10 Best Regulatory Change Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture, a world-renowned digital solutions provider, has developed one of the best regulatory change management software. By simply digitizing data and automating various work processes, this tool effectively monitors worker safety, improves compliance rates, and ensures transparency and accountability during difficult transitions when regulatory and management changes occur.


  • Manage regulatory changes effectively through a centralized analytics dashboard.
  • Disseminate information like policy updates or modifications via Heads Up, ensuring collaboration among teams while implementing new processes in compliance with new policies.
  • Train employees directly affected by the change to improve on-the-job performance and keep them safe from hazards.
  • Raise issues, take necessary actions, and generate relevant reports regarding compliance or lack thereof.
  • Accomplish more by integrating with other platforms, especially quality management, environment, health and safety, and governance, risk, and compliance tools.

Why use ComplianceQuest?

An all-in-one digital solution for quality management, environmental health and safety, and product design, ComplianceQuest is effective in managing regulatory changes thanks to its comprehensive suite of products delivered completely through Salesforce. Users can opt for a specific module or go for the whole package.


  • Workforce digitization
  • Incident tracking and management
  • Risk management and compliance

Why use ROAR Platform?

RiskOptics’s ROAR Platform is a premium digital solution for addressing problems during regulatory changes because it exposes harmful risks that threaten an organization. With this application, managers can proactively plan for the next step.


  • Content library pre-loaded with standards and regulations
  • Automated data-sharing with notifications
  • Insights and analysis

Why use Ethics and Compliance Cloud?

OneTrust’s Ethics and Compliance Cloud strengthens an organization’s compliance with regulations through constant activity monitoring to minimize risks. In addition, workers are empowered to speak up when they discover issues, so risks are mitigated immediately.


  • Ethics program management
  • Third-party due diligence
  • Speak-up culture assistance

Why use ComplyGlobal?

This cloud-based compliance platform helps small and medium-sized organizations be more proactive when regulations are updated or modified by replacing manual spreadsheets with digitized data and automating workflows to manage possible risks during transitions.


  • Centralized data storage
  • Enhanced visibility of compliance
  • Progress monitoring with advanced analytics

Why use MetricStream?

This GRC digital solution is helpful to companies that intend to stay on top of the continuously evolving landscape of global regulations. With its numerous features and trusted content, organizations remain compliant at all times.


  • Regulatory development task creation
  • Monitoring through dynamic dashboards
  • Integration with reliable commercial providers and government agencies

Why use Resolver?

This highly-customizable GRC software is immensely beneficial in keeping up to date with regulatory changes and handling the consequential effects, with the assistance of its impactful tools like round-the-clock monitoring and incident reporting.


  • Automated information collection
  • Activity capture and intelligent action
  • Risk assessment, documentation, and prioritization

Why use Corporater BMP?

Complete adherence to policies amid numerous changes is made easy with this application from Corporater. By centralizing and automating processes, companies get more visibility into their operations and ensure compliance at every step of the way.


  • Risk management tools
  • Internal audit management
  • Compliance management

Why use PolicyHub?

Mitratech, a highly-acclaimed developer of GRC digital solutions, has one of the best management applications to ensure compliance with regulatory changes: PolicyHub. Through automated audits, incident management, and task assignments, employees are less reactive because they know what needs to be done.


  • Obligations management
  • Risks and incident management
  • Audit and assessment

Why use VComply?

Navigating through periods of regulatory changes is incredibly difficult. With VComply’s wide selection of smart applications, staying on track with all the amendments in these obligations is easier for everyone involved.


  • Compliance tracking and management
  • Internal controls and task assignment
  • Collaboration with stakeholders

What is a Regulatory Change Management Software?

Regulatory change management software is a digital solution that helps companies anticipate, acquire, and implement changes in company standards, internal policies, or government regulations. By properly managing data, using robust analytics, and automating workflows, the platform ensures continued compliance across the company, especially in highly-regulated departments.


Regulatory change ensures the health and safety of all stakeholders and improves the industry’s sustainability. While this is admittedly one of the pain points of companies, there is no going around it. The best way to deal with this challenge is by utilizing the best regulatory change management software.

  • Updates internal policies effortlessly – Regulatory changes are always on the horizon and, often, pre-emptively announced to give companies time to prepare for it. Aligning company controls and policies with new regulations is easier with digitized data.
  • Disseminates information effectively – Getting everyone on the same page won’t be difficult when a system for quick communication, complete with collaborative tools is in place.
  • Identify relevant personnel for specific responsibilities – When processes are automated, pinpointing the right people for task delegation is much easier. Even documentation and reporting can be accomplished more efficiently with digital solutions.
  • Determines compliance – To ensure that the company seriously adheres to the changes, managers should track submissions, monitor activities, and conduct random inspections. These activities are made easier and more efficient with digital checklists.
  • Monitors efficiency and productivity – Aside from ascertaining that the company is abiding by new guidelines, managers can assess the effectiveness of the actions taken in optimizing the operations through analytics.

Key Features

Your company can be up-to-date and comply with new regulations and policies and competently plan to modify steps in operations if your regulatory change management software has the following:

  • Policy compliance management
  • Document management
  • Impact assessment
  • Real-time compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Issue identification and tracking
  • Alerts and notification
  • Collaborative and communication tools
  • Visibility into the regulatory office’s policy updates and modifications
  • Integration with other digital tools

Choosing the Right Regulatory Change Management Software

The ten digital solutions listed above, all fairly evaluated by numerous experts and relevant review sites, can provide your company’s needs when there are changes applied to local or national regulations. Here’s a quick look at the shortlist before you make your final choice.

Regulatory Change Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month * Yes
ComplianceQuest No $30/user/month Yes
ROAR Platform No Available upon registration No
Ethics and Compliance Cloud No Quote-based No
ComplyGlobal Yes Available upon request No
MetricStream No Available upon request Yes
Resolver No Available upon request No
Corporater BPM No Available upon request No
PolicyHub No Available upon request Yes
VComply No $1,119/month Android only

*billed annually

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