The Best Safety Training Software of 2024

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Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a robust platform with various training tools for a wide range of industries. The platform allows you to create modules, schedule sessions, and even use checklists during classes to ensure that you cover all bases. With these features, it makes training employees simple, whether you’re trying to fill knowledge gaps and work on improvement areas or train a fresh batch of team members.


  • Create customized training modules based on your organization’s needs and what your trainees need to learn
  • Keep everyone on track by creating training schedules and workflows that are easy to follow for trainers and trainees alike and send them announcements of training through Heads Up
  • Never miss a topic or subject during training by using customized checklists during training sessions
  • Continuously improve training programs by gathering data on the modules and finding areas of improvement
  • Track employee performance by generating reports on how they perform during training sessions

Why use SafetySkills?

SafetySkills is specifically designed for safety training so that all your team members enter the field well-equipped for the unique safety concerns of the industry. The software aims to engage trainees through the use of 3D animations, interactive courses, and competency-based quizzing.


  • Quizzes and assessment tools
  • Engaging and interactive learning tools
  • Performance reports

Why use eSafety?

As the name suggests, eSafety allows you to take your safety training program to the digital world. When conducting safety training online, it’s easier to get team members and trainees to participate and attend. On top of that, it has training outlines and programs for OSHA and other safety standards you must follow in your organization.


  • Training management
  • Incident reporting
  • OSHA and other relevant standard-focused safety training

Why use VelocityEHS?

VelocityEHS is a comprehensive management platform with training and continuous learning capabilities. The platform allows you to create profiles for each trainee, track their progress, and create customized training courses tailored to your organization’s needs.


  • Comprehensive training management
  • Learner and trainee profiles
  • Safety and certification tracking

Why use EHS Insight?

EHS Insight is a great platform for online safety training. If you manage large teams across various locations, scheduling in-person training sessions can be tough. But with the online course, you minimize the number of face-to-face sessions needed, saving the organization time and money.


  • Online safety training courses
  • Training record management
  • Safety incident reporting

What is Safety Training Software?

Safety training software is a platform that allows managers to facilitate safety training for their teams. Bringing your safety training to the digital world allows for easier recordkeeping, progress tracking, and conducting training sessions and classes online. The best platforms enables users to manage training for different topics, report performance metrics, and create courses to address specific issues the organization faces. These digital platforms are a great investment for any organization looking to streamline their safety training program to save time while maintaining your company’s standards and abiding by local regulations.


Safety is crucial when managing a company. Whether your company operates in manufacturing, materials processing, construction, or even retail, it’s important that your employees receive proper safety training. This prevents costly and dangerous incidents that put your worker’s safety at risk.


Safety training software allows the company to conduct training courses more efficiently and effectively track progress. That way, you can ensure that all employees are equipped to protect themselves when entering the field.

Key Features

Each team and organization has unique needs and faces various challenges that dictate the features you need in your safety training software. That said, there are still various essential features that every safety training software must have to help you facilitate training sessions effectively. These features include:

  • Customized training courses
  • Compliance management features
  • Interactive learning capabilities
  • Progress tracking and reports
  • Integrations with other platforms

Choosing the Right Software

If you’re having difficulty selecting the best training platform for your team, this table compares the options above to simplify your selection:

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
SafeStart No Contact vendor for pricing No
SafetySkills No Contact vendor for pricing No
eSafety No Custom quote No
VeloctiyEHS No $999 No
ICO Fire RMS No Contact vendor for pricing No
EHS Insight No $3,600/year Yes

* billed annually

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