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A patient satisfaction survey is a tool used to gather patient feedback regarding the quality of service and medical treatment provided by hospitals and medical practices. Patient satisfaction is equally important as customer satisfaction. With greater scrutiny on patient experience driven by online review sites and government star rating systems (HCAHPS), patient surveys can help practices identify, measure, and address performance gaps.

This article will briefly discuss (1) the benefits of patient satisfaction surveys; (2) tips on conducting patient surveys; and (3) technology that can help streamline patient satisfaction surveys.

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Creating, gathering and analyzing patient satisfaction surveys can be a daunting task. However, these three easy steps will help you get started.

1. Create questions that are easy to answer

Know what needs to be learned so you can create concise survey questions that will be easy for the patient to answer. The intent of the patient satisfaction survey should be to understand the patient’s experience.

Here is an example patient satisfaction survey questionnaire with 18 standard questions you can download and customize for your practice.

2. Plan on how the patient survey will be conducted

The patient’s welfare should always be given the utmost consideration. Conduct the patient survey at the patient’s earliest convenient time. You can do the patient survey while they are in the waiting room before a doctor’s appointment or before checking out post-admission. You can also conduct surveys through a phone call; however, delays should be avoided in conducting the patient survey because this can have a negative impact on overall patient satisfaction.

3. Take advantage of available technology

Technology has made conducting surveys more convenient and streamlined. Unlike paper-based patient questionnaires, digital patient satisfaction surveys allow the collection of data via mobile devices at the patient’s convenience. Patient surveys conducted through strategically placed kiosks have better chances of being completed while the patient experience is still fresh.

iAuditor, the world’s leading digital inspection platform can help your practice easily create, rollout, and gather feedback from patient satisfaction surveys.

✔ Practice staff can gather patient feedback on their smartphone

✔ Patients can self-serve using tablets in waiting rooms

✔ All surveys are automatically saved and made accessible online

✔ Online dashboard allows you to quickly view results and identify areas of improvement

✔ You can measure and track performance over time

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Top 3 Patient Satisfaction Survey Questionnaires

1. Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

This 18-question patient satisfaction survey template can help medical professionals quickly determine the level of patient satisfaction on the medical care provided. It uses a 5-point scale and allows feedback on treatment by medical specialists, wait time, ease of getting a specialist, diagnosis received, access to needed treatment, and overall medical care. For best results, conduct this survey via kiosks or mobile devices administered by staff. With this patient satisfaction survey template:

  1. Patients can enter notes to support their answer
  2. Patient identity remains anonymous
  3. Survey results are automatically saved and secured in the cloud
  4. Results gathered over time can provide trends that will help discover strengths and areas for improvement

2. Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

This patient satisfaction questionnaire can be administered by medical secretaries or clinic staff to gauge patient satisfaction after a doctor’s consultation or after receiving medical treatment. Using a mobile device, this digitized questionnaire will gather patient feedback on the following:

  1. Facility
  2. Staff
  3. Setting appointments
  4. Overall patient experience
  5. Suggestion/s on how to improve overall patient experience

3. Patient Survey Template

This patient survey template based on the HCAHPS Survey is designed to measure the quality of hospital care and other inpatient services administered to admitted patients. This digital survey uses conditional logic to hide or display relevant succeeding questions based on precedent answers and uses "failed items" to determine which areas in patient care need priority.

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