Halal Internal Audit Checklist

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Published December 9th, 2020

What is “Halal” food?

Halal literally means “allowed” in Arabic and “Halal food” means food that is allowed or lawful as prescribed by the Koran. The opposite of halal is “haram” or forbidden by the Koran. Halal certified food ensures that the food produced is prepared in a way that is free from cross contamination or does not have haram ingredients.

This article will briefly discuss:

What is a Halal Internal Audit Checklist?

A Halal internal audit checklist is used by quality and safety managers in the food production industry to ensure that the food production process and the food product adheres to the requirements of Halal certifiers.

Getting Halal certification allows food producers the opportunity to partner with institutions and provide food products to markets and regions that require Halal certification.

5 Steps to Prepare for Halal Food Certification

  1. Understand the requirements of the local Halal certifiers. Different countries have different certifiers that will provide the certification valid for that country only.
  2. Review your organization’s ingredient sourcing and food production processes to determine which steps in production may need to be improved or changed in order to be compliant with the requirements of the certifier.
  3. Implement changes to your production processes, if needed, and conduct internal audits to ensure that the changes implemented are followed and that the production steps are documented.
  4. Analyze the results of the internal audits to discover areas for improvement and use the information to create training programs for employee competency.
  5. Contact the Halal certifier and schedule the Halal food certification audit.

Technology to Prepare for Halal Food Certification

Preparing for Halal food certification can be costly and time consuming considering the need to potentially adjust processes (if not previously certified) and continuously record the monitoring of Halal compliant food production processes. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful quality and safety inspection app, can help quality and safety managers continuously document the monitoring of Halal compliant processes and prepare for Halal certification. With iAuditor mobile app and software, you can:


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