Top 7 Project Portfolio Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

Whether you belong to the private construction sector, a public service agency, or any industry, managing a project is already challenging. Dealing with numerous projects all at once is way more tricky. With SafetyCulture, one of the best project portfolio management software today, juggling several tasks at once becomes less complicated. This mobile-first platform allows businesses to seamlessly assign tasks, monitor activities, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders effortlessly, ensuring quality results every single time.


  • Create a profile for every project with detailed information, such as the personnel involved, the resources needed, and other relevant requirements.
  • Streamline workflows to get the job done efficiently by delegating roles to specific workers, labeling actions appropriately, and sending reminders for completion.
  • Ensure project completion by utilizing pre-built project management templates from the Public Library to get status reports, record daily observations, and report other issues that may arise.
  • Enhance communication and coordination among team members and other departments through Heads Up.
  • Help teams across different sites stay on track, maintain consistency, and ensure goal alignment through scheduling and reporting.

Why use Planview?

With its powerful features of adaptive project management and reporting, this platform offers tools for companies to handle their portfolios effectively. Planview’s full-featured suite helps in quick reprioritization, optimizes resource utilization, and provides insights for strategic decisions that can improve productivity and drive business success.


  • Resource Management and Capacity Planning
  • Centralized Project Planning and Management
  • Visibility and Reporting

Why use Sciforma?

Boasting over four decades of transformative technology, Sciforma utilizes actionable intelligence, allowing managers to make smarter, data-driven decisions for business productivity. For organizations that have already benefited from it, this platform provides the customization they need for their budget.


  • Idea and Demand Management
  • Collaboration & Work Management
  • Time Management

Why use WorkOtter?

WorkOtter is a user-friendly tool that provides transparency into project portfolios, enabling businesses to improve collaboration to deliver successful projects. Because of its simplicity and sensibility, many top public agencies and private organizations trust this system.


  • Resource Management Tools
  • Centralized Visibility Dashboards
  • What-If Scenario Analysis and Planning

Why use KeyedIn?

With numerous tools under their belt, managers can prioritize projects, utilize resources based on capability, and gain a deeper comprehension of the potential consequences of project modifications using KeyedIn. Suitable for any business size across industries, this software’s cloud-based project portfolio management module helps companies achieve their strategic goals effectively.


  • Portfolio Selection and Prioritization
  • Resource Capacity Planning
  • Strategic Alignment (Budgeting and Forecasting)

Why use Meisterplan?

Another award-winning software solution in the list, Meisterplan balances company resources with demands and boosts collaboration, allowing teams to focus on their task and work in the manner they are accustomed to. With its intuitive dashboards and robust integrations, businesses can leverage this software’s overall functionalities for their unique needs.


  • Project Scoring and Ranking
  • Scenario and Capacity Planning
  • Interactive and Real-Time Analytics

Why use LiquidPlanner?

One of the most dynamic software solutions today. LiquidPlanner’s module for project portfolio management leverages intelligent scheduling, allowing teams to efficiently prioritize work, manage resources, and adapt to changing project requirements. By enabling them to navigate uncertainties, they become more confident in accomplishing their daily tasks to meet their ultimate goal.


  • Predictive Scheduling
  • Prioritization and Team Alignment
  • Intelligent Insights for Real-Time Control and Awareness

What is Project Portfolio Management Software?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software is a digital tool that organizes, manages, and analyzes various projects. Aside from creating individual digital dossiers for initiatives, this software solution also enables better decision-making, resource allocation, team collaboration, and overall strategic alignment. PPM software is suited and a must-have for companies that undertake multiple projects simultaneously.


Businesses that work on several projects at once frequently struggle with many problems. Misallocating resources, inability to set priorities, and inefficient coordination put teams at risk for burnout and impair organizational effectiveness. These could result in bad decision-making and cause delays and issues.

Enterprise project portfolio management software streamlines complex workflows, thanks to features like real-time monitoring, resource optimization, and risk management. Because there’s a centralized platform for planning and execution, the work becomes more manageable. Enhancing efficiency not only improves workflows but also contributes to timely project delivery and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Project managers, team leaders, and department heads should be able to gain 360-degree visibility into projects to align individual tasks to their goals and, most importantly, meet their client’s expectations. The following software features aid in this primary objective:

Choosing the Right Project Portfolio Management Software

All options discussed above can increase your team’s efficiency despite the heavy workload brought about by numerous projects. Before you select one, check out this project portfolio management software comparison to review the various platforms mentioned.

Project Portfolio Management Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Planview No Contact for pricing Yes
Sciforma No Custom quote Yes
WorkOtter No $10/month* No
KeyedIn No Custom quote Yes
Meisterplan No $400/month* No
LiquidPlanner No $15/user/month* No
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