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Learn what a log sheet is and the benefits of using log sheet templates.

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What is a Log Sheet?

A log sheet is a document that keeps track of a series of events in a certain place. In the workplace, log sheets help in noting patterns and operations, ensuring certain procedures are followed during a set schedule and keeping track of the flow of information.

Different Kinds of Log Sheets

There are different ways to create and use log sheets. The purpose behind using them will vary from business to business, especially what their operations entail. Here are some of the most common uses for log sheets:

Daily Log Sheets

The most common use for a log sheet is for tracking daily tasks and events. In this case, the log sheets will often be in a checklist form. They can range from noting workplace attendance, temperature maintenance, site inspection results, the work to be done for the day, to the food consumed or wasted. Daily log sheets can also be used to track visitors for the day.

Cleaning or Disinfection Log Sheets

Tasks related to cleaning, disinfection, and housekeeping often need logs to confirm all safety procedures, health standards, and legal requirements are being followed. A cleaning or disinfection log sheet is usually in a checklist form and requires the staff in charge at a certain time to perform the tasks on it in a specific order. These log sheets are also often answered multiple times throughout the day, depending on the business and the employees’ shifting schedules.

Delivery Logs

Having a log sheet is also very important when it comes to sending and receiving shipments. Log sheets help both parties involved in a transaction keep track of where the items are going and their conditions, thus improving logistics and operations.

Maintenance Logs

Maintenance log sheets usually have a detailed step-by-step procedure list and a checklist of issues to look out for. Similar to cleaning and disinfecting, when performing maintenance checks on equipment and vehicles, it’s essential to have a log sheet when on the job. Working with a log sheet helps to make sure you’re following all safety procedures and quality standards.

Benefits of Using a Log Sheet

Using a log sheet is very helpful in quality control and assurance. Additionally, a log sheet can also ensure you are following all rules and regulations related to your occupation. Having a log sheet on-hand as you work not only helps you focus on what is important, but also allows you to identify issues based on the answered or unanswered fields in your log.

Another use for log sheets is balancing safety and quality. Although log sheets are dependent on the nature of work and often only detail tasks to be done or inspected, you can always add in portions dedicated to employee safety. While working, regardless of industry, there are many external risk factors to consider, and noting them in your logs can greatly reduce the number of incidents, or prevent them from happening again.

Traditionally, log sheets are typically done on paper and are compiled into logbooks, but now, there are digital options to choose from. Using a digital log sheet will be more beneficial in the long run, as it eliminates the need for paper and is easier to access when out on the field. Today, log sheet templates are also available for use, making it easier to get started with creating your own for your business.

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