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Field service leaders across different industries are often challenged with poor process workflows that leads to underutilized manpower and low dispatch productivity. With the iAuditor field service management software (FSM software), managers can enable workers to move more quickly between more jobs and improve the overall efficiency of onsite services.

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Optimize field service bookings and dispatches

Utilize the iAuditor field service software to effectively manage service requests and ensure that workers arrive at the site on time and resolve the customer’s problem. Automate workflows to notify field service workers of their assigned schedules and track the completion of every fieldwork.

Streamline work order management

Work orders are essential to field management companies. With iAuditor, you can organize your filing system and streamline the end-to-end processing of work orders so field service technicians can carry out their jobs without delay and improve first-time fix rates.

Improve operational insights with business intelligence (BI) tools

Data gathered from your field service reports are pushed and organized to the iAuditor analytics dashboard to provide you a quick overview of critical performance areas. Use this BI tool to see work history and schedules, and evaluate the effectiveness of your workforce.

iAuditor Field Service Software Features

Build interactive, digital templates for easy use of field staff

Use the field service app’s intuitive template builder to convert existing paper forms to digital in a matter of minutes. With interactive, digital templates, your team can capture rich data through notes and image attachments. They can also save crucial time by eliminating manual data re-entry.

Extend the power of your field service app to business software systems

Facilitate smooth information flow can integrating the iAuditor field service software with other Business Intelligence tools such as Microsoft Flow, Salesforce, Power BI, and Microsoft Teams to visualize your data and further refine your workflow if needed.

Track performance of field service workers

With the field service management software, you can highlight information that lets you see the amount of time spent in the field per worker and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Backup all records in iAuditor’s cloud storage

Completed field service forms and checklists are automatically saved in iAuditor’s cloud storage so you would not need to worry about losing critical information again

Instantly generate reports after each inspection

Manually compiling your data into a comprehensible report is time-consuming and, frankly, just not fun. With iAuditor, you can immediately generate a digital report upon completion of every field service work report—minus the extra work.

World-class customer service

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