Top 7 Root Cause Analysis Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that streamlines root cause analysis and ensures that companies arrive at effective solutions to their most pressing problems. By utilizing this software, companies can collect up-to-date information on the field with digital RCA checklists, review the problem and evaluate the possible causes using robust analytics, and make data-driven decisions that have a positive impact on their operations.


  • Automate the company’s RCA process to minimize manual labor, cut down on costs, and ensure the effectiveness of results.
  • Use RCA templates and checklists from the Public Library when gathering information or during routine inspections.
  • Raise issues and attach photos and videos to the report to provide readers with the full context of events or observations.
  • Assign actions to relevant personnel, adding priority levels and due dates so problems can be resolved promptly.
  • Ensure collaboration among teams through Heads Up.

Why use TapRooT?

This digital solution is specifically made for root cause analysis that helps companies during incident investigations. This systematically collects, organizes, and evaluates information about a particular event so managers can develop effective solutions and prevent the recurrence of similar incidences in the future.


  • SnapCharT Diagram
  • Equifactor Equipment Troubleshooter
  • Root Cause Tree Diagram

Why use EHS Insight?

This comprehensive EHS platform includes a specific root cause analysis application for the workplace. By employing industry best practices, EHS Insight’s RCA solution allows companies to investigate incidents, generate accurate findings, zoom in on the underlying cause of the problem, and automatically delegate actions to relevant personnel.


  • Work observations
  • Incident management
  • Compliance tasks

Why use Weever?

This comprehensive workflow management solution captures data in real-time, automates reporting tasks, and improves collaboration among teams. All these functionalities make Weever one of the most effective root cause analysis software, especially in the manufacturing industry.


  • Workflow automation
  • Abnormality (quality defect) reporting
  • Corrective and preventive action

Why use EasyRCA?

This RCA software enables teams to investigate new or recurring incidents, find the underlying reason behind these, and create long-lasting solutions instead of quick fixes to symptoms. Reliability allows users to select their preferred template, create a logic tree, and create executive summaries of the root causes and corresponding corrective actions.


  • RCA program dashboard
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Live team training

Why use ThinkReliability?

ThinkReliability offers a cause-mapping Excel template that helps companies conduct investigations on pressing operational or administrative problems. This may be downloaded from their website free of charge. The company also offers online coaching sessions, on-site workshops, and RCA program development.


  • Work process review
  • RCA template
  • Robust analytics

What is Root Cause Analysis Software?

Root cause analysis software is a digital tool that identifies and addresses the underlying reason behind sudden, unexplainable failures and recurring problems. The software streamlines the traditional five-step RCA process through the digitization of information gathered and automation of data analytics and visualization, which helps managers zoom in on the fundamental cause of the identified issue. It also provides actionable insights for overall operational efficiency and quality improvement.


Root cause analysis is said to be the most preferred method of uncovering the main reason behind issues because of its systematic approach, reliance on data, and preventive nature. Anything that could hasten this process, such as the use of a digital solution, will be advantageous for companies in need of immediate resolution to their problems.

  • Effective data collection processes – Gathering information and ensuring its accuracy is usually the most tedious part of the RCA process. Features like digital forms, collaborative tools, and central repositories facilitate this process, helping managers acquire, store, and review data faster.
  • Improved efficiency through automation – The software provides users with a comprehensive view of the problem through interactive charts and diagrams. Robust analytics also speeds up data exploration, calculations, and forecasting.
  • Ensured collaboration for improvement – RCA requires the participation of numerous people from different departments. The software enables this through a centralized dashboard that all relevant personnel can view, use, and share salient information or commentaries about the process.

Key Features

Getting to the bottom of a problem is key to solving it. RCA software should have the following integral features to be truly effective:

Selecting the Right Root Cause Analysis Software

All 7 options above will benefit your company when conducting root cause analysis. Take another look at the cream of the crop below:

Root Cause Analysis Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
TapRooT No Contact for pricing Yes
Causelink No $384/year No
EHS Insight No $3,600/year Yes
Weever No Contact for pricing No
EasyRCA No $2,500/year No
ThinkReliability Yes Template offered for free No

* billed annually

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