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Best Digital Bakery Inspection Checklists

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What is a Bakery Inspection Checklist?

A bakery inspection checklist is a tool used by safety officers and bakery managers to check if machines, equipment, and ovens are used and maintained according to OSHA’s standard 29 CFR 1910.263. This OSHA standard seeks to ensure that safety measures are in place to proactively promote the safety of bakery employees. Non-compliance with OSHA’s standard can result in incidents, penalties, damage to business reputation, and disruption to the legal operation of a business.

This article discusses the (1) focus of a bakery inspection checklist; (2) a digital tool that can help bakery owners and managers ensure the safety of employees; and (3) free digital checklists you can browse and download to promote the safety of bakery employees.

Focus of a Bakery Inspection Checklist

OSHA sets the guidelines to help business owners proactively set safety measures to keep the bakery’s day-to-day operations safe for employees. Here are some key points of a bakery inspection checklists:


Machines are required to have appropriate machine guarding to prevent accidents while in operation. Mixers should have manual switches to avoid accidentally turning it on during cleaning and maintenance.


The positioning of equipment should be ergonomic and ideal for the operation of employees. Cutting equipment should have covers and other safety measures to avoid unintended slicing.


Ovens should have buttons, switches, and circuit breakers that are easily accessible to operators in cases of emergency. Safety devices of ovens should be inspected at least twice a month by an expert and at least once a year by the oven manufacturer’s quality representative.

Digital Tool to Promote Safety in Bakeries

Bakery managers and safety officers must help promote safety in the workplace to prevent incidents and stay compliant with industry regulations. Conducting regular checks to proactively catch safety issues can help lower the risk of work-related incidents. iAuditor, the world’s most powerful mobile inspection app, can assist managers in instantly documenting safety issues and assigning corrective actions to help prevent workplace accidents. With iAuditor on mobile devices, you are empowered to:

  • Schedule regular inspections to reinforce safety practices proactively discover issues.
  • Take photos provide annotations to better explain the safety issues.
  • Immediately assign corrective actions for non-compliance.
  • Save time and reduce costs by automatically generating paperless reports using the mobile app. Preview a sample web and PDF report.
  • Analyze internal audit results and observe safety trends.
  • Use for free with small teams. Unlimited reports and storage for premium accounts


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