Top 10 Best Preventive Maintenance Software of 2024

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Why Use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is an all-around preventive maintenance software with scheduling, reporting, and recordkeeping capabilities. A family-owned company in the U.S. has seen considerable savings thanks to preventive maintenance with SafetyCulture. This highly-intuitive solution is used by maintenance managers, project managers, and other supervising personnel to perform routine maintenance activities. These maintenance actions help proactively identify issues, effectively address them, and prevent said issues from disrupting daily operations.

As a preventive maintenance software, SafetyCulture’s flexible platform reduces the effort of setting up digital tools to be used by teams. Its features and capabilities are also versatile across all industries, enabling organizations that utilize the software to adapt an all-encompassing and seamless experience.

In addition, SafetyCulture promotes effective communications between teams and relevant stakeholders by maximizing the alerts and notifications capabilities of the Heads Up feature. With this, it’s easy to emphasize urgent preventive measures that need to be implemented as quickly as possible.

Available on the cloud (web-based Windows and Mac desktops) and mobile devices (Android, iPhone, and iPad), SafetyCulture helps industry leaders and teams carry out preventive maintenance tasks safely and efficiently.


  • Easy-to-use scheduling feature with mobile notification reminders for technicians
  • Schedules dashboard with custom date range and filters by template title, assignee, due date, and status (active, late, overdue, missed)
  • Pre-made industry templates for preventive maintenance, work orders, and purchase orders, among others—downloadable and customizable for free
  • Mobile preventive maintenance checks with functionalities for taking notes (including text-to-speech), annotating photos, digital signatures, and auto-generated reports
  • Actions creation with title, description, assignee, priority level (high, medium, low, none), and due date to delegate critical tasks that technicians may be unable to perform during their preventive maintenance schedules
  • Issues reporting with pre-set elements (what happened, what caused it, what needs to be done, add photo) to address potential maintenance problems at the onset
  • Easily accessible preventive maintenance records—saved and secured online—with sort, filter, and search features
  • Data analytics for commonly flagged items during preventive maintenance, top performing technicians, and more with supplementary dashboards for actions, issues, and other parameters

Why Use Maximo?

Maximo Asset Management, an IBM software as a service (SaaS) subscription, has a preventive maintenance module to keep assets running efficiently. As a preventive maintenance software in an enterprise asset management context, it can help plan and budget for regular maintenance work by planning the labor, material, service, and tool needs of regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection work orders.


  • Create templates, called PM records (or PMs), that are used to generate scheduled preventive maintenance work orders
  • Select specific days, months, or seasons to generate work orders from a PM
  • Schedule PM work for assets on a route, by using lead times, seasonal and extended dates, and by triggering work outside of a PM frequency cycle
  • Preventive maintenance statuses indicate the position of the PM in the processing cycle and determine whether work orders can be generated
  • Create a PM hierarchy to schedule a group of work orders for an asset or location hierarchy

Why Use Fleetio?

Fleetio has a preventive maintenance scheduling feature that can help managers keep track of PM tasks for every vehicle. As a preventive maintenance software from a fleet management perspective, it supports the management of reminders in bulk and the monitoring of regular service items such as oil changes, wheel alignments, brakes, and more.


  • Schedule service to occur after vehicles drive a certain distance, run for a set number of hours, or go a specific amount of time since their last service
  • Set a proximity threshold for when you’d like to be notified about upcoming maintenance
  • Customize when PM services need to be completed across your fleet based on specific asset attributes
  • Assigned work to a mechanic and completed service is linked to your asset automatically, resetting your PM alerts
  • Monitor costs at the vehicle system, sub-system, and service task level

Why Use AkitaBox?

AkitaBox has a maintenance management platform in its facility management software, enabling its users to streamline reactive and preventive maintenance tasks and maintain facilities better. From preventive maintenance in commercial real estate properties to educational institutions, it offers a system that makes it easier to manage and complete work orders across buildings.


  • Create custom preventive maintenance programs for most vital tasks
  • Maintenance dashboard and calendar view to see which work orders, service requests, and preventive maintenance schedules need attention
  • Send and receive messages from the initial requesters
  • Get updates if a problem worsens and provide a progress report for a more personable occupant experience
  • Real-time data to easily track metrics that matter to the organization


MAPCON CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) has a preventive maintenance product which can either run on-premise server or use cloud-based hosting service. Arguably, it is widely used for electrical preventive maintenance or in the utilities sector (e.g. electricity, gas, water, sewerage) and can provide the capability to control asset management across a wide range of departments, zones, and locations.


  • Preventive maintenance based on meter/gauge readings
  • Planning and scheduling of parts and labor on work orders and PMs
  • Tracking features for equipment downtime, warranty, crew and shift, and safety procedures
  • With its optional mobile version on any smartphone or tablet, authorized staff can send immediate work orders supported by pictures
  • Add-on advanced modules available for inventory, purchasing, human resources, administration, and more

Why Use B2W Maintain?

As a preventive maintenance software for construction equipment, B2W Maintain connects shop, field, and management teams to maximize utilization. Primarily designed for companies in the construction industry, it can help keep construction assets on the job by establishing a standardized system to manage and track heavy construction equipment maintenance.


