The 5 Best SOP Software for 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

Use SafetyCulture to build detailed SOPs your team members can use offline while on mobile. Standard operating procedures in SafetyCulture cover all bases by asking users questions every step of the way while creating a comprehensive workflow.

SafetyCulture also offers integrations, highly customizable, scalable, and easy-to-use in-app solutions that makes work more efficient. This ensures that the entire organization is fully compliant, all the time. This app is also best for teams working in high-risk environments like construction sites.


  • Download and customize free SOP templates
  • Require evidence of compliance in the form of photos or notes
  • Automate team notifications through Schedule
  • Approve SOPs using digital signature capture
  • Generate SOP reports and save them using a cloud-based recordkeeping

Why Use Coassemble?

Coassemble as an SOP program, allows you to create online courses to train your employees in standard operating procedures. With over 30 different template types, Coassemble lets you customize and be as creative as possible when making your SOPs. This app is also best for organizations offering professional or community development.


  • Add images, videos, forms, and web pages
  • Present information in a variety of formats and styles
  • Deliver interactive pop quizzes to your employees

Why Use Acadia?

Acadia can help you drive process improvement and reinforce positive behavior among employees with its scientifically proven features. Acadia is great for implementing standard operating procedures and establishing employee accountability.  This app is best for businesses in manufacturing, transportation, and distribution.


  • Convert standard operating procedures into task lists 
  • Check compliance with procedures with task tracking
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of SOPs

Why Use Scribe?

By analyzing your workflows, Scribe can automatically generate standard operating procedures that you can share with your team in just one click. Sensitive information is automatically redacted to minimize security risks. This app is best for software companies and social media service providers.


  • Crowdsource best practices from employees
  • Customize steps, text, and images in SOPs
  • Answer questions using visual, how-to guides

Why Use Keeni?

With Keeni, you can convert your Google Docs, Word documents, and PDFs into actionable standard operating procedures. Keeni makes the transition from paper to digital workflows easy. It also allows you to collaborate on SOPs with your customers. This app is also best for enterprises requiring electronic process management and businesses embracing digital transformation


  • Control access to unreleased versions
  • Redline changes while running procedures
  • Assign individual elements to specific users

What is an SOP Software?

SOP software, Standard Operating Procedure software, or SOP management software is a digital platform which allows its users to create, edit, and share standard operating procedures. SOP software can help businesses increase the efficiency of their operations, streamline processes, and raise quality standards across the organization. The best SOP software is one that works well with your team and your processes.

SOP Software Features

Below are some of the common features that SOP softwares have:

  • Step-by-step breakdown of standard operating procedures
  • Guidelines and templates for creating standard operating procedures
  • Compliance measures via assigning tasks or actions to users
  • Easily accessible, digital, and secure document database
  • Ability to set workflows for updating and approving SOPs

SOP Software Benefits

The benefits of using an SOP software include the following:

  1. Digital SOPs instead of paper SOPs
  2. Efficient SOP builder
  3. Dynamic SOPs that allow for collaboration 
  4. Interactive elements to foster compliance
  5. Managing access to SOPs is easy
  6. Data on how employees perform SOPs

FAQs about SOP Software:

Get answers to frequently asked questions about SOP software

  • Do you need SOP software?

    Yes, because standard operating procedures are usually required in almost any type of industry and professional setting. Writing SOPs on paper or sending PDF files through email can get tiring very quickly. Additionally, organizing those SOPs will prove to be a headache. Some SOP softwares also offer free versions, so cost is minimal compared to that of other software types.

  • What are the top SOP software?

    The top SOP software are SafetyCulture by SafetyCulture, Coassemble, Acadia, Scribe, and Keeni. Each of the top SOP softwares have their own strengths, use-cases, and functionalities. Choosing which among the top SOP software is best for you and your organization depends on the type of standard operating procedures your team usually creates but it is ideal to select one that would allow you to deploy the app seamlessly.

  • Which SOP software is best for me?

For standard operating procedures that require evidence, notes, or confirmation from employees before proceeding Try SafetyCulture
For standard operating procedures that are best presented as interactive training courses and slide decks Try Coassemble
For standard operating procedures that need to actively change employee behavior and improve key performance metrics Try Acadia
For standard operating procedures that require screenshots (e.g., how to perform x action in x software) Try Scribe
For standard operating procedures that already exist as Google Docs, Word documents, or PDFs Try Keeni

SOP Management Software: SafetyCulture, Acadia, Keeni
Free SOP Software: SafetyCulture, Scribe, Keeni
SOP Software for Small Business: SafetyCulture*

*Free plan is still built for teams (10 users) and not just individuals

SOP Software Comparison Table

SafetyCulture Coassemble Acadia Scribe Keeni
Free version Yes No No Yes Yes
Paid plan pricing/user/month $19 $49 Unavailable $29 $25
Paid plan has free trial Yes Yes No No Yes
Mobile app Yes No No No No



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