Top 7 Pool Service Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Rated as one of the best mobile-first inspection platforms today, SafetyCulture can be used as an effective pool service software, enabling efficient staff scheduling, ensuring collaboration among teams, optimizing resource utilization, and streamlining day-to-day operations. With integrations like CRM (customer relations management), clients can better communicate their needs to the service provider, get accurate quotes, and conveniently pay their bills. With this digital solution, companies can guarantee customer satisfaction every single time.


  • Monitor the pool’s water quality and temperature using sensors and raise issues to get immediate action.
  • Build templates from scratch or download pool maintenance or inspection checklists from the Public Library to ensure that every aspect of the site is assessed and appropriately addressed for better work results.
  • Delegate tasks to technicians and ascertain that the appropriate equipment for the job is available.
  • Track your workers and their equipment with geo-tagging.
  • Generate reports complete with media attachments of the task accomplished to add to the company’s data repository of client history.

Why use PoolCarePRO?

Pool maintenance and cleaning services don’t have to spend so much time on administrative tasks with this full-featured app. The software allows companies to schedule projects, lay out routes, and set tasks with specific instructions for their technicians. It also provides real-time reporting of the work to the clients.


  • Customer profiles with pool maintenance history
  • Service notifications
  • Flexible reporting

Why use PoolTrac Pro?

This digital solution ensures that pool maintenance companies provide outstanding service as it streamlines customer relations and facilitates employee, asset, and supplies inventory management. It also has special tools like chemical calculators that aid technicians with proper pool chemistry.


  • Detailed equipment listing
  • Map with pool assignments
  • GPS tracking with NFS tags of on-site employees

Why use Pool Office Manager?

Managing pool maintenance services is less complicated with Pool Office Manager. This software organizes tasks, schedules technicians, prepares equipment required, and plans routes so companies can deliver the best service their clients deserve.


  • Optimized scheduling and routing
  • Job and chemical tracking
  • Invoicing with integration to QuickBooks

Why use Pooltrackr?

This software is considered one of the best because of its specialized functionalities like in-store water testing, chemical calculator, and IoT, on top of the usual features that improve operations. Pool maintenance services can transform their business, facilitating end-to-end management and assisting in better communication with customers.


  • Master database of pool and maintenance history
  • Templates for quotes, reports, and invoices
  • Integrations for accounting and credit card payments

Why use Housecall Pro?

This home service software helps companies optimize operations and boost profitability by streamlining tedious administrative tasks from employee and equipment scheduling to invoicing and payment collection so their technicians can focus on the job at hand. Companies that provide plumbing, HVAC, and pool maintenance can benefit from this digital solution.


  • Scheduling with notifications
  • Dispatching and routing
  • Price book and estimates

Why use Synchroteam?

A highly-rated field service management software, Synchroteam helps pool cleaning and maintenance companies by simplifying business processes, properly allocating resources, and efficiently managing their workers on the field. Best of all, they offer month-to-month plans that clients can cancel at any time.


  • Schedule and dispatch
  • Inventory management
  • Map and GPS tracking

What is Pool Service Software?

Pool service software is a digital solution that helps pool cleaners and maintenance providers streamline and optimize their operations to provide top-notch service and benefit their bottom line. This features tools for customer scheduling, asset and materials inventory, and activity monitoring. More comprehensive platforms also include invoicing and billing. The software improves productivity, guarantees worker safety, reduces errors, and enhances customer satisfaction through timely and accurate service delivery.  


Pool maintenance is more than just skimming the water with a leaf net every week. Aside from technicians’ skills and knowledge and the industrial equipment they tow, companies should also have software that can help them efficiently complete administrative work and operational tasks. Here are some reasons why you should invest in one: 

  • Improves inventory management – Water test kits, chemicals, pool thermometers, telescopic poles, and industrial water vacuums are just a few of the supplies companies should have. With the software’s supply tracker, automated re-ordering, equipment maintenance records, and barcode scanners for usage, these must-have items are always at hand for a scheduled service.
  • Provides pool maintenance history – The software allows companies to store a comprehensive record of their client’s pool maintenance history, from previous services to repairs and parts replacements. This is critical because it accurately assesses current pool conditions and plans subsequent maintenance schedules with tailored recommendations. Clients appreciate personalized and proactive service as this increases the longevity of their equipment and the quality of their pool.
  • Enhances scheduling and routing Pool cleaning companies often have a long list of clients from different locations. Scheduling can be problematic when managers rummage through files and check availabilities on paper calendars or whiteboards. With the software, supervisors can better schedule their technicians and specific equipment based on the customer’s needs. The platform also has route optimization that speeds up delivery times and GPS tracking to ensure workers get there safely.
  • Streamlines communication – With features like mobile accessibility, centralized dashboards, and quick notifications, managers and their staff can collaborate better on a cleaning project. Clients can also request a particular service, report specific issues, and receive updates faster. 
  • Expedites quoting, billing, and invoicing If customers get erroneous quotes and charges, they will feel cheated and likely dispute the billing. With a pool service app, managers can provide accurate and detailed statements to their clients, thanks to features like pre-inspection digital checklists and automated quotes. Streamlined payment processes also allow customers to easily send money online or through their mobile devices thanks to third-party app integrations.   

Key Features

Pool service apps are quite task-specific but any quality management or inspection platform can be used by pool cleaning or maintenance companies. Do take note of the list below because the best pool service software should have the following:

Selecting the Right Pool Service Software

The digital solutions presented above can optimize your operations and enhance the quality of the service you provide. Before you make your final decision, check the summary provided below: 

Pool Service Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
PoolCarePRO No $39.95/month Yes
PoolTrac Pro No $25/month for 2 users Yes
Pool Office Manager No $80/month for the first user Yes
Pooltrackr No AUD 49 (~$32.74)/month Yes
Housecall Pro No $49/user/month Yes
Synchroteam No $26/user/month Yes

* billed annually

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