The Best Call Monitoring Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a leading operations platform for standardizing call monitoring processes. As a call monitoring software, it provides QA analysts with digital checklists to verify the quality of calls and follow standard protocols. Gauge agent performance with scoring metrics to deliver specific, actionable feedback. Complement a holistic evaluation with personalized call agent training plans using EdApp by SafetyCulture.



Why Use Phonexa?

While using an isolated call tracking solution is not out of the question, it’s much more appealing to run a comprehensive marketing platform that automates, tracks, and analyzes every click, call, email, and SMS. This is exactly what Phonexa offers: an all-encompassing software suite for every dimension of online marketing, whether phone calls or web interactions.

Besides its proprietary call technologies like a dedicated cloud phone system Cloud PBX and call tracking software Call Logic, Phonexa offers six marketing automation solutions as part of its multi-tier pay-as-you-go plan. It’s accessible through HubSpot, Salesforce, and any other API or third-party CRM.


  • Call Logic – call tracking and distribution
  • Cloud PBX – dedicated cloud phone system
  • LMS Sync – lead tracking and distribution
  • Lynx – click tracking
  • E-Delivery – email and SMS marketing
  • HitMetrix – user behavior recording and analytics
  • Opt-Intel – suppression list management
  • Books360 – automated accounting

Why Use Talkdesk?

Talkdesk is a call quality monitoring software that enables sales and service teams to engage with their customers. This cloud-based platform features powerful agent, intelligence, and routing features for tailoring connections with clients. Improve call center processes and satisfy customer demands better using this software.


  • Studio and routing
  • Voice engagement
  • Connections
  • Virtual agents
  • Live dashboards
  • Agent assist starter
  • AI-powered trainers
  • API access

Why Use Aircall?

Aircall offers flexible cloud-based solutions for managing call center operations. It streamlines the monitoring process for sales and support teams using interactive voice response (IVR) features, call recordings, and flexible call distribution mechanisms. Managers can use this call monitoring software to track agent performance through its analytics function.


  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Click-to-dial function
  • Call recording
  • IVR capabilities
  • Flexible call distributions
  • Working hours per user
  • Analytics
  • API access and integrations

Why Use CloudTalk?

CloudTalk is a call monitoring software for midsize businesses. It utilizes virtual call systems to facilitate communications between teams and customers. With its smart, simple IVR setup, companies can manage calls, obtain interaction history, and provide tailored customer support.


  • Intracompany and inbound calls
  • Click-to-call functionality
  • Automated call distribution
  • Interaction recording
  • Call queueing
  • IVR capabilities
  • Custom reporting

Why Use Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based solution for simplifying call monitoring workflows. It tracks and organizes customer interactions across different media for easy access. This call monitoring software allows managers to automatically assign tickets, escalate issues, and notify call agents about call center rules. Agents can also customize their tabs and email templates to deliver personalized service to their clients.


  • Customer management
  • Ticket channels
  • Macros
  • Workflow, assignment, and supervision rules
  • Customer happiness ratings
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Marketplace extensions and integrations

Why Use Genesys Cloud CX?

Genesys Cloud CX is a comprehensive call monitoring software for handling various channels—from voice and chat to email and text. It promises a unified communication system for a smooth-sailing customer journey. Businesses can also benefit from the insights provided in live dashboards. This platform comes with weekly upgrades to enhance its services.


  • Secure IVR channels
  • Inbound and outbound voice
  • Interaction recording
  • Callbacks and voicemail
  • Data storage
  • Performance dashboards
  • Real-time and historical data views
  • API requests

Why Use Playvox?

Playvox offers all-inclusive, intelligent solutions for optimizing call representatives. It equips agents, QA analysts, and team managers with tools to automate quality management tasks and monitor individual performance. Using this call monitoring software simplifies customer service operations so teams can focus on providing value to their clients.


  • Quality workflow automation
  • Interaction filtering
  • Customer and performance insights dashboard
  • KPI-based coaching and recognition
  • AI-powered tagging system
  • Real-time reporting on customer issues

Why Use Dialpad?

Dialpad is a cloud-based call center agent monitoring software that helps support teams efficiently boost their operations. This platform provides them access to customer insights in real-time, so they can devise strategies to train agents and improve customer service. With Dialpad’s quick and easy-to-use interface, agents can focus on providing a great customer experience.


  • Customer sentiment tracking
  • Call recording and transcriptions
  • Call monitoring
  • Agent screen capture
  • Agent recommendations in real-time
  • Alerts to and from managers
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integrations with third-party applications

Why Use Kixie PowerCall?

Kixie PowerCall provides IVR tools to enhance the performance of sales teams. It allows them to receive calls remotely on their mobile device, re-route calls to appropriate agents, and manage extensions. This cloud-based call monitoring software comes with sales leaderboards for tracking agent performance and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for handling customer requests.


  • IVR auto-attendant
  • Click-to-call
  • Live call board
  • Call recording
  • Call disposition logging
  • Text messaging
  • New lead creation
  • CRM integration

Why Use Nextiva?

Nextiva streamlines client and internal communications through cloud-based call center tools. As a call center monitoring software, it tracks calls from multiple phones, arranges call routes to designated agents, and reports agent disposition during calls. It also facilitates real-time coaching through its “barge in” feature. Enjoy professional-grade call center functionalities with Nextiva Call Center.


  • Intelligent call distribution
  • IVR setup
  • Call recording
  • Call routing
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Unlimited call queues

What is a Call Monitoring Software?

A call monitoring software is a computer program that aids in assessing a call representative’s service interaction with a customer. Quality Assurance (QA) analysts and call center managers can use this tool to evaluate the quality of calls, find areas for improvement, and set appropriate interventions. Utilizing call center monitoring software helps support work processes seamlessly, improve agent performance, comply with call center policies, and deliver quality service to clients.

Why Use a Call Monitoring Software?

Conversations with customers are critical to business success. Each response—may it through chat, email, or phone call—must leave clients satisfied. Simply listening in to calls won’t work if standards are inconsistently applied. This problem calls for a need to standardize call monitoring systems with a dedicated software program.

Using a call monitoring software helps QA analysts identify the skillsets a call representative must work on. By having specific targets and pointers, they can train agents more effectively. With proper training, agents can improve their call quality and become more effective in resolving client issues.

On a larger scale, call center monitoring software aids in fostering a culture of high-quality performance and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Smooth and undisrupted call center operations begin with the right software. After all, it will aid you in implementing new systems to improve call quality. Given the different types of call monitoring systems and call quality monitoring tools, it’s essential to find one that caters to your business needs.

Here are six features you need to look for when deciding on a call monitoring software.

  • Comprehensive forms – They serve as the framework for standardizing your call monitoring process. Each template should contain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for call agents at a general, beginner, and advanced level.
  • Scoring metrics – This feature automatically computes KPI scores to measure and evaluate the performance of a call representative.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities – You can also utilize reports and dashboards to see how agents match against the established call monitoring standards. Moreover, it lets you gain customer, market, and productivity insights to aid in data-driven decisions.
  • Action items – This tool allows you to view specific points where agents must improve and proactively work on them.
  • Workflow automation – Standardizing call monitoring practices becomes easier when tasks are automated. This feature takes over the manual scheduling of tasks, so you can focus on evaluating your agents.
  • Integrations – A call monitoring software must also support third-party tools and systems for a more seamless work process.
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