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Infection control checklists are tools used by hospitals, clinics and hospices to assess the facilities level of cleanliness and compliance with hygiene standards. Effective identification of hygiene risks can help prevent infection and the spread of diseases amongst patients and staff. An infection control checklist guides the auditor to assess hygiene conditions across the entire facility. Identified health risks can help the facility to take immediate action and rectify issues that may cause the spread of infectious diseases.

iAuditor digitizes infection control checklists into a mobile app. Use iAuditor to easily capture and report on facility health risks in real-time. View all photos taken online and take immediate action. Get started with these 4 free digital infection control checklists which you can download and use on your hand-held device.

4 Featured Digital Infection Control Audit Checklists

General Infection Control Audit Checklist

You can use this General Infection Control Audit Checklist in hospitals, clinics, or hospices to assess the infection controls in place. Observe hand hygiene implementation, cleanliness of the facilities, and the general condition of patient rooms, patient and employee kitchens, nurses stations, and more. Check also if trash is segregated and if disposal is done properly for different materials. Complete the assessment and provide comments or recommendations you may have and affix your signature. Use iAuditor on handheld devices to capture photos of issues found and assign tasks for immediate action on urgent risks.

Anesthesia Infection Prevention Assessment Checklist

Use this Anesthesia Infection Prevention Assessment at hospitals to observe the infection prevention processes in place for administering anesthesia. Check the hospital’s policies, staff hand hygiene and glove use, PPE, injection practices, supplies, disinfection, and exposure management. Enter comments and other observations and complete the assessment with a digital signature. Never lose another assessment file again and conveniently access all audits with iAuditor’s cloud-based storage.

Infection Control Checklist - Care Homes

You can use this infection control audit tool for care homes when conducting your infection control assessment of assisted living facilities. Check the infection control policies, immunization, hand hygiene, PPEs, fridge monitoring, disinfection, laundry, kitchen, and more. Rate if Met or Not Met and take photographs of failed items. Never miss another assessment by using iAuditor to receive notifications on scheduled audits.

Hand Hygiene - 5 Moments Observation - Infection Control Audit Checklist

This infection control audit template intends to assess the hand hygiene practices of nurses and caregivers and ensure that proper hygiene is observed in hospitals, clinics, and care homes. Identify if the interaction will be with an Isolation or Non-Isolation patient and proceed with the assessment of the staff. Use iAuditor to capture non-compliance, take photos for evidence, and take the opportunity to coach the staff to improve hygienic practices. Use iAuditor’s Analytics to observe trends of risks that can be mitigated.

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