Top Ten Kaizen Software of 2024 for Continuous Improvement

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a kaizen software available on the web and mobile that allows employees to use their mobile devices to complete digital templates and capture opportunities for improvement the moment they see them. This can guide them to describe their ideas in detail, where they can also easily attach supporting images or detailed notes as references. 

The SafetyCulture kaizen software app also helps companies gather valuable critique from their employees, enabling them to make an impact on improving operational efficiency. It encourages cross-functional collaboration, so ideas are communicated to the right people and doors are opened for potential kaizen events. With SafetyCulture, you can save time and money from manual monitoring and ensure that compliance tasks are done correctly and on time. Track completion of tasks across multiple locations, immediately see red flags, monitor performance over time, and make critical decisions when it matters most. This app is best for all industries and professionals.


  • Use and customize dedicated premade templates for tools such as 5S Audits, 8 Wastes, and 7 Wastes to effectively integrate your kaizen management tools in one app
  • Create checklists from scratch or use existing Word, Excel, and PDF ones
  • Integrate SafetyCulturewith other business software such as Microsoft Flow, Asana, Zapier, and Google Sheets to gain more insights across your organization
  • Store all documents and checklists in one place
  • Generate analytical reports based on completed inspections
  • Attach media and notes to records to show proof of improvement

Why Use Kaizen Softworks?

Kaizen Softworks is a digital product studio focused on bringing and ensuring continuous improvement for its clients. As a kaizen software, Kaizen Softworks is focused on promoting quality and innovation through creative collaboration as a way to continuously improve. This app is best used for improving websites, social media, and other digital platforms.


  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designing and consultancy 
  • Product development team to help you conceptualize, maintain, and improve your products and services
  • Dedicated support to help with web designing, design thinking, frontend development, and backend development for different platforms


Why Use Rever?

Rever is a kaizen software for frontliners and their managers that places heavy emphasis on standardizing and digitizing processes for continuous improvement. This kaizen software allows you to create checklists, reports, workflows, and groups to better communicate with one another and ensure all internal tasks meet the company’s quality standards. Rever is best for frontline industries such as construction, hospitality, and more.


  • Gives you the ability to schedule and assign routines
  • Includes built-in financial summaries 
  • Aligns with Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Why Use The Lean Way?

The Lean Way is a kaizen software that promotes continuous improvement through knowledge sharing based on the Lean way of thinking. This software encourages continuous learning as a means of continuous improvement by using a structured framework based on the Lean philosophies to share knowledge and promote collaboration between employees. The Lean Way is best for managers who are new to kaizen and Lean philosophies.


  • Smart notifications to never miss an activity or a post
  • Built-in project management system
  • Dashboards to see all analytics, users, and posts 
  • Shared space for everyone to post in

Why Use KPI Fire?

KPI Fire is a business improvement and continuity software that believes setting and maintaining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) along with the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma is the best way to improve oneself and their organization. This kaizen software helps managers and their employees set standards and goals for their team, manage their ideas, and standardize their approaches to different problems and situations. KPI Fire is best used for goal setting and team management.


  • Idea Funnel and matrices to help organize ideas
  • Customizable scorecards to help manage and track KPIs
  • Built-in library of standardized problem-solving approaches and philosophies such as Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC); Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA); Kaizen; and the 8 Disciplines of problem solving (8Ds)
  • Visual project management system with timelines

Why Use KaiNexus?

KaiNexus is an all-in-one kaizen software solution for managers and their employees to get started on continuous improvement. For this, KaiNexus focuses on standardizing processes and quality control measures by improving company engagement, collaboration, and action time for different tasks. This app is best for those who need help with standardization and employee motivation.


  • Built-in incident reporting features and compliance guides
  • Multi-currency tracker for calculating investment and earnings
  • Badge-based recognition system to rightfully award those performing well and reaching milestones
  • Charts, reports, and boards to help visualize different aspects of continuous improvement

Why Use Tervene?

Tervene kaizen software is a daily management tool that aims to help frontliners and their managers with their audits, project management, operations control, and process standardization. The main task of this kaizen software is to digitize everything first, then provide coaching to their clients for a more holistic journey to continuous improvement. Tervene is best used by managers of frontliners who are looking to digitize their operations or are looking for coaching.


  • Dedicated experts that clients can call anytime for coaching on continuous improvement
  • Experts that managers can contact to conduct assessments on company structures and procedures 
  • Trackers for project lifecycles and action plans 
  • Cloud-based

Why Use Integrify?

Integrify is a kaizen software and business process improvement workflow software with a focus on automation. This software’s process builder and form designer can help visualize tasks and processes. With automation, managers can automate the order of things to be done based on the team’s needs and priorities.  Integrify is best used by those who want their software to automate tasks for them.


  • Unlimited workflow processes 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) 
  • Ability to add links, tables, and media to forms
  • Open Application Programming Interface (API) and AWS Lambda integration

Why Use EdApp?

EdApp by SafetyCulture is a learning management platform for professionals of all industries. This kaizen software provides lessons on kaizen and the concept of continuous improvement and the Lean philosophies. Additionally, EdApp also has modules on compliance, quality control, and self-improvement. This app is best for managers from all industries looking to train their employees on continuous improvement alongside other courses.


  • Web and mobile clients available
  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation
  • Integration with Microsoft, Okta, Canva, BambooHR, and more
  • Special templates for gamified learning sessions

Why Use Planview?

Planview is a portfolio, general work, and project management software with team collaboration at its core. As a kaizen software, Planview aims to be an all-in-one platform for document sharing, goal-setting, problem solving, and value stream mapping so that progress can be easily tracked and measured.  This app is best used for promoting collaborative and connected work.  


  • Built-in kanban board visualization for projects
  • Ability to create different portfolios for different products or projects
  • Option for enterprise-scale versions of features 
  • Professional Services Automation for monitoring and estimating revenue growth

What is a Kaizen Software?

Kaizen software, also known as kaizen apps, are tools to help ensure continuous improvement every day in the workplace by promoting proactive employee involvement and empowering each worker to anticipate and capture opportunities for change and improvement. With a mobile kaizen tool, it is easier for every employee—from senior management to frontline staff—to collaborate in driving continuous improvement in their business.

Importance of Kaizen Software

Kaizen pertains to the concept of continuous improvement, which is a philosophy many managers and quality assurance staff follow. This concept promotes the idea that small changes done over time can create a large impact as time passes by. Specifically, kaizen aims to enhance and improve upon existing daily tasks involving people from all ranks, having them work together to create small but meaningful improvements. 

Having kaizen software can help in keeping track of the changes that a team or a company decides to make. This can be done through the help of forms, checklists, and other tracking documents. Additionally, kaizen software can help track or quantify the results from said changes. Kaizen software can also help motivate employees to make bigger changes, as being able to visualize and track their changes can be a big help in understanding the concept of kaizen. 

Usually, kaizen software are often cloud-based, allowing for easy access to records of changes. Having all records digitized allows for a more efficient way of tracking growth and opportunities. Problems can also be solved easier if all documents related to them are in one place where they are protected, accessible by all, and cannot be damaged by improper storage, weather conditions, and other accidents.

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