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Why use SafetyCulture?

The strength of SafetyCulture is in keeping workers safe and aligning the quality of processes, products, and services with business goals. A powerful software for internal audits and workplace monitoring, among others, SafetyCulture helps ensure that business processes are at par with industry best practices and that the workplace complies with health and safety regulations through timely reporting, real-time corrective actions, and insightful analytics.

Used by industry leaders in multiple fields, SafetyCulture helps standardize the implementation of internal policies and aids in the update of management processes across the organization.

How to Use SafetyCulture as Your Form Maker

  1. Convert an existing paper checklist or create one from scratch.
  2. You can now use your digital form anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet even while offline. You can also distribute the form to the appropriate personnel through the SafetyCulture form app.
  3. Once completed, the data from the digital form is automatically uploaded to the cloud to serve as your backup. If your inspection or assessment was done offline, the data will automatically sync the next time you connect to the internet.
  4. You can generate digital reports of your completed forms even while offline. These reports can also be distributed automatically to select personnel once a form or template is successfully completed. Reports can be exported in various formats for distribution.
  5. Lastly, SafetyCulture form builder can be integrated with external Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Excel Online to automate your workflow each time a form is completed.


  • Administrative controls for audits, reports, and performance analytics
  • Customizable mobile templates for internal checks
  • Free access and use of templates from the public library
  • Real-time corrective actions assignment and status updates
  • Global customer support 24/5
  • Very competitive pricing for HRMS
  • Dedicated account manager (Premium and Enterprise)

Why use ADP Workforce Now?

Whether your business is small, medium, or enterprise, ADP Workforce Now can help with your HR management needs. One of the most widely used HRMS created by one of the oldest companies to provide HR solutions, ADP Workforce Now is a customizable cloud-based system that allows bespoke features to fit the needs of organizations and them stay compliant with regulatory requirements.


  • Talent management
  • Benefits administration
  • Time and attendance
  • Employee data management
  • Payroll, and more

Why use Bamboo HR? 

Another popular HRMS, Bamboo HR is used both by startups and by well established companies for HR management. Bamboo HR delights its users, HR professionals and employees alike, through its easy to navigate and simplified user interface.


  • Applicant tracking and hiring
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Performance management
  • Reporting, analytics, and more

Why use Zenefits?

Appealing to small and medium-sized businesses, Zenefits users are happy with the aesthetically pleasing layout of the cloud-based platform. Available on mobile, Zenefits offers tiered pricing plans to meet the different needs of customers.


  • Time and scheduling
  • Employee surveys
  • Performance management
  • Payroll administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Reporting, and more

Why use TriNet?

Catering to small and medium sized businesses as well as startups, TriNet is a cloud-based HRMS platform that provides functionalities available in one system to help HR professionals fulfill their responsibilities regardless of location.

TriNet as a company also provides HR outsourcing services that can be customized to fit businesses that do not have their own in-house HR teams.


  • Applicant tracking
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Payroll management
  • Dashboard for reports and analytics
  • Systems integration capable
  • Mobile application, and more

Why use Justworks?

Justworks is a platform for Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and 24/7 customer service. It eliminates the manual work of running a business. With Justworks tools and solutions, employers are able to focus on other parts of business such as growth, taking care of their team, and working efficiently.


  • Hiring & onboarding for remote teams
  • Benefits enrollment & management
  • Payroll management & reporting
  • Compliance with employee regulations
  • Self-service portal
  • Employee database
  • Time & attendance
  • Vacation & leave tracking

Why use Nowsta?

Nowsta is a comprehensive workforce management solution perfect for businesses managing hourly staff. Nowsta sets up businesses with the tools for hiring, managing, and payroll all in one platform.


  • AI powered scheduling
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Cross platform messaging
  • Real-time notifications
  • Payroll management and integrations
  • Reporting & Analytics

Why use Monday?
As a collaborative platform, Monday allows HR managers to manage the entire employee lifecycle in one workspace. Monday is suitable for managers looking for a one-stop solution for planning, organizing and tracking their team’s work. It is easy, visual, intuitive, and mobile-first.


  • Onboarding
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Self-service portal
  • Applicant tracking
  • Integration with 40+tools like gmail
  • Activity dashboard
  • Account management
  • Workflow templates

Why use Rippling?

Rippling is an all-in-one HR platform. Manage people operations in one place – from onboarding to offboarding. Rippling brings employee systems and data together, and automates your workflow. Manage, update, and report all in one place.


  • Benefits management
  • Payroll management
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Leave management
  • Streamline training
  • Talent management
  • Custom workflows, alerts, & reports
  • Onboarding and offboarding management
  • IT app and device management

Why use Breezy?

Breezy is an end-to-end recruiting software designed to help HR to attract and hire great talents with less effort. Breezy may not be an all-in-one HR management software, but it does an awesome job for onboarding, recruitment and applicant tracking.


  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Candidate Management
  • Email, SMS, & Scheduling
  • Advertise Jobs
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Career & Referral Portals
  • Team Collaboration

What is an HR Management Software?

An HR Management Software (HRMS) is a tool used by HR professionals and operations managers to oversee the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the welfare and productivity of employees, making sure that workforce performance is aligned with company goals, and ensuring that operations stay compliant with regulations.


Tools used by HR professionals, HCM is an acronym for Human Capital Management while HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. All three terms are sometimes used interchangeably in HR and some of their functionalities overlap but HRMS, in a nutshell, covers all the functionalities that can be found both in HCM and HRIS.

How Can HRMS Help With Managing Responsibilities?

HR practitioners, as well as operations managers and supervisors, are tasked with multiple responsibilities on managing employees. Using a powerful HR management software like SafetyCulture, you are empowered to do the following:

Maintain a productive workforce

SafetyCulture helps encourage employee productivity through scheduled monitoring and reporting of work progress. With SafetyCulture’s real-time reporting, blockages to work can be reported for immediate action, facilitating a feedback loop between supervisors and employees and encouraging open communication within the business.

Keep the workplace safe

As employers are required to maintain the safety of the workplace, HR and operations supervisors and managers are often tasked to enforce safety in compliance with regulations. Using SafetyCulture, workplace safety can be reinforced by proactively performing safety inspections and internal audits, and immediately reporting incidents and near-miss for urgent action. With automated and secure recordkeeping, HR practitioners are assured that files are safe and access is allowed only among authorized personnel.

Align workforce with company goals and culture

Data collected over time through SafetyCulture allows insights on trends, providing opportunities for process improvements and training material for new employee onboarding as well as refreshers for more tenured employees.

Stay compliant with regulations and be at par with industry standards

As HR management involves the need to safeguard sensitive information, HRMS like SafetyCulture makes secure recordkeeping possible and gives HR practitioners the capability to properly delete employee information in accordance with regulations. SafetyCulture also provides control over what can be accessed using administrator restrictions, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

SafetyCulture as Your Powerful HR Management Software

Managing the workforce, maintaining productivity that is aligned with company goals, and keeping the workplace compliant with regulations are just some of the responsibilities of HR professionals that HRMS helps with. Using HRMS like SafetyCulture empowers HR teams to harness the collective effort of the organization in reaching company goals and in making the workplace safer for employees.

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