Top 8 OSHA Recordkeeping Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

This mobile-based digital solution designed to streamline processes through automation is the best tool companies can use for Occupational Health and Safety Administration or OSHA recordkeeping. Gathering complete medical information, especially the details of current injuries or illnesses, of every single employee is quite daunting. It is even harder to monitor their well-being, make the necessary adjustments for risk mitigation, and document every single action for compliance, particularly when OSHA comes up with amendments now and then SafetyCulture proves to be an asset to your company in this undertaking.


  • Create your own checklists relevant to OSHA recordkeeping and other workflows, or use any of the templates that are readily available in the Public Library.
  • Digitize data and populate your database to improve your company’s recordkeeping processes—from filing, locating to retrieving and sharing files.
  • Automate workflows to facilitate better tracking and monitoring of health and safety issues and corresponding actions.
  • Effectively manage incidents and generate detailed reports about them to fully comply with OSHA’s regulations.
  • Conduct employee training about good documentation and recordkeeping practices.

Why use Vector EHS Management?

Formerly known as IndustrySafe, this EHS management system by Vector Solutions helps companies comply with OSHA regulations through efficient recording and tracking of workplace safety and proper documentation of all workflows to meet recordkeeping requirements. Aside from providing critical metrics to ensure workplace health and safety, the software empowers the workforce to be more proactive and involved as well.


  • Mobile inspections
  • Safety metrics and reports
  • Job safety analysis

Why use EHS Hero?

This web-based EHS platform becomes an even more powerful tool for keeping track of OSHA records. With their comprehensive suite of features, such as management of change, corrective and preventive action, and audit management, companies can be at par with industry standards and ensure their adherence to all regulations, particularly those from OSHA.


  • Document center
  • EHS reports and insights
  • Compliance tools

Why use EHS Insight?

This software solution provider understands that compliance is imperative in every industry, especially high-risk ones. They also know that every sector has particular needs and must follow distinct regulations. This is why EHS Insight provides industry-specific tools like this recordkeeping application for OSHA that aids them in achieving their goals.


  • Document control
  • Audit management
  • Compliance tasks

Why use ERA EHS?

This full-featured EHS platform is an effective tool for compliance, especially OSHA recordkeeping, as it simplifies data gathering, issues and corrective action tracking, and report generation. All documents created and acquired (e.g., certifications and permits) can be stored and categorized in a central, cloud-based library that can be accessed anywhere, at any time using mobile phones.


  • Document manager
  • Data bank
  • Reports and dashboards

Why use SafetySoft?

This digital platform is initially designed to facilitate employee safety training, ensuring their operations are at par with the most recent OSHA standards. It is also an effective tool for incident tracking, investigations, and recordkeeping, thanks to its convenient central repository that can be accessed by different departments.


  • Documents management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Compliance assurance

Why use BIStrainer?

This comprehensive EHS platform allows companies to manage their operations and workforce, ensuring they fully comply with safety regulations set by OSHA and industry leaders. Their training record management system helps managers collate salient data, organizing it in a single document depository, eradicating tedious paperwork and spreadsheets.


  • Digital safety forms
  • Training records
  • Compliance folders

Why use Incident Tracker?

When it comes to effective safety management, this digital solution is one of your best options. Aside from its numerous tools, from monitoring workplace incidents to automatically generating reports, this platform allows you to work directly with various government regulatory offices like OSHA and HIPAA, ensuring you are up-to-date with the latest rules and guidelines.


  • Digital forms
  • Report Life Cycle
  • Automated email alerts

What is OSHA Recordkeeping Software?

OSHA recordkeeping software is a digital solution that allows organizations to maintain and manage all documents related to workplace health and safety, especially those within the purview of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Through data digitization and process automation, the company can efficiently accomplish tedious and time-consuming tasks like real-time monitoring of activities, incident reporting, and even data analysis.

Meticulously tracking all these workflows does not just help companies adhere to the mandates set by the government and industry leaders; it also ensures that near misses, injuries, and illnesses are kept at bay.


According to OSHA, employers with a workforce of 10 employees or more should keep a record of injuries and illnesses that occurred in the workplace. Organizations should also have a secure repository containing documentation of compliance reporting applicable to one’s industry. This responsibility can be daunting, but OSHA recordkeeping software makes it less challenging.

  • Enhanced data management – This digital solution facilitates efficient record management, ensuring all necessary information was gathered accurately through customizable templates or checklists, securely stored in a cloud-based repository with role-based access, and easily retrieved or shared when needed.
  • Simplified workflows – Going paperless is one of the best decisions any organization will make, especially when it comes to preparing compliance reports for OSHA and other regulatory offices. Aside from digitized recordkeeping, routine occupational health and safety tasks like monitoring risks and hazards in the workplace, disseminating new protocols like injury prevention, and delegating tasks to personnel are all simplified through automation.
  • Improved incident reporting – When incidents are not reported because the process is too tedious and time-consuming, there will be no record of it that can be reviewed for operational changes or future improvements. OSHA reporting software features automated incident management with customizable reporting forms, quick photo and video upload capabilities, and incident tracking dashboards that ensure good documentation practices.
  • Better analytics – There is no need to schedule whole-day meetings just looking at charts and patterns and figuring out endless numbers cataloging trends and KPIs because comprehensive data analysis is a core feature of the platform. As soon as the information is added to the registry, the software does its job and provides insights needed for OSHA compliance.
  • Ensured compliance with OSHA – It is difficult to abide by OSHA’s recordkeeping regulations when your documents are incomplete, disorganized, or missing. Aside from ensuring that all reports and certificates are stored and easily accessible, the software also sends notifications for deadlines, automated reminders for inadequate information, and real-time OSHA updates or changes.

Key Features

This task-specific digital solution may be a stand-alone app or module of a more comprehensive platform. Whichever you go for, make sure it has the essentials:

Selecting the Right OSHA Recordkeeping Software

All ten mentioned and detailed above will help you achieve your goals of complying with OSHA’s strict regulations. Before you make a choice, take another look at the summarized list below:

OSHA Recordkeeping Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $19/user/month* Yes
Vector EHS No Contact for pricing Yes
EHS Hero No Custom quote Yes
EHS Insight No $3,600/year Yes
ERA EH&S No $125/year Yes
SafetySoft No $170/month No
BIStrainer No $350/month Yes
Incident Tracker No Custom quote Yes

* billed annually

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