The Best Enterprise Management Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is made for large enterprises, allowing you to manage large-scale operations efficiently while integrating with all the tools you may already use in your workflow. If your company handles numerous employees across various locations, SafetyCulture helps you stay on top of all your operations. From helping you keep workstations and machinery in check all the way to training your employees, SafetyCulture has got you covered.


  • Standardize your processes with the use of checklists for audits, workflows, and different operations
  • Manage and mitigate risks by encouraging employees to report issues they find during inspections or daily workflows right away so that teams can assign corrective actions
  • Gather data and analytics in real-time to help the company make better, data-driven decisions
  • Keep everyone on the team informed by sending announcements and memos through Heads Up
  • Ensure that all workers are competent and knowledgeable in their day-to-day jobs with the powerful training platform

Why use Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP?

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a modern, scalable enterprise management solution that caters to businesses of all sizes and industries. With this platform, you get a unified platform for financial management, project management, procurement, and employee management. 


  • Comprehensive financial management tools
  • Procurement and supply chain automation
  • Project management and accounting

Why use Kinetic?

Epicor’s Kinetic platform is designed for the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services industries. The platform is dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency, promoting collaboration, and driving an organization’s growth through real-time business insights and cloud-based collaboration tools. 


  • Supply chain management
  • Financials and production management
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Why use NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform?

Oracle’s NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform is a powerful solution that allows businesses to harvest the power of the digital market through Netsuite’s various applications. It is suitable for businesses looking for a scalable and integrated solution to manage financials, operations, and customer relationships.


  • Financial management and accounting
  • Process automation
  • Performance monitoring

Why use Unit4?

Unit4 ERP is a people-centric enterprise management solution designed for service-focused industries, including professional services, education, and non-profits. It specializes in empowering your workers and giving them the tools and functions to perform jobs effectively and more efficiently. 


  • Project management
  • Financial management 
  • Procurement management

What is Enterprise Management Software?

Enterprise management software is a comprehensive suite of integrated applications that organizations use to manage and automate various business functions. These platforms are designed to streamline operations by giving workers numerous tools that they can use throughout their workflows. This includes checklists for compliance, detailed task assignments, data and analytics for making business decisions, and even safety features to mitigate risks and protect your workers. Nowadays, these tools are invaluable when looking to manage an enterprise effectively.


The biggest benefit of enterprise management software is that it streamlines operations. Managing a large organization is hard, especially when you have multiple employees across various sites. But with the right management platform, you can view all your operations, gather data, and manage employees all in one place. 

This saves managers a lot of time while simplifying various processes for employees. That way, you streamline all your operations, efficiency, and productivity. This is why companies can also use these platforms to improve business performance and reputation. 

Key Features

Every company needs to find enterprise management software with features tailored to their needs. That said, there are some key features that you can’t skip out on when getting this software for your company. These features include:

  • Data gathering tools
  • Checklists to standardize processes
  • Communication tools
  • Training tools
  • Integrations with the other digital tools you use in your operations

Choosing the Right Software

To make choosing the right software easier for you, here’s a quick breakdown of the options mentioned above:

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP No Contact vendor for pricing No
Epicor No Contact vendor for pricing No
NetSuite SuiteCloud No Contact vendor for pricing No
Unit4 ERP No Contact vendor for pricing No

* billed annually

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