Published 18 May 2023

Top 7 Safety Audit Software of 2023

safety officers check the premises using safety audit software

What is Safety Audit Software?

Safety audit software is a digital tool that helps companies determine if the environment, health, and safety (EHS) strategies initiated are effective and compliant with current standards and regulations. The systematic process is still followed, from identifying hazards and redeveloping procedures and protocols if necessary. The main difference is that existing data is digitized and entered into digital templates for smoother and more efficient evaluations, with little to no discrepancies.   


No law mandates company leaders to conduct health and safety audits. However, they are directly responsible for any incident in their workplace, so they should take the necessary steps to keep their environment hazard-free, protecting their employees and assets in the process. Conducting regular audits with the aid of digital solutions is a must for the following reasons: 

  • Enforces compliance – Carrying out an EHS audit may not be obligatory, but strictly following enforced EHS regulations is. Digital applications help health and safety officers (HSOs) evaluate a company’s level of compliance with current protocols and existing guidelines through robust data analytics. From there, they can suggest actionable solutions for improvement.
  • Eradicates or reduces risk – One crucial objective of the audit is the identification of new or prevailing hazards to remove them or, if impossible, mitigate their effects. With integrated features for communication, instant notifications, and designations, employees can implement recommendations provided by auditors as soon as they observe these risks in the workplace.  
  • Ensures operational efficiency – One of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of auditing is going through reams of paperwork and crunching numbers for graph conversion, which managers can transform into practical strategies for execution. With safety audit software, tasks like report generation and analytics are accomplished in hours instead of weeks. 
  • Saves company money – While companies still require internal HSOs and external auditors for this task, they would not have to allocate so many resources for them because the work won’t drag on as it usually does. On top of that, ensuring the health and safety of everyone in the workplace saves costs on medical expenses, insurance claims, and possible legal fees.   
  • Protects employees from danger – The whole point of the exercise is to create a program that ensures the health and safety of the workforce. When employees feel secure in their surroundings, the company benefits in many ways. This is possible when a comprehensive audit, aided by digital solutions, is done regularly.  

Key Features

For safety audit software to be an effective digital tool, it should have features that can be used throughout this systematic process, from planning the scope of the audit to generating recommendation reports. Here are the must-haves:

Selecting the Right Safety Audit Software

All digital solutions enumerated above are highly rated by their users and credible review sites. Any of those will be a benefit to your company. Before you make your final decision, take a quick look at the summary below:

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $19/user/month* Yes
Safesite Yes $16/user/month* Yes
FORM OpX No Available upon registration Yes
AuditFindings Yes $10/user/month No
Auditrunner No $890 No
VelocityEHS No Available upon request Yes
ETQ Reliance No Custom quote Yes

*billed annually



SafetyCulture staff writer

Eunice Arcilla Caburao

Eunice is a content contributor for SafetyCulture. A registered nurse, theater stage manager, Ultimate Frisbee athlete, and mother, Eunice has written a multitude of topics for over a decade now.

Eunice is a content contributor for SafetyCulture. A registered nurse, theater stage manager, Ultimate Frisbee athlete, and mother, Eunice has written a multitude of topics for over a decade now.