Published 11 Jan 2023

7 Best Predictive Analytics Tools

Discover the seven best predictive analytics tools also known as statistical analytics softwares. Learn the benefits of these tools and pick the ideal one to help your business strategize based on analyzed data.

businessman using predictive analytics tools

What are Predictive Analytics Tools?

Predictive analytics tools use data mining from a variety of sources in connection with statistical techniques such as regression, classification, and clustering algorithms which forecasts the most likely outcome for a business/organization. These are tools that enable businesses to develop strategies that will benefit their bottomline. Gain competitive advantage, strategize, and find new revenue opportunities for your business with these top predictive analytics tools.

Predictive analytics is used in practically every industry: retail for estimating sales and segmenting customers; entertainment for recommending material to users; and healthcare for predicting disease spread. 

These predictive analytics tools streamline and automate processes such as data mining, creating profiles, identifying the factors that contribute to certain outcome predictions, and generating a measure of probability. Supporting these tools is the API integration feature that can help businesses in the accurate and seamless collection and transfer of structured and unstructured data between different platforms. 

What is API?

An API ,or Application Program Interface, is the technology that makes a website’s data digestible for a computer. Integrating predictive analytics with API makes data integration and visualization easier. Through it, a machine can see and update data, much the way a person can by loading websites and completing forms. There are more opportunities created by APIs due to making data more accessible—healthcare, government, and manufacturing are just a few of the industries that now provide more accessible data through APIs.An illustration showing how API works and how data is transmitted to predictive analytic tools

Although SafetyCulture performs a bit differently from  predictive analytics technologies, it can be a great supporting tool as it eliminates manual tasks and it can assist in proactively addressing and improving operational issues. It can also provide the following benefits:

  • SafetyCulture collects precise data such as time stamps, specific locations, response sets, and user profiles used for predictive analytics tools.
  • Data from Sensors, which is used to respond to set triggers and provide notification, can also be used to collect data used in predictive analytics.
  • SafetyCulture data is automatically categorized and saved in the cloud, and it can flow effortlessly to predictive analytics tools through API integration.

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