7 Best Enterprise Performance Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Business executives, data analysts, and consultants agree that performance management is complicated. It requires time, effort, and resources to achieve the company’s goal of peak productivity. Finding the right all-in-one platform that can contribute to optimizing the performance of organizations, especially conglomerates operating in high-risk industries, is challenging. With SafetyCulture, all relevant tasks are efficiently accomplished, thanks to their comprehensive suite of features. Highly decorated by various software review forums like SaaS, SafetyCulture should be on top of your list of considerations.


  • Enhance decision-making by gaining insights into team and individual performance and making the necessary adjustments and improvements for the future.
  • Foster a culture of reporting and ensure accurate data collection to identify the root causes of particular issues. In addition, encourage workers to accomplish this task through their mobile devices—adding photos and videos to provide the full context of events—and allow them to send in observations even when offline.
  • Ensure accountability and transparency through efficient task management, especially when it comes to daily activities and personnel training.
  • Facilitate collaboration among different teams and departments, from the planning stage or during the implementation, to uphold structure and organization.
  • Gain a holistic view of the organization’s performance by connecting SafetyCulture data with the information gathered from other applications.

Why use OneStream?

This unified finance platform simplifies reporting, forecasting, planning, and budgeting to deliver timely and accurate information about the current operations and any changes that could impact businesses. With OneStream, companies get a bird’s eye view into their financial performance and make the necessary adjustments for future improvements.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Close, Consolidation, and Reporting
  • Analytics and Scenario Modeling

Why use Vena?

A top-rated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution, Vena combines powerful AI and financial insights for effective budgeting, planning, and forecasting. With its comprehensive built-in tools aided by robust integrations, companies can amplify their business performance and drive success.


  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Capital Expense and Revenue Planning
  • Financial and Businesswide Reporting

Why use CCH Tagetik?

Now part of the Wolters Kluwer family, CCH Tagetik is a CPM solution aimed to transform financial processes so that companies empower their processes, get better insights, and steer their business in the best direction. The platform is available on the cloud and on-premise, ensuring scalability and agility in an ever-changing landscape.


  • Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting
  • Financial and Compliance Regulatory Reporting
  • Production Cost Planning and Control

Why use Kepion?

This enterprise performance management platform supports organizations by providing the right tools to make confident decisions in a constantly changing world. With Kepion’s self-service model, managers, and team leaders can create plans, monitor activities, and simplify tasks to meet their goals.


  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Reporting and Analysis

Why use Anaplan?

Large enterprises and rapidly expanding companies trust San Francisco-based Anaplan regarding intelligent workforce planning. This united platform empowers organizations to collaborate efficiently so everyone involved can plan, execute, and optimize business processes.


  • Intuitive Model Building Capability
  • Connected Planning Integration
  • Statistical Calculations

Why use Planful?

Formerly Host Analytics, Planful is a cloud-based financial planning and analysis that helps companies forecast, budget, and report for increased productivity. Used by over 1,000 clients—some of which are well-known global brands—this solution streamlines numerous processes that will drive businesses to financial success.


  • Planning, Budgeting, and Financial Templates
  • Driver-based Forecasting
  • Real-time Metrics and Insights

What is Enterprise Performance Management Software?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software is a digital tool designed to help organizations plan, monitor, and manage their business performance more effectively. Also known as Corporate Performance Management (CPM), EPM is a category of integrated business management solutions that consolidates and calculates metrics to ensure that companies align their day-to-day operations based on their intended goals.


Implementing changes to improve an organization’s overall performance takes effort. Traditional methods may work somewhat, but this will take time and funding. Managing performance with the help of digitization and automation is sure to reap more rewards, like the following:

  • Increased Workflow Efficiency – Disjointed manual processes result in inefficient planning and erroneous reports. With a software solution streamlining processes, time and effort spent on these tasks are cut in half.
  • Improved Decision-Making – Lack of real-time and accurate data leads to suboptimal decisions. Thanks to analytics integrated into the platform, managers can better evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) that help them improve workflows.
  • Ensured Alignment of Objectives – Ensuring that everyday administrative and operational tasks correspond to the company’s goal is a struggle. Delegating roles, reporting issues, routine inspections, and all relevant workflows can be automated with a digital solution, ensuring daily activities meet the organization’s prime objective.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Store saves up to $1 million annually using a top-rated enterprise performance management software solution. By eradicating tedious paperwork, their managers can track various activities, from operations to delivery, and enhance their entire process for customer satisfaction.

Key Features

There are comprehensive business platforms that include modules to manage enterprise performance. But for those trying to save money, there are task-specific applications available as well. Whichever business performance management software you decide to get, make sure it has the following:

Selecting the Right Enterprise Performance Management Software

All software platforms detailed above will benefit companies who want to manage their overall performance effectively. Before making your final choice, take a look at the enterprise performance management software comparison below:

Enterprise Performance Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
OneStream No Contact for pricing Yes
Vena No Register for pricing No
CCH Tagetik No Contact for pricing No
Kepion No Contact for pricing No
Anaplan No Custom quote Yes
Planful No Contact for pricing No

* billed annually


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