Published 11 Jan 2023

Top 10 Energy Management Software

An Energy Management Software (EMS) refers to applications that are designed to help businesses or organizations in efficiently conserving their usage of energy. Energy management is done to not only reduce energy costs, but also to comply with environmental and economic legislations. A good energy management software should be able to efficiently carry out energy management processes such as: (1) metering and collection energy data; (2) identifying opportunities to save energy; (3) taking action to save energy; and (4) tracking and continuous optimization.

facility manager assisting employee with the use of an energy management software

Why Technology Matters for Energy Management

As energy costs rise, energy management has become even more essential for businesses. Utilizing the right energy management software can help your business:

  • establish a more streamlined workflow;
  • give you better insight on your energy data;
  • save time spent on manual work;
  • easy hand-over to stakeholders; and
  • secures your data in one place.