The Best Mystery Shopping Apps of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

The SafetyCulture mystery shopping app can be used by secret shoppers on their iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to take notes and photos for reports. With SafetyCulture, managers can ask their shoppers to capture and annotate as many photos as needed and get proof that secret shoppers were at their assigned location with GPS tracking of surveys performed on-site.

To get started, managers can create their own mystery shopper checklists or get started with free, customizable templates from the Public Library. From there, shoppers can conduct their mystery shopping from anywhere in the world and send all their completed inspection forms to the cloud which managers and their teams can access anytime. 

Additionally, all changes to completed inspection forms or checklist templates, even when done offline, will be reflected in real-time once there is a connection. SafetyCulture’s cloud storage and syncing features remove the need for more manual follow-ups with individual secret shoppers from multiple locations on different assignments. Once done, managers automatically receive reports of completed tasks on their chosen device.


  • Generate mystery shopping reports in Web, PDF, CSV, and other formats 
  • Observe answer trends and view the images taken from multiple observations by setting the date ranges, filtering the results, and sorting based on location through analytical reports
  • Schedule when mystery shoppers should conduct their tasks through the app
  • Set notifications to send when certain triggers are activated by specific answers or scores on the mystery shopping forms 
  • Integrate SafetyCulture with Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Google Drive, and more to better manage and analyze data and sort them as needed 

Why use Streetbees?

Streetbees is a market research tool reliant on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human intelligence. This mystery shopping app takes human intelligence from mystery shoppers, using their responses to help improve a business’s operations, goods, and services. 


  • AI support, in addition to human responses
  • Dashboard for viewing mystery shopper responses and assisting with business growth
  • Built-in media and brand analysis tools 
  • Payment is given to mystery shoppers, and the amount will depend on their tasks 


Why use Secret Shopper?

Secret Shopper is a mystery shopping app that allows brand managers to gather data from anonymous online and offline or in-person shoppers. This app can be used by any shop from any industry, acting as a market research tool. Mystery shoppers on the Secret Shopper app also get monetary compensation for their efforts, with the reward ranging from $15 to $20 per task. 


  • View data gathered through Zeus, Secret Shopper’s proprietary technology platform
  • Integrate outside data streams into Zeus to view with Secret Shopper data
  • Use lead generation tools for improving brand presence 
  • Coordinate with shoppers automatically through the app and send instructions on how to get to the shop nearest to them by using turn-by-turn navigation

Why use Client X?

Client X is a market research tool, mystery shopping app, and data analysis software all in one and is an Elite member of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) of Europe and Africa. With Client X, managers can collect data on their business performance through mystery shoppers who perform tasks specific to each business’ needs, such as purchasing, engaging with client representatives, and filing complaints and purchase returns. 


  • History of previous summaries and reports from mystery shoppers retained in the cloud
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel and Adobe Reader
  • Dedicated features for creating in-depth qualitative and quantitative research

Why use Field Agent?

Field Agent is a mystery shopping app based in the US that focuses on conducting audits on online and in-person stores. Brands and businesses can use Field Agent to ask mystery shoppers about their reviews on a shop’s staff, store conditions, items, and more. Field Agent can also work as an overall retail management app as it also helps with inventory management, price regulation, and other audits. 


  • Mystery shoppers can add photos and videos to their reviews 
  • Managers can monitor their stocks’ on-shelf availability and displays
  • Price checker built-in to ensure proper pricing is followed 

What is a Mystery Shopping App?

A mystery shopping app, also known as a mystery shopper or secret shopper app, is a digital tool used by both businesses and secret shoppers to discreetly observe and gather information from a retail store. A mystery shopping software program is used in different industries such as hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets to secretly identify process loopholes, analyze opportunities for improvement, and assess store compliance without bias.

Importance of Mystery Shopping Apps

Mystery shopping apps are excellent market research tools that can help businesses have a real-time look into the growth of their products and services. This is done by allowing anonymous shoppers to conduct audits from a handheld device, making it easier to record information covertly. Some aspects of a business that mystery shopping apps analyze are as follows:

  • Customer service
  • Flaws and weaknesses in management and operations
  • Pricing
  • Shelving
  • Hygiene practices

A mystery shopping app also gives businesses an easy way to know what customers think of them from their perspective. Although companies have their own internal methods of analyzing and understanding their goods and services, having an outsider do the same can uncover data and perspectives they may not have considered before. This is especially true for weaknesses or flaws on the ground level, as they can only be spotted by customers. 

With the information gathered from the mystery shopping app, businesses can then know what needs to be improved and what else needs to be done to provide a better experience for both them and their customers. 

Other benefits businesses can expect from using the best mystery shopper apps are:

  • Better monitoring and measuring of a business’ facilities, service performance, product and service quality, and customer service 
  • Improvement in customer retention rates
  • Increases awareness for employees and business owners about what customers think is important to a business 
  • Faster and more efficient ways of spotting areas for improvement and more training 
  • Creating or discovering new ways to conduct competitor analysis
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