforts for volunteerism, environmentalism, and sustainable living. 

Corporate social responsibility software can help with the following:

  • Developing and supporting local communities, schools, and nonprofit groups 
  • Creating, practicing, and managing a sustainable way of living 
  • Managing corporate volunteer pursuits, problems, and their effectiveness 

Some key features of good corporate social responsibility software to remember are:

Comparison of the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Software

Here is a table comparing what the best software is for you, depending on your needs: 

Corporate Social Responsibility Software Best For Free Version? Price
SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) All industries and company sizes Yes, for teams with ten members or less Starts at $19 a month with a 30-day free trial
onHand  Teams and companies focused on being environmentally-conscious N/A Dependent on your organization’s needs
Golden  Volunteer management Yes, with limitations Starts at $110 per month for non-profits with a 30-day free trial
EdApp by SafetyCulture Learning and training  Yes, with limitations Starts at $2.95 per user per month with a 30-day free trial
Benevity  Managing both employee engagement and social responsibility N/A Dependent on your organization’s needs
Bright Funds Managing and providing grants for corporate social responsibility efforts  Yes, a free trial is available  Starts at $2 per user per month
Millie  Gamifying volunteerism  Giving Madness plan is free for 10 employees or less Enterprise plan starts at $267 per 10 users/month
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