Periodic Maintenance

The basics on periodic maintenance, why it’s important, the requirements, and the benefits of periodic maintenance

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What is Periodic Maintenance?

Periodic maintenance is a process that ensures company assets remain in good condition throughout their useful life. It is based on the fixed maintenance schedule for assets like equipment, machinery, and vehicles. This type of maintenance heavily relies on the time interval given to the specific model of the asset.

What is Periodic Maintenance all about

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The Difference Between Periodic and Predictive Maintenance

Sometimes considered as time-based maintenance (TBM), periodic maintenance is performed in a predetermined time interval, while predictive maintenance is performed according to the service life of a given component or equipment.

Periodic maintenance enforces the consistent inspection, servicing, cleaning, and application of other maintenance activities to prevent unexpected asset failure and system issues. In contrast, predictive maintenance works by observing physical conditions and analyzing statistical data to identify signs of failure and predict when an asset is about to fail.

Periodic vs Predictive Maintenance

Periodic vs Predictive Maintenance | SafetyCulture

Why is Periodic Maintenance Service Important?

Periodic maintenance service is important because it helps ensure that assets are long-lasting, stable, and reliable. Unlike other types of maintenance, periodic maintenance is nonselective. It aims to inspect, clean, repair, and maintain every component of the equipment or machine which lessens the possibility of missing any factor that could become a problem.

For businesses that have assets such as equipment and machinery, conducting periodic maintenance can minimize long-term costs. This type of maintenance has predictable costs which makes it easier to set a budget for every maintenance period. Furthermore, the cost effectiveness of periodic maintenance can be due to assets running smoothly and experiencing less downtime. 

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Is it Required?

No, periodic maintenance is not required, but highly recommended. Industries such as the automotive industry commonly use periodic maintenance as an after-sales car service to keep the vehicle they sold from breaking down. Car companies determine the required periodic maintenance schedule for each model in the product lineup. 

Additionally, some car dealerships include this service for free when buying a vehicle. The customers may or may not follow the periodic maintenance schedule which can open the risk of failures such as a vehicle breakdown. 

5 Benefits of Periodic Maintenance

There are many advantages of implementing periodic maintenance for your assets or incorporating it alongside other maintenance procedures. The benefits are:

  • Longer asset lifespanRegular maintenance is an effective way of extending an equipment, machine, and vehicle’s usability. 
  • Optimized performance – An example of a maintenance procedure that can optimize performance is cleaning relubricating machines. Equipment that have moving components are prone to slowing down since debris can potentially get in between parts. Another cause of equipment slowing down is the lack of proper oil levels or condition. This prevents these minor inconveniences from turning into major issues and also helps the system run smoothly.
  • Reduced downtime – Assets that are optimized due to this will less likely breakdown. 
  • Cost-effective – This type of maintenance incurs less costs. Additionally, this can prevent businesses from purchasing new assets due to equipment and machine failure or repairs that cost more than a brand new unit.
  • Lower probability of failure – This can avoid sudden asset failures, it’s why maintenance is conducted in the first place. 

SafetyCulture to Never Miss a Periodic Maintenance Schedule

Scheduling maintenance activities can be hectic, but keeping up with the schedule is another thing. Managers and maintenance supervisors can benefit from digital tools that not only can remind them of an upcoming maintenance, but also provide assistance during the maintenance process. This is possible with SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor). SafetyCulture is an inspection app that provides maintenance templates for free and help the maintenance crew to:

  • Delegate the periodic maintenance and assign corrective actions to a personnel in the team
  • Set a scheduled reminder for a specific maintenance procedure
  • Report, capture photo evidence, and raise issues found during maintenance
  • Store maintenance data in a secure cloud server
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