5 of the Best Mystery Shopper Checklists

Mystery Shopper Checklists are used by Secret Shoppers to assess and record customer experience feedback for internal or competitive market research purposes. We feature 5 of the best mystery shopping checklists that you can download and edit to suit your needs - covering hotel, restaurant, retail, cafe and general templates you can modify for other industries.

Use a mobile inspection app like iAuditor to discreetly capture feedback from your mystery shops and gather feedback in real-time. Start converting paper forms into digital templates and generate real time reports right after your secret shops. Learn more about how mystery shopping works and tips on how to implement one.

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1. General Mystery Shopper Checklist

Use this General Mystery Shopper Checklist Template to record your overall impression of an establishment - its environment, staff members assistance, available services, equipment, and the overall customer experience. Evaluate if the business was easily located through visible signs and if it provides a welcoming ambiance. Next, assess if the receptionist and resource staff member show enthusiasm and offer assistance. Check the available services and observe how employees performed their tasks. Complete the audit by listing commendations, opportunities for improvement, and provide your overall impression. Use iAuditor to capture photo evidences and make some annotations to give emphasis. You can use this checklist as a starting template and modify it for your particular industry or business use case.

2. Hotel Mystery Shopper Checklist

This comprehensive Hotel Mystery Shopper Checklist is composed of 8 sections and can be a guide for the complete inspection of a hotel. Use this template to evaluate arrival and accommodation experience, the management, and the hotel bar and restaurant services. Provide ratings for each section and also enter notes for comments and recommendations.

3. Retail Mystery Shopper Checklist

Use this Retail Mystery Shopper Checklist to evaluate retail employees on their adherence to the standard practices of the company. This checklist covers employees attitude and behavior when assisting and acknowledging a customer. Use iAuditor the world’s most powerful digital inspection app to perform your audits and generate a comprehensive report on how to improve on retail services.

4. Restaurant Mystery Shopper Template

This Restaurant Mystery Shopper Template can be used to evaluate if the 1) atmosphere, 2) food service and accommodation, 3) restaurant staff and 4) management comply with best practices and standards. Use iAuditor to give an overall visit rating and provide your recommendations.

5. Cafe Mystery Shopper Survey

This simple cafe survey focuses on the overall experience of a cafe-goer. Evaluate the ambiance and note if your name was taken upon order and was called to claim the order. Check if cutlery and napkin were also provided. The environment should be cozy considering the blend of music and lighting. Lastly, provide a general observation to complete the survey.

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