Digital Infection Control Audit Tools

Easily capture and quickly report on health risks using mobile devices.

Proactively guard against the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare facilities.

Infection control audit, also called infection control risk assessment, is the process of proactively guarding healthcare facilities against the spread of diseases by identifying and setting controls for possible sources of infection.

Also called infection control tool, an infection control checklist is used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to assess cleanliness, infection control practices, and compliance with hygiene standards.

Infection control, through the effective use of infection control audit tools, can help prevent the spread of diseases amongst patients and staff and ensure the safety of healthcare facilities.

This article will briefly discuss the (1) the 5 main focus points of infection control; (2) powerful digital audit tool for any healthcare facility; and (3) free digital infection control audit checklists you can download to help control the spread of infection in healthcare facilities.

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Infection control audits cover all possible sources of infection in healthcare facilities with particular focus on the following (source: CDC):

The healthcare facility should have written infection control policies and procedures. Healthcare staff, as well as patients and their caregivers, should be empowered with training and knowledge on infection control.

Competency on proper hand hygiene is a must, particularly for healthcare providers. Routine monitoring of hand hygiene practices through internal audits can help ensure that proper hand hygiene is being practiced.

One way to protect healthcare professionals from infection is through the proper use of PPE, which is standard procedure in any job that involves health risks.

Healthcare professionals should be knowledgeable in the use of ventilators and other hospital equipment. The proper disinfection of tools and equipment and the cleanliness of the healthcare facility must be maintained at all times.

Proper insertion and maintenance of catheters, injection practices, and other medical services must be done in adherence to the infection control protocols of the facility.

The Implementation and continuous monitoring of infection control processes can be a daunting task for healthcare administrators in any healthcare facility. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile auditing app, can help healthcare managers assess adherence to infection control and be empowered to do the following:

The Best Digital Infection Control Audit Tools

General Infection Control Audit Checklist

An infection control audit checklist is used by healthcare administrators in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to assess the infection control protocols in place. Observe and assess hygiene practices, use of PPE, and the cleanliness of equipment and facilities such as patient rooms, kitchens, nurses stations, etc. Check trash segregation and proper disposal of different materials. Complete the infection control audit and provide comments or recommendations to improve infection control. With iAuditor on mobile devices, you can:

  1. Use the mobile app to take photos of infection control issues.
  2. Assign corrective actions upon discovery of issues.
  3. Schedule internal inspections to ensure continuous monitoring.
  4. Send and receive paperless audit reports and analyze the results.
  5. Use the collected information to better protect healthcare staff, patients, and caregivers from infections.

Infection Control Assessment Tool (Acute Care)

This comprehensive infection control risk assessment tool checklist for acute care is based on the CDC’s Infection Control Assessment Tool. This checklist uses Yes-No (and Not Applicable when appropriate) response set and uses smart logic to prompt corresponding items. "No" answers are highlighted on reports and Analytics to easily identify opportunities for improvement in infection control.

Infection Control Assessment Tool (Long-term Care)

This infection control assessment checklist can be used for long-term care facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Check the infection control policies, immunization, hand hygiene, PPEs, fridge monitoring, disinfection, laundry, kitchen, etc. iAuditor’s infection control templates can be customized to better suit the service provided by any healthcare facility.

Anesthesia Infection Prevention Assessment Checklist

Use this Anesthesia Infection Prevention Assessment at hospitals to observe the infection prevention processes in place for administering anesthesia. Check the hospital’s policies, staff hand hygiene and glove use, PPE, injection practices, supplies, disinfection, and exposure management. Enter comments and other observations and complete the assessment with a digital signature. Never lose another assessment file again and conveniently access all audits with iAuditor’s cloud-based storage.

Hand Hygiene - 5 Moments Observation - Infection Control Audit Checklist

This infection control audit template intends to assess the hand hygiene practices of nurses and caregivers and ensure that proper hygiene is observed in hospitals, clinics, and care homes. Identify if the interaction will be with an Isolation or Non-Isolation patient and proceed with the assessment of the staff. Use iAuditor to capture non-compliance, take photos for evidence, and take the opportunity to coach the staff to improve hygienic practices. Use iAuditor’s Analytics to observe trends of risks that can be mitigated.