  • Set up recurring maintenance to occur per piece of equipment based on custom defined meter-based or calendar-based triggers
  • Fleet maintenance work order scheduling
  • Work order creation with the functionality of grouping multiple repair items together and assigning appropriate codes, parts, and estimated hours before approving the work to be completed by a mechanic
  • Equipment portal for field users and mobile tablet mechanic application 
  • Part inventory control and integration of parts purchasing

Why Use MaintiMizer?

MaintiMizer Web Edition is organized into modules that correspond to the most frequently-used maintenance management functions, especially in a manufacturing setting. With MaintiMizer, preventive maintenance managers can create work order analysis, backlog review, craft hour/cost report, top 20 items recap, activity summary review, summary of work order costs, detailed work order report, material/labor cost report, and failure analysis.


  • Manage work orders, preventative maintenance schedules and tasks, assets, inventory, and purchase orders
  • Create custom reports and analyze data trends
  • Accessible data from any internet-enabled device or location
  • Integrations with popular enterprise-wide systems
  • Upgrade capabilities for barcoding and scanning technology

Why Use ServiceChannel?

ServiceChannel can be used for preventive maintenance through recurring work orders, planned maintenance work monitoring, and automated invoicing. As a preventive maintenance software generally used in the retail industry, ServiceChannel can help you see and break down spend and performance by location, sub-brand, trade, and provider to make changes fast and create smarter budgets.


  • Automated workflows for repair and maintenance
  • Set up troubleshooting steps to deflect work orders and route approvals to the right people
  • Stop invoices on work that’s not completed and validate invoices for the right rates and hours
  • Order brand-approved supplies in-store with central catalogs
  • Source and make recommendation on new providers with proven performance records

Why Use Maintenance Connection?

Maintenance Connection is a CMMS with a preventive maintenance software application in healthcare. It boasts about meeting standards and improving patient care by mitigating cybersecurity risks, simplifying the way technicians work with mobile capabilities, and automating preventive maintenance and alternative equipment maintenance.


  • Monitor critical assets like air purifiers, compressors, generators, heart monitors, pumps, wheel chairs, and x-ray machines
  • Implement preventive maintenance schedules and execute event preventive maintenance
  • Manage maintenance activities, workflows, and cost of service with a centralized work order management system
  • Analysis and reporting against all devices, network data, and software
  • Integrations with top-performing network monitoring tool

Why Use ServiceTrade?

ServiceTrade is an annually-billed software specifically made for commercial service contractors such as mechanical and commercial HVAC service providers. As an HVAC preventive maintenance software, it can schedule planned maintenance and emergency repairs, help confirm that techs are on time, at the right job, and record parts and materials used for accurate job costing.


  • Automatically create recurring repair and preventive maintenance services
  • View all work on a map and set up efficient routes to reduce technician drive time
  • GPS time tracking updates the office, holds techs accountable, and logs time spent on every job
  • Summarize clock time and activity to better understand tech productivity
  • Accounting integrations for faster data entry and fewer mistakes across multiple systems

What is a Preventive Maintenance Software?

A preventive maintenance software (or preventative maintenance software) is a computer program for managing maintenance operations in a company. It is primarily used by maintenance managers to schedule technician job tasks and monitor equipment conditions. With the help of a preventive maintenance software, businesses can streamline workflows, increase productivity, and fully utilize asset lifecycle.

Basic Preventive Maintenance Software Features

Preventive maintenance software aims to make it easier for maintenance managers to stay on top of all PM-related tasks, improving efficiency while cutting costs. Listed below are some of the most basic features that a preventive maintenance software should have:

  • Scheduling: for setting up planned preventive maintenance and assigning schedules to technicians
  • Reporting: for documenting preventive maintenance done on equipment and other assets
  • Tracking: for anticipating and mitigating potential maintenance issues
  • Recordkeeping: for storing required documents and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards

Preventive Maintenance Software Comparison

Essentially, the top 10 preventive maintenance software possesses a form of the most foundational features that you’d expect from this type of program. In choosing the software that fulfill business needs, consider their pricing as displayed in the preventive maintenance software comparison table below:

PM Software

Free Version

Free Trial of Paid Version

Basic Paid Version Monthly Pricing

SafetyCulture  Yes Yes $19
Maximo No Yes Not available
Fleetio No Yes $3 per vehicle
AkitaBox No No Not available
MAPCON No Yes $30
B2W Maintain No No Not available
MaintiMizer No Yes $35 (upto 3 users) + $195 startup fee
ServiceChannel No No Not available
Maintenance Connection No Yes $58
ServiceTrade No No $89

Free Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive maintenance is one of the most crucial functions to keep operations running smoothly. Eliminate clunky paperwork and enhance maintenance practices using a preventive maintenance software such as SafetyCulture.

With SafetyCulture, you can schedule and track preventive maintenance with ease and your team can collaborate and complete tasks with a seamless mobile experience. Start a free trial of SafetyCulture premium for 30 days today—no upfront commitment at all.

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