Hand Safety Toolbox Talks

Promote hand safety in the workplace with regular hand safety toolbox talks and training.

construction workers having a hand safety toolbox talk before work

What is a Hand Safety Toolbox Talk?

A hand safety toolbox talk is a quick discussion before any work that poses a risk to workers’ hands to orient them about the proper safety and emergency procedures. This talk usually only lasts five to ten minutes.

Why is a Toolbox Talk on Hand Protection Important in the Workplace?

Our hands come in contact with many different items throughout our lives. In certain industries such as construction, manufacturing, and the like, however, our hands are exposed to more hazards than usual, putting them at risk for injuries. Once injured, our hands may become unusable for other tasks, creating a chain reaction of problems for the rest of our bodies. In particular, work-related hand injuries are some of the top reasons for people ending up in the hospital and missing work, in addition to suffering from other complications that can affect the rest of our bodies.

It is for this reason that a hand safety toolbox talk is conducted and deemed necessary. Although quick, a hand safety toolbox talk covers all the essential safety procedures one needs to be aware of before starting work, ensuring that employees are aware of the hazards they might face and how to avoid or mitigate them. A hand safety toolbox talk also ensures that all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used and done so properly for maximum protection.

What to Cover in Your Hand Safety Toolbox Talk

Your hand safety toolbox talk should cover the following topics:

  • A list of hand-related hazards and risks employees might face during work, some of which are:
    • Cuts and lacerations
    • Burns and rashes
    • Joint and muscle pains
  • The right safety procedures (e.g., lifting and carrying techniques discussed during manual handling toolbox talks) to avoid injuries
  • Emergency protocols and mitigation measures in case of injury

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A good way to conduct your hand safety toolbox talk is with the help of modern technology. A digital solution such as a checklist provider or an inspection tool can assist you in keeping track of your toolbox talk topics, your staff’s concerns, and the safety procedures to follow.

You can also create an accompanying training session for your hand safety toolbox talks, should you prefer. Regular training for your employees and those holding your toolbox talks is also essential for promoting hand safety in the workplace, as it can help in better understanding and remembering the safety procedures to follow. Training sessions can also help those performing the hand safety toolbox talks to adjust their plans accordingly based on feedback from other staff.

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