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What is CCTV Maintenance?

CCTV maintenance is a preventive measure to ensure that surveillance equipment is operational. It is performed by security and facility teams to pre-identify defects and damages to avoid substandard performance and expensive damage costs.

Why Perform CCTV Maintenance?

CCTVs help keep businesses’ property and employees safe and secure, but they require regular maintenance to be effective. CCTV maintenance is performed to achieve three core objectives:

  1. Ensure surveillance equipment works: physical and visual checks are performed to identify operational defects. Early detection saves both time and money.
  2. Blind spots are identified: system setups should change as focus areas change. Regular checks can help identify blind spots and points of risk.
  3. Accurate recordkeeping: serves as a record to support insurance claims in the event of incident and damage.

Using CCTV Maintenance Checklists and Logbooks

CCTV camera maintenance inspections are performed anywhere between daily and monthly, depending on specific security requirements.

CCTV maintenance checklists and logbooks are tools used to instruct and document these inspections. A CCTV maintenance checklist generally captures the following:

  • Visual and physical condition of the camera, wiring, and control equipment;
  • Any physical defects found;
  • Assessment of focus areas and blind spots; and
  • Signature, date, and time of inspection to verify maintenance checks

Using Mobile Applications to replace your CCTV Logbooks

Paper-based CCTV maintenance checklists and logs are burdensome for security teams to gather and keep records of. The inability to take photos makes identifying repair work challenging. Tracking completed inspections and repair work is painful and losing paperwork can place future insurance claims at risk.

iAuditor, the world’s most powerful inspection app can replace your CCTV checklists and logbooks into one powerful mobile application. Perform paperless CCTV inspections, take unlimited photos of equipment and surrounding sites and automatically save all records securely online.

To save you time, we have built 3 CCTV Maintenance Checklist Templates you can download and use with the iAuditor mobile app. All templates are 100% customizable and free to use: