Employee Incident Report

Efficiently report all work related incidents, injuries, illnesses, and near miss events using a template

Employee Incident Report

Published 26 Nov 2021

What is an Employee Incident Report?

An employee incident report is a form that contains detailed information on any workplace accident, injury, illness, property damage. This report is also used for documenting employee policy violations and misuse of company property.

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Why Should You Use It to Report An Incident?

The number of workers injured in the workplace remains unchanged. Around 2.8 full-time employees per 100 workers are injured for the year 2019 according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). While OSHA stated that for every 100,000 workers, 3.5 full-time employees died while at work in 2019. 20% of the fatalities came from the construction industry. Employee incident report forms can help lessen these incidents from happening and prevent a person from becoming just another statistic. 

Documentation of events such as employee incidents is important to the business and its employees. The employees can utilize the incident report forms to express what happened in their own words and describe the situations surrounding incidents from their perspective. This helps employers gather information that can be used to help prevent similar incidents from occurring and take corrective actions to improve worksite safety. 

Having an employee incident report ready can help a business mitigate the costly and negative impact of incidents. Insurance companies require businesses to have an incident audit for insurance claims while regulatory bodies will ensure that the business is complying with health and safety laws. 

When Should You Use It?

An employee incident report form should be filled out immediately after the incident. This helps employees recall the events easier and ensures that the details are fresh and properly documented. Also, please note that all employers are required to notify OSHA of incidents within 8 hours if it resulted in fatalities and within 24 hours if it involved hospitalization, amputation, or eye loss.

What is Included in the Form?

An employee incident report form may include specific details that are required by law depending on the worksite location. Stay up to date with industry best practices and specific regulations by regularly checking government websites. OSHA listed down the top 10 safety violations with number 1 being fall protection. The organization’s website includes safety and compliance advisories to lessen these workplace risks that can lead to incidents. 

How to Write the Report?

The employee incident report form has to be truthful, detailed, and relevant. Only include information that is important to keep it concise. Here are the steps on how to create your very own employee incident report form.

  1. Gather employee information such as name, job, date of report, and location.
  2. Include important reminders such as specific instructions.
  3. Write your job description.
  4. Input the date and time of incident.
  5. Describe the incident or near miss in detail.
  6. Disclose whether there were injuries and damages to company property.
  7. Recall what caused the incident.
  8. Include pictures of the incident.
  9. Suggest what actions can prevent future incidents.
  10.  Submit to your manager or supervisor.

Take a look at this example:


Employee Incident Reporting App

Paper-based employee incident forms can take more time to accomplish and have the risk of getting lost in the paper trail. Perform digital safety audits with safety tools such as iAuditor by SafetyCulture. This mobile and web-based application is simple, straightforward, and highly customizable to fit a business’ requirements. With iAuditor you can:

  • Accomplish employee incident report forms anywhere by just a few taps
  • Attach medial files such as pictures to help visualize the incident to your supervisor
  • Not worry about files not saving because of its secured cloud syncing capabilities
  • Organize record-keeping of reports that can be sent as web, PDF, or other file formats
  • View analytics and insights that helps create corrective action and prevent future incidents from recurring

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