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What is a Field Service Report?

A field service report is used by field staff to document the services performed during customer visits, including repair, maintenance, and installation work. It is used to monitor the work progress and performance of technicians or service practitioners assigned to do the tasks. In addition, they are used to capture and report data on how physical resources, such as vehicles and equipment, are managed and maintained.

Importance and Role in Field Service Management (FSM)

A field service report is an essential part of field service work. It serves as a record of what work has been done and the changes that have occurred in your workplace or a certain project. You can track your employees’ growth and progress with this document, and on the other hand, your customers can also gain more insight into your work progress. 

Field service reporting is also an essential element of a company’s broader Field Service Management (FSM) System. FSM is used to manage the efficiency and safety of a company’s workers and equipment used while serving customers in the field. 

Here are 5 key advantages of field service reporting and implementing an FSM System:

  1. Enhances efficiency – Analyze customer demands and track the status of jobs in the field to ensure that clients receive assistance in a timely manner.
  2. Boosts productivity – Check worker logs and monitor the performance and competency of service professionals to minimize operational downtime.
  3. Increases profitability – Having more efficient and productive technicians can lead to more clients trusting the service. Addressing issues immediately can help reduce the costs of future repairs.
  4. Stores data and ensures compliance – Maintain audit records and documentation for regulatory compliance. Save all work orders, timesheets, service policies, invoices, and other significant business data.
  5. Fosters teamwork – Share reports across the organization and identify areas for improvement; use data to help develop action plans through collaboration.  

How Do You Write a Field Service Report?

The process of writing a field service report is as follows: 

  1. Determine the kind of service to be performed: repair, maintenance, installation, or other work.
  2. Describe the problem and take photo evidence of defects or damages.
  3. Document the actions taken and confirm if work was completed. If not, put follow-up action items.
  4. Create a summary of the damaged or defective devices.
  5. Participants, which are the client, technician, and field service engineer, should provide digital signatures to validate the report.  

What to Include in a Field Service Report

Field Service Report Template Sample Report

Field Service Report Template Sample Report | SafetyCulture

A typical field service report will have the following details: 

  • Details about the project: What is the project or task to be done?
  • Work to be performed: What kind of field service task should be accomplished? 
  • Problems encountered: What are the problems encountered during the field service? 
  • Follow-up action items: What steps were taken to solve the problems countered? And aside from the problems encountered, what are other problems discovered that may affect the project? 
  • Damaged equipment or device list: What are the broken equipment on the field, and what happened to them? 
  • Summary of events: What is the rundown of all events that occurred, from start to finish?

FAQs about Field Service Reports

Field service refers to any task or project done in a client’s own job site or their preferred location. Common tasks that field service workers do usually concern the following: telecommunications; construction; Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC); engineering; property maintenance; and healthcare. 

There is no strict format on how a field service report should be, as different clients and team leaders or project managers will have different standards for it. What matters is that the essential details of the field service tasks or projects are detailed accordingly. 

In some cases, whoever worker is assigned to a certain task or project should give it to their immediate supervisor at the end of their shift. In other cases, the overall supervisor is in charge of creating the field service report. Some projects require both to create their own reports. 

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