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What is a Field Service Report?

A field service report is used by field-staff to document the services performed during customer visits such as repair, maintenance and installation work. It is used to monitor the work progress and performance of technicians or service practitioners assigned to do the tasks. In addition, they are used to capture and report on how physical resources such as vehicle and equipment is being managed and maintained.

Download this collection of the best digital field service report templates your field-staff can use immediately on their mobile device using iAuditor.

Using Field Service Reports for your FSM System

Field service reporting is an essential element of a company’s broader Field Service Management(FSM) System . An FSM is used to manage the efficiency and safety of a company’s workers and equipment while servicing customers out in the field. Field service reports are commonly used across industries including telecommunications, HVAC, engineering, property maintenance and healthcare.

Here are 5 key advantages of field service reporting and implementing an FSM System:

  1. Enhance efficiency - analyze customer demands and track the status of job or work in the field to ensure that clients receive assistance in a timely manner.
  2. Boost productivity - check worker logs and monitor performance and competency of service professionals. Minimize operational downtime.
  3. Increase profitability - having more efficient and productive technicians can lead to more clients trusting the service. Actioning issues immediately can help reduce cost for future repairs.
  4. Keep all data and stay compliant - maintain audit trail records and documentation for regulatory compliance. Save all work orders, timesheets, service policies, invoicing and other significant business data.
  5. Establish teamwork - share reports across the organization and identify areas for improvement and develop action plans through collaboration.

iAuditor as your Field Service Reporting Tool

A field service reporting tool should be easy to use for field staff and provide real-time visibility for operations teams. A mobile app solution like iAuditor is an ideal replacement for paper and excel-based field service reports and can integrate into your FSM System:

  1. Field-staff benefits: Paperless reporting with mobile field service reports on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Save time completing reports, take unlimited photos and capture electronic client signatures. All reports automatically saved online.
  2. Operations team benefits: Real-time visibility of reports being completed. Track all worker and equipment activity via an online dashboard. Create your own field service reports.

To save you time, we have created 3 mobile field service report templates you can download for free and fully customize.

Digital Field Service Report Templates

1. Field Service Report Template

This field service report template is used to record all services performed by technicians during customer visits. This template can be used by field-staff to report any equipment defects, actions required and expenses involved. The template was converted using iAuditor and can serve as a guide for inspectors to perform the following:

  1. Determine the kind of service to be performed: repair, maintenance, installation or other work.
  2. Describe the problem and take photo evidence of defects or damages.
  3. Document actions taken and confirm if work was completed. If not, put follow up action items.
  4. Create a summary of the damaged or defective devices.
  5. Participants, which are the client, technician and field service engineer, should provide digital signatures to validate the report.

The completed sample report provides an example of the type of field service report that can be generated and shared electronically using the iAuditor mobile app.

2. Job Sheet Template for Field Service Management

Using job sheets are vital to document key tasks assigned and performed by service practitioners during field visits and dispatches. Document fault and works carried out and record additional works needed and costing of materials used. Validate the works performed by the employee by providing a digital signature.

3. Maintenance Checklists

Browse this collection of digital maintenance checklists to evaluate condition of equipment, vehicle, etc. Using these maintenance checklists can help ensure that businesses can operate with interruption. Featured are the following free templates you can download and customize:

  1. Building Maintenance Checklist
  2. Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
  3. Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
  4. Generator Maintenance Checklist
  5. CCTV Maintenance Template
  6. HVAC Maintenance Template
  7. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Template

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