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HVAC maintenance checklists are used to conduct preventive maintenance of HVAC equipment in commercial buildings and residential properties. HVAC contractors and property managers utilize HVAC checklists to ensure that building heating and air conditioning systems are well maintained and running cost efficiently.

HVAC preventive maintenance inspections are performed bi-annually or quarterly, particularly before peak usage seasons.

HVAC maintenance checklists typically inspect the following key areas of HVAC equipment:

  1. Equipment wear and tear;
  2. Parts to be cleaned, replaced or lubricated;
  3. Motors & controls;
  4. Condition of electrical connections & voltage; and
  5. Coil temperature

Upon completion of a periodic HVAC maintenance inspection, a report is made to detail all the issues found during the inspection and follow-up actions. Key report findings may also include a detailed cost estimate for any maintenance, repair, or replacement work to be performed.

iAuditor, the world’s #1 mobile inspection app, can help with performing paperless HVAC inspections. Capture photos to better explain the issues found and the cost of maintenance. Reports can be generated and sent to clients before leaving the building.

Here are 4 digital templates that you can use for your next scheduled HVAC maintenance inspection. All templates are fully customizable and free to download and use on the iAuditor mobile inspection app.

Featured HVAC Maintenance Checklists

1. Commercial HVAC Maintenance

This Commercial HVAC Maintenance Template allows you to enter as many HVAC equipment as needed to be maintained or inspected on a property. Begin by adding the equipment and identify if it's an air conditioner, heat pump, electric heater, gas furnace, or dual-fuel heat pump furnace. The list of tasks to accomplish will automatically appear and you can select "OK, Needs Action, or N/A." Continue adding other equipment as required and complete the inspection with your comments and signature for the report.

2. HVAC Maintenance Checklist Template

Use this complete HVAC inspection checklist for your preventive maintenance inspections of air conditioner, heat pump, electric heater, gas furnace, or dual-fuel heat pump furnace. iAuditor templates are fully customizable so you can add, remove, or edit any question item or category so your checklist can be made more specific to your needs (eg. below Air Conditioner and Heat Pump maintenance checklists).

3. Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

You can use this simplified checklist intended for the maintenance of air conditioners in commercial or residential properties. You can edit iAuditor checklist depending on your business needs.

4. Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

You can use this Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist during inspections of commercial or residential heat pumps. The iAuditor mobile inspection app can work offline and automatically syncs with the cloud once you are online for you to be able to conveniently submit your reports and images taken during the maintenance.

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