10 Kaizen Rules

Monitor continuous improvement with the 10 Kaizen rules

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What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that positive incremental changes can create an impact over time.

Once you get familiar with the core principles, to begin the journey of kaizen, here are the rules of kaizen that should be kept in mind and followed in order to grow your business.

10 Principles of Kaizen

  1. Start with the 3 “Actual” Rule
    • Go to the place where the process is performed;
    • talk to the people involved;
    • observe and chart the actual process.
  2. Abolish the old and conventional concepts
  3. Question current practices and reject the status quo
  4. Rely on data, not opinions
  5. Correct mistakes immediately
  6. Don’t seek perfection, choose a simple solution
  7. Ask why 5 times to identify root causes
  8. Value creativity and wisdom before capital
  9. Seek out the knowledge of more than just one person
  10. Continuously and consistently improve
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