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What is a Management Audit?

A management audit is a systematic approach to analyze the effectiveness of the management systems of an organization. This includes evaluation of implemented policies, protocols and procedures to carry out corporate objectives and uphold business and safety standards. Management audits are not used to appraise individual executive performance.

Why Perform a Management Audit?

A well implemented and adopted management system can empower a management team to work and communicate effectively, minimize risk, lower worker dissatisfaction and reduce wastage.

Key benefits of performing a management audit can serve to improve:

  1. Identify strong and weak points of the management system;
  2. Improve communication protocols;
  3. Minimize cost of production by eliminating wastage;
  4. Utilize manpower efficiently;
  5. Improve safety and compliance standards;
  6. Identify defects and irregularities from the administration; and
  7. Determine better solutions to achieve the desired goals.

Go Paperless for your Management Audit Reporting

Management auditing involves the capturing of significant notes, interviews and photo evidence in order to check if protocols are meeting company objectives. More time is often spent on data-entry and paperwork as opposed to identifying observations and actioning recommendations.

Replace your paper management audit reporting with a mobility solution like iAuditor. iAuditor is the world’s most powerful form builder replacing your management audits with a mobile application. Conduct your reports on your mobile or tablet while on-site, use voice dictation to take notes, camera to take photo evidence and customize your forms to suit your audit. Audits can be edited online and reports are generated instantly.

To help you get started we have created 4 management audit templates you can download for free and start using. All templates are fully customizable and you can create your own - no programming skills required.

4 Best Digital Management Audit Checklists

1. Management Audit Checklist

A Management Audit Checklist is used to ensure that management systems and processes are effectively addressing the objectives and goals of the business or company. This template can be used by compliance teams or audit managers to record and report any act of non-conformances or misconduct. The template has been built to guide the inspector to perform the following:

  1. Talk to managers and evaluate the effectiveness of the administrative controls in place
  2. Take note of any defect or irregularities in the processes being done
  3. Assign actions to responsible teams concerning urgent issues that may arise during the audit
  4. Complete the inspection with a digital signature and timestamp to validate audit

The completed sample report provides an example of the type of management audit that can be generated and shared electronically using the iAuditor mobile app.

2. Internal Management Audit Checklist

This Internal Management Audit Checklist can be used when completing an annual internal audit of compliance of an organization’s safety, reliability, maintenance and technical management plan. Conduct walkthroughs and interviews with key persons to assess whether the controls and processes meet certain requirements.

3. Manager Self-evaluation Checklist

A manager self-evaluation is one of the best methods to assess the leadership performance and management style of managers in handling people and teams. Share this checklist to the management team and let them answer whether they agree to the following statements or not. Ensure to complete the audit by affixing digital signatures.

4. Employee Engagement Survey

One good indicator of an effective management system is a high employee satisfaction rating. Use this survey questionnaire to record employees’ personal evaluation towards their job, their work environment and the support that they get from the management. Share this template across the entire company and track the results via online dashboards.

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