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A temperature log is used to record the temperature of food, equipment and storage facilities to ensure readings are within their safe range. Temp log documentation helps ensure employees perform their regular checks, reveals areas most at risk and demonstrates that a business is following proper quality control measures.

This article covers the following 1) the consequences of poor temperature monitoring; 2) mobile tool to replace paper temperature logs; and 3) free digital temperature log sheet templates.

Download Top 5 Temperature Log Sheet Templates

Industries rely on consistent temperature monitoring to keep the integrity of products and maintain the optimal functionality of equipment. Poor temperature monitoring can lead to the following consequences:


- Food that is not properly stored and prepared at the right temperatures can become a food safety risk.

- Food products that are not within the recommended temperature ranges during food manufacturing or delivery are rejected or recalled which can result to losses and, if compounded with other food safety violations, possible business closure.


- Pharmaceutical products that are not kept within their safe temperature range during shipment can become life threatening and will be recalled.

- Vaccines lose potency if not stored following the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.

Transport and Logistics

- Unsold perishable goods will be disposed if they are not stored with the right storage temperature during transit.

- Food and pharmaceutical industries rely on temperature controlled logistics or cold chain to maintain the integrity of their products.

Information Technology

- Unmaintained room temperature of server rooms can lead to server crash, halting business operations.

Monitoring and maintaining the ideal temperature is crucial for the operation and success of many industries. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can help inspectors and staff consistently perform temperature monitoring.

Convenient mobile inspection app

Handy inspection tool available on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Record or take photos of temperature readings.

Using a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer, you can digitally capture temperature readings.

Do not miss another routine temperature check

iAuditor’s scheduling feature ensures that employees are reminded when temp checks are due.

Know if scheduled inspections are missed.

Monitor assigned tasks

Should a freezer breakdown, immediately assign action for repair or maintenance and receive status updates.

Paperless record-keeping

No more missing paper temperature log sheets that you need to manually re-enter on your computer.

Share iAuditor reports that are automatically organized and saved in the cloud - important for providing proof of record keeping if aiming for any type of certification.

Review collected temperature readings anytime anywhere on your mobile or computer.


Temperature sensors that automatically monitor temperature in real time. Learn more about Temperature Sensors by SafetyCulture here!

Top 5 Digital Temperature Log Sheets

1. Refrigerator Temperature Log Template

This straightforward refrigerator temperature log template will help staff accomplish routine temperature monitoring of food items in cold storage. Set to accept the recommended temperature at 40°F or below, any higher value entered using this iAudutor template will automatically prompt to take action and provide details with an optional photo of action taken. This iAuditor template allows:

  1. Record time stamps of the temperature readings.
  2. Geotagging for easy reference on location of temperature readings.
  3. Automatically indicate if temperature readings are no longer within the ideal range.
  4. Easily share reports via PDF or web link.
  5. iAuditor reports are secure in cloud storage and accessible on you mobile or desktop.

2. Food Temperature Log Template

This quick digital food temperature log template can be used to take daily records of temperatures of hot food, cold food, fridges and freezers in food service outlets. Use a Bluetooth enabled thermometer for more accurate reading of food temperature. This template allows recording of temperature of multiple items and you can also include photos as reference.

3. Fridge Temperature Sheet Template

Use this fridge temperature sheet template to record the current temperature of refrigerators and freezers (both walk-ins and reach-in units). Using °F, this digital template will indicate if the temperature entered is out of the safe range. Use iAuditor’s scheduling to organize your inspections and never miss another routine temperature check again.

4. Vaccine Temperature Log

This vaccine storage temperature log recognizes the CDC-recommended refrigerator and freezer temperature for vaccine storage. Anything out of range will prompt the inspector to inform superior for appropriate action to be taken.

5. Server Room Temperature Log Template

This server room temperature log accepts between 50-82°F and anything out of range will prompt the inspector to immediately take action and record the action done. iAuditor templates with temperature fields can be changed from °F to °C and further edited to fit the needs for any temperature controlled environment.

Bonus Template! Cold Store/warehouse Inspection Checklist

This cold store/ warehouse inspection checklist can be used to check for defects to the structure, design, and facilities of cold storage or warehouses. This checklist has 11 sections covering food storage facilities and practices, temperature, pest control, and transport. iAuditor templates are customizable to fit the requirements of your business.

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