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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is an award-winning records management software used by many organizations across many industries. With SafetyCulture, you can effectively create and manage checklists for auditing, inspecting, and reviewing different processes, legal requirements, and other business processes. There is also the option to download premade templates from the Public Library, then edit them as you see fit. 

All checklists and completed reports are then stored in the cloud for easy access anytime and anywhere. Cloud storage ensures that nothing will be lost unless you delete them. All files can be accessed from any web browser and all mobile devices, including tablets. Along with a QR code, you can easily conduct audits wherever you are. Offline use is also supported, with all files syncing to the cloud once the internet is available. 

Business owners, managers, and team leaders can also use SafetyCulture to improve their workflows with integrations, customized admin controls, and file sharing. You can also schedule audit inspections, record creation, and the like from the app, and SafetyCulture will remind you once your chosen time is approaching. 


  • Report issues in your records and record management through your checklists and the app, create actions to have them addressed, and share announcements regarding your company records to all employees through the Heads Up feature
  • Customize access controls and permissions to ensure the privacy of your data
  • Integrate sensors and monitoring devices, if any, to your checklists to easily monitor and record important readings
  • Train staff on proper records management practices 
  • Generate and export analytical reports based on accomplished audit checklists

Why use FileHold?

FileHold is a document management software with a focus on being a records management software for companies. With FileHold, traditional paper-based companies can transition to a completely paperless system and manage their records easily.


  • Offers its own cloud hosting services, but you can also use your own
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint
  • Captures records’ data, usage, and version history

Why use Confluence?

Also known as an online workspace, Confluence is a records management system and document management software that promotes collaboration between all employees in a company. Using Confluence, teams and their leaders can create and manage documents together to ensure compliance with internal standards and legal requirements.


  • Create multiple pages at the same time
  • Use templates to make your pages faster
  • Integrate with different workflow software

Why use fileplan?

fileplan is a cloud storage solution many companies use as their records management software. Manage your records, emails, and other documents with fileplan with no fuss, and keep track of their life cycles from conception, use, and archiving. 


  • See all emails and documents in one place
  • Control who can see and edit different records and their versions
  • Track records easily  with the same name using fileplan’s unique file numbering system

Why use ZenQMS?

Ensure your records are compliant with your quality management systems (QMS) with ZenQMS. This records management software aims to help teams with achieving quality work by helping them create and sort their records digitally so they can easily audit their processes. ZenQMS also works as a training platform and allows you to store training materials and records in its system. 


  • Certified compliant with ISO, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Pt. 11, and European Annex 11 standards 
  • Set email reminders for new training sessions and record management
  • Track your company or employees’ training progress with documents, tests, videos, and live events


Why use Happeo?

Happeo is a communication-focused intranet system that allows users to create, edit, and store records in one place, all while improving teamwork and collaboration. As a records management software, you can use Happeo to manage your communications and related records with your teammates whenever and wherever you are. Some communication-related records Happeo stores and helps you manage are company news and announcements, statistics, organizational charts, and milestones. 


  • Integrate with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 
  • Connect your communication apps, such as calendar, email, Slack, and Zoom, to your dashboard
  • Create content with a drag-and-drop creator

Why use Kontainer?

Store visual records such as PDF files, photos, and videos with Kontainer. A digital asset manager and records management software all-in-one, you can use Kontainer to sort, comment, and archive your media records in one place, convert them into other formats, and share them with members of your team for recordkeeping and presentation purposes.  


  • Tag your records with consent, rights of use, and expiration dates for GDPR compliance
  • Edit images in-app and share immediately from the app 
  • Manage file versions with your team using the built-in comment and approval flow

What is a Records Management Software?

Records management software is a digital tool that can help companies simplify their workflows by allowing them to store, track, create, and manage their documents and records digitally. Although similar to document management software or systems, software for records management is often more concerned with preserving documents, conducting and managing audit reports and reviews, and meeting any legal requirements they might have to comply with.

Why is Digital Records Management Important?

A record is any file or document providing evidence of your business functions, events, legal compliance, and the like. All companies have records they maintain and archive in paper form. It is likely these records have been in storage for long periods of time, as they may be referred to anytime for legal compliance, quality control, and other similar reasons. However, these papers are prone to wear and tear, as well as mishandling, loss, and overall destruction. 

For this reason, it has become more important to invest in a digital records management system. A digital record management system such as a records management software can help with the following:

  • Finding old records easily by allowing you to sort your files as you see fit
  • Reducing storage costs for records, as digital files will be stored in the cloud and no longer in physical storage spaces (such as cabinets, drawers, and storage rooms)
  • Improving and streamlining workflow by keeping all records within reach or through easy integration with other working systems
  • Ensuring business continuity, as all necessary files and records for it will be stored in a place where access controls can be modified so everyone can see them 
  • Complying with quality and legal standards and keeping up with getting certifications for them

What is the Best Records Management Software?

Here is a comparison table of the best records management software for your different needs:

Records Management Software Best For Free Version? Pricing
SafetyCulture All industries of all sizes Yes, for teams with ten members or less Starts at $19 a month with a 30-day free trial
FileHold  Large companies Free trial available Depends on the company’s needs
Confluence  Creating long-form documents via collaboration Yes, for ten users or less Starts at $5.75 per user per month
fileplan  Small to medium enterprises, as well as departments in large organizations Free trial available for 30 days Starts at $40 for two members and four guest users, and will increase with more members
ZenQMS Training-related and quality assurance-related records  N/A Depends on the company’s needs
Happeo  Improving company communication and productivity N/A Starts at $57.5 per 5 users per month
Kontainer  Managing visual records Free trial available for 30 days For Kontainer’s digital asset manager only, plans start at $295 per month. With Kontainer’s product information management features, plans start at $550 per month


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