Top 7 Fleet Maintenance Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

A highly-reputed inspection management platform, SafetyCulture offers one of the best fleet management software that helps companies manage the entire lifecycle of their vehicular assets. By digitizing data and automating workflows, fleet owners and managers can monitor equipment performance, schedule preventive maintenance, and deal with unanticipated issues without causing too much disruption to their daily operations.


  • Create checklists from scratch or use pre-built templates from the Public Library for scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance.
  • Store all digital documents in a secure central repository for easy access or sharing with relevant stakeholders.
  • Raise issues and assign immediate corrective and preventive actions through Heads Up.
  • Generate daily reports with photos, videos, and annotations that can be used for performance evaluations during top management planning meetings.
  • Equip drivers with tools, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) if applicable, and training to keep them safe while on duty.

Why use Fleetio?

A straightforward alternative to confusing spreadsheets and tedious manual work, this well-known and highly-favored digital solution helps managers monitor every aspect of their fleet’s maintenance, from delegating tasks to employees and sending timely reminders to reviewing reports submitted. With Fleetio, nothing is overlooked.


  • Preventive maintenance
  • Equipment management
  • Inspections

Why use Dossier?

Rated as one of the best fleet maintenance software today, Dossier by ACMS helps companies reduce costs and wastage, increase profits, and improve overall work productivity by streamlining their fleet maintenance tasks through data digitization and workflow automation.


  • Predictive scheduling and maintenance
  • Daily reminder dashboard
  • Reporting

Why use Fleet Complete?

This comprehensive fleet management solution assists companies in managing their fleet, from tracking relevant assets, allocating resources for maintenance, ensuring repairs are done on time, and keeping employees safe while performing their tasks in the motor pool or on the road.


  • Asset management
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Safety and compliance management

Why use Whip Around?

This user-friendly fleet management platform integrates various workflows in one system, making tasks like routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and reporting for compliance easier. With its wide array of features, this is the perfect tool for drivers, mechanics, and fleet managers to boost their overall productivity.


  • Customized templates for inspections
  • Driver and vehicle profiles and history
  • Reminders and notifications

Why use RTA?

This digital solution assists companies in getting accurate information about the performance and condition of their vehicles at any given time, so managers can properly plan maintenance and repair jobs and organize the resources needed for those tasks.


  • Parts inventory
  • Work and purchase orders
  • Reporting and analytics

Why use Fleetsoft?

This all-in-one fleet management system unifies all the processes required to effectively handle your fleet and its every essential component, from monitoring a vehicle’s daily activity and tracking inventory for parts to allocating resources like workforce and generating reports about them.


  • Work orders
  • Vehicle tracking and information
  • Maintenance scheduling

What is Fleet Maintenance Software?

Fleet management software is a tool that helps fleet companies manage their commercial vehicles, from six-wheeler trucks used in construction to motorcycle couriers for deliveries. Although the focus of this digital solution is preventive maintenance and repairs, this also has features aimed at ensuring employee health and safety, enhancing team collaboration, increasing customer satisfaction, and guaranteeing compliance with regulations and standards.


Unscheduled downtimes cause delays, financial losses, and unhappy customers; hence, maintaining your fleet is a must-do. Using fleet maintenance management software facilitates smoother workflows and ensures better results. Here are some specifics:

  • Schedule maintenance and repair works effectively – Whether you manage a small fleet of 10 vehicles or a cavalcade of a hundred or more, scheduling maintenance and repair work is incredibly challenging when you do this manually. With digitization and automation, assigning tasks and allocating resources is easier and more efficient.
  • Reduce costs with improved vehicle lifespan – Fleet managers can track each vehicle using a global positioning system (GPS) and monitor performance and potential repair issues. By monitoring mileage, tire wear, oil changes, and driver telematics, companies can prolong their fleet’s lifespan, reducing costs for parts requisition or an entirely new unit.
  • Gather accurate data for better planning – An immense advantage of the fleet maintenance app is fast and extensive data collection that helps managers plan adjustments or modifications in their processes. For example, fuel tracking helps optimize gas consumption, GPS tools assist in route optimization, and telematics ensures better driving to comply with regulations.
  • Ensure constant communication – Equipping vehicles with built-in communication technology aids both managers and drivers. They can share information regarding routine inspections, scheduled maintenance work, and timely updates (e.g., traffic and weather conditions) while on the road. And when problems occur, drivers can send alerts and immediately get recommendations from their supervisors.
  • Manage fleet remotely, in real-time – Successfully managing a fleet on a daily basis is an incredible feat. With the software, business leaders gain complete visibility of the whole fleet, even if vehicles are dispersed across various regions. And they can accomplish all these at their most convenient time, wherever they are on the globe.

Key Features

Whether you choose to avail of the stand-alone fleet maintenance software or the more comprehensive fleet management solution with numerous modules, see to it that it has the following essentials:

  • Customizable checklists
  • Asset (fleet) management
  • Maintenance and repair management
  • Fuel and emissions
  • Driver telematics
  • Scheduling (inspections, defect reporting, and audits)
  • Parts and inventory
  • Accident and risk management
  • Reporting for regulatory and legal compliance
  • Budget and forecasting

Choosing the Right Fleet Maintenance Software

All seven digital solutions detailed above can optimize your fleet’s performance through timely maintenance work and repairs. Check out the overview below before you take your final pick:

Fleet Maintenance Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Fleetio No $3 per vehicle, per month * Yes
Dossier No Contact for pricing Yes
Fleet Complete No Contact for pricing Yes
Whip Around Yes $5 per vehicle, per month Yes
RTA No $5 per user Yes
Fleetsoft No $5 per asset, per month * No

*billed annually

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