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Importance of Elevator Maintenance

Elevator maintenance inspections are critical in ensuring compliance with building regulations and ensuring all equipment is in good working condition. Elevator malfunctions can inconvenience tenants, cause costly repairs and create safety hazards. Performing regular elevator maintenance inspections can mitigate these risks.

Performing Elevator Maintenance Inspections

Here are the three key steps when performing a scheduled elevator maintenance inspection:

  1. Communicate with tenants: Let tenants know that scheduled maintenance is occurring, use signs and notices. Avoid high foot traffic periods and always ensure alternative elevators or stairs are available. Include signage on all key floors that the elevator stops at.
  2. Perform the Inspection:
    • Inside the car: Check the condition of signs and operating device symbols, button functions, ventilation, lighting, car door force when opening and closing. Ensure emergency devices are available and in good working condition.
    • Top of the car: Examine if the travel cables and hoistways’ are operational and properly adjusted. Apply the appropriate lubrication for rails, governor ropes, suspension means, chains etc.
    • Inspect machine room: It’s crucial to assess the conditions of equipment in the machine room. Supply the required lubrication to the suspension means, gears, bearings and other mechanical equipment that needs lubricating.
  3. Prepare report: Complete a comprehensive report of the inspection including photos of any equipment defects and description of any operational issues. Well documented reports are required for regulatory compliance, fire safety requirements and maintenance logs.

Technology to Streamline your Elevator Maintenance Inspections

Perform faster and better elevator maintenance reports using a mobile app like iAuditor. Capture photo evidence of equipment defects, take detailed repair note and generate reports before leaving the building.

To save you time we have created these best practice elevator maintenance checklists you can download and customize for free: