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What Is a Daily Log?

A daily log is a record written by project managers to keep track of the progress made on a job. It is used in different industries such as construction, transportation, and professional services. Regularly logging business activities enables project managers to stay on top of daily operations. Using editable templates makes it easier to document noteworthy events every day, helping improve communication, collaboration, and productivity in the workplace.

Why Is a Daily Log Important?

A daily log is important because it maintains a consistent account of significant occurrences in the workplace, rendering it admissible as documentary evidence in case of legal disputes. The value of daily logs should not be underestimated because they can also be powerful tools for operational efficiency and continuous improvement. Logging everyday progress provides project managers the visibility to pursue data-driven decisions, optimize work processes, and boost team performance.

What Should Be in a Daily Log?

The list of information in a daily log actually depends on various factors such as national laws, industry standards, company requirements, client specifications, and writer preferences. For example, US federal regulations require commercial motor vehicle drivers to keep a daily log, recording their duty status for each 24-hour period with supporting documents. To make daily logs more doable while still being actionable and useful, consider the following example of the essential details needed:

  • Time and Date: The most basic element to commence an activity log is the date and time it was written. In some instances, weather conditions might also be indicated to present additional data about what the specific day was like.
  • Section Title: Entries in the log should be organized in different segments for easier future reference. In construction, section titles might include employees and hours worked, tasks completed, equipment operated, and materials used.
  • Event Description: Effective daily logs often come from efficient logging that is a balance between being comprehensive and also concise. When describing exactly what transpired in a day, remember to take note of critical items such as names, places, quantities, and amounts.
  • Related Event: To easily make sense of the facts, determine whether or not the particular event is related to a previous or an ongoing activity that’s already logged. Connecting related logs can show how certain events might affect other functions or procedures.
  • Required Action: Establish work continuity by specifying actions for that day with assignees and due dates. Following up on these tasks can help build a culture of consistency and reinforce productivity among workers.
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Construction Daily Log
A construction daily log, also known as a construction daily report of activities, is a record of the work done in the job site for the day. Start by providing details about the job, weather and precipitation, workforce, instructions given, delays, and materials. Next, document any risks observed or incidents that occurred and include photos. Indicate inspections that happened and record visitors on-site as well. Finally, complete the report by including a digital signature of the foreman or site supervisor.
Daily Temperature Log
This daily temperature log aims to help staff accomplish routine temperature monitoring of food items in cold storage. Upon setting to accept the recommended temperature at 40°F or below, any higher value entered using this template will automatically prompt the user to take action and provide details with an optional photo of actions taken. It also has the functionality to add multiple temperature entries in a single log.
Daily Log Sheet
Employees can use this template to easily log their work hours with their own mobile device. Intended for small and medium-sized businesses, this daily log sheet can help managers to effectively monitor the participation, compliance, and productivity of their teams. Each day, start by entering your name, department, and summary of tasks completed. Next, specify the time in/ time out information and mobile phone number. Finally, confirm the authenticity of details with an electronic signature.
Daily Activity Log
Use this template for documenting maintenance activities and other inspections done with various types of equipment. Fill out this daily activity log by indicating the date and time of maintenance, description of actions taken, photos of the equipment, and digital signatures of the technician and supervisor. This template is also customizable on SafetyCulture’s easy-to-use template editor so managers can add, edit, or delete certain elements to ensure that the template fits their business needs.
Daily Work Log
Use this template for recording maintenance work done during daily swimming pool checks. This daily work log helps pool operators and managers ensure that all information is captured as required by regulations. This template also displays valuable reference materials that state the next course of action upon reaching certain results to improve work efficiency.
Drivers Daily Log
This drivers daily log is created according to the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) under the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Use this template to record on-duty and off-duty status, mileage, fuel receipts, toll tickets, and other documents required for complete and accurate driver logs. Even when offline, the data logged using this template is automatically saved and then secured in the cloud when back online.
Daily Cleaning Log
Use this daily cleaning log to help maintain the cleanliness of restrooms in any establishment. Before commencing business operations, quickly go through this template to inspect restrooms, including checking for bad odors and unsanitary conditions. To easily visualize any concern that needs immediate action, take and annotate photos that automatically get attached in the log.
Daily Time Log
This daily time log is designed for service providers to ensure the timeliness of deliveries or services. Dispatchers can use this template to assign schedules and document the assistance performed during customer visits, including repair, installation work, or other services. Use this template to log the time when a particular delivery or service is requested together with its priority level, location, and description of the job.