Top 7 Construction Document Management Software of 2024

construction workers using a construction document management software on the field

Why use SafetyCulture?

A top-rated cloud-based and mobile digital platform, SafetyCulture is the perfect tool construction managers can use to ensure that all data collected and documents collated pertaining to a specific project are safely stored and easily accessed when needed. With features that automate processes throughout the project’s lifecycle, managing construction workflows, handling the workforce, and ensuring compliance with government regulations and industry standards will be less complicated.


  • Create your own checklist from scratch or use pre-built templates from the Public Library to accomplish daily logs and field reports.
  • Gather accurate data and store documents or records in a secure, cloud-based repository with role-based access controls.
  • Automate workflows like worker scheduling, asset tracking, monitoring changes in plans, and report generation.
  • Disseminate new information, announce plan modifications, or perform off-site toolbox meetings through Heads Up.
  • Stay at par with the industry’s best practices and ensure compliance with regulations through regular inspections and report submissions after shifts.

Why use Autodesk Docs?

This document management solution allows project managers, contractors, and other personnel to get real-time access to drafts, submittals, recorded meetings, and other important documents so they can do their respective daily tasks and provide the results they planned for their clients.


  • Document management and security
  • Training and education
  • 24/7 support

Why use Procore?

Used for over a million projects in more than a hundred countries, Procore is a well-favored construction management software that consolidates information and workflows that all team members, from mechanical personnel to electrical workers, require in just one dashboard. This allows complete collaboration wherever they are situated on the work site.


  • Real-time collaboration and coordination
  • Simplified data reporting
  • Digital paper trail for inspections and audits

Why use Aconex?

Created by world-renowned digital solutions provider Oracle, Aconex is a construction management platform that helps engineers and architects handle construction projects from start to finish. It allows managers to monitor daily activities, track information gathered, and share reports with relevant stakeholders.


  • Document management
  • Advanced communication tools
  • On-site collaboration for safety

Why use Bluebeam?

Available as Revu (on-premise software) or Cloud, Blubeam is an all-encompassing digital solution for managing construction projects, ensuring that managers, engineers, architects, subcontractors, and other workers are up to speed about plans and will adhere to policies and the best practices set by the industry.


  • Secure centralized storage
  • Geo-location for complete visibility
  • Training and education

Why use BIM 360?

This tool helps construction supervisors collect and organize salient project data, connect different teams, and optimize work processes from a centralized dashboard. Everyone involved in the project can access the information they need to make data-driven decisions that result in profit for the company and favorable outcomes for the clients.


  • Streamlined document management
  • Design collaboration
  • Safety and quality management

Why use Buildertrend?

Considered the best management platform for residential construction, Buildertrend assists construction managers in practically every single aspect of the project, from bidding and estimates, daily scheduling, and report logs all the way to warranty provision. They offer specific tools for contractors, remodelers, and even DIY home builders.


  • Document and photo storage
  • Daily to-dos and logs
  • Invoices and payments

What is Construction Document Management Software?

Construction document management software is a digital platform that helps project managers, engineers, and architects store, organize, and share documents pertaining to the project from start to finish. With its suite of features, construction supervisors streamline workflows, increase collaboration among different teams, and comply with industry standards, improving the project’s outcome and ensuring client satisfaction.

Designed to support workers in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, this could be a stand-alone application or a module of the more comprehensive project management software.


Construction managers go through thousands of documents that chronicle the entire project lifecycle, from drafting blueprints to submitting project completion reports. Manually working on these is not just tedious and time-consuming. It is also rife with errors. Using construction document control software can prove to be an asset in the following ways:

  • Efficient document organization and security – Construction supervisors should prepare piles of paperwork, such as bidding documents, contractor agreements, architectural drawings, worker schedules, daily reports, and safety inspection records, among others. With digitization, document management, data security, and version control are facilitated.
  • Enhanced collaborationEngineering and architectural projects are composed of several phases and require numerous workers. Teamwork is guaranteed with digital solutions that can monitor activities, track relevant personnel, and allow for open communication lines between builders and contractors, from site preparation all the way to substantial completion.
  • Efficient reporting of issues – At the end of every workday, managers must send reports detailing the project’s progress, recount problems that occurred, and the solutions provided. With digital checklists and templates, data gathering and secure recordkeeping are simpler and more efficient, allowing managers to focus on their job than getting buried in paperwork.
  • Better regulatory compliance – Construction sites are high-risk areas that must strictly abide by safety regulations. Documenting every step in the process (e.g., procedures, compliance, testing and analysis, and audits) and safely storing the data is not just the smart thing to do; it also complies with ISO standards for records management. 
  • Increased efficiency and productivity – After drafting the private or commercial project, there is a considerably small leeway for mistakes or delays as it would cause monumental financial loss. Document management software for construction managers automates worker scheduling, operations monitoring, and cost budgeting, ensuring that deadlines are met and funds are well-spent.

Key Features

Whether you go for this task-specific document management tool or the full-scale project management platform for construction, make sure that it has the essentials enumerated below:

  • Construction templates for reporting
  • Document management with quick search tools
  • Data management and security
  • Version control (revision history)
  • Workflow automation
  • Report generation
  • Audit trail
  • Collaborative tools
  • Compliance management
  • Third-party integration (CRM, project management, accounting)
  • Cloud storage
  • Mobile accessibility

Choosing the Right Construction Document Management Software

The seven digital solutions in the list can help your construction business handle the influx of information and securely store them for future use. Take another look at all of them in the summary below:

Construction Document Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $19/user/month* Yes
Autodesk Docs No $59/month* Yes
Procore No Custom quote Yes
Aconex No Contact for pricing Yes
Blubeam No $240/user* Yes
BIM 360 No Contact for pricing Yes
Buildertrend No $99 on first month

$399/month after

